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Seagate Firecuda 520 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD $199 Delivered @ Amazon AU


PCIe 4.0 x4 / NVMe 1.3
Form factor M.2 2280-D2
Read speed 5000 Megabytes Per Second
Write speed 4400 Megabytes Per Second
Mtbf of 1.8M hours and TBW of up to 2800TB, plus 3-year Rescue Service

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    Any deals on 2TB?

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    1800TBW endurance in the 1TB. 1GB DRAM and about 370GB of pseudo SLC cache so it's certainly a good drive.

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      does your comment mean - if I were transferring anything over 370GB at a time it will be throttled?

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        Correct. So if you were doing a continuous write and exceeded 370GB it would slow down to 600MB/s temporarily.

        It's really not bad for this drive. A lot of budget NVME SSDs have much smaller pSLC cache and some even drop down to 200MB/s.

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    just need 2tb

  • Does it work with ps5

    • Yes, it should. It's a gen 4

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        Yeah although below the recommend 5500mbs read speed, apparently the PS5 detects it as reading at 5600mbs.

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          link to test/video?

          • @BLAIL: Reviews for this item in Amazon indicate that does not work for ps5.

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              @xr8td: Yeah but that review was posted in May 2021 before the SSD support update came out.

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              @xr8td: That review which says it doesn't work for PS5 was done back in May. Name a m.2 NVMe PCIe gen4 SSD that's supported back in May.

          • @BLAIL: https://youtu.be/DnXxHBBcvp0

            Noting it was run before the offical update.

    • below recommended spec but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

    • Quick Google search says yes

    • Firecuda 530 is the minimum recommended model due to speeds.

      This 520 may technically work but may cause issues with some games. Not worth it.

    • this works for PS5 and is $465 + $13 Shipping


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      Yes, due to PS5 uses what appears to be a 0 fill sequential read test. A lot of these technically under spec SSDs (when using default fill test) gets a boost in the result.

    • The 530 is the one which has the specs to work with the PS5. But as mentioned the 520 should work.

  • Is this an OEM one? Found a lot of similar products

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    Digital foundry ran test on a WD 750 SE with a read speed of 3600 MB/s and it works on the PS5, so this should work also.

    • The test was before or after the firmware being officially released?

      • The video was released 6 days ago, so just after the firmware update

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        WD 750 SE really need to thank Digital Foundry because outside PS5 usage (as it being the cheapest PCIe gen 4), it is really a drive that is more in PCIe gen 3 level and struggles to beat a lot of flagship PCIe gen 3 SSDs.

        Also, when using it on a PC that doesn't support PCIe gen 4, its 4 channel setup (instead of typical 8 channels for standard flagships such as 750 (non-SE)) is going to mean it won't run well.

  • Newbie question: It explicitly mentions AMD Ryzen processors. Does it mean it won't work well with Intel processors even with motherboard that supports PCIe gen 4?

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      Should work with Intel systems which support PCIe gen 4. Do try to make sure you use the latest BIOS as the BIOS sometimes improve NVMe SSD support.

  • Interested in throwing this into my NAS due to the high TBW and the typical budget options seem to be victim of silent part swapping with no clear idea of what's actually good anymore. Anyone know what the speeds would be like in a gen3 slot? Probably a bit more than I should be paying for the use case but high TBW and not rewarding dodgy tactics is good enough motivation for me, just wondering if I will also get a benefit of faster speeds over the budget options in my PC.