Arctic P12 SLIM PWM PST 120mm Fan $18.99 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ ARCTIC AU via Amazon AU


My first post hope everything is entered correctly.

I've been debating which slim fans to get for a few months now for my Coolermaster NR200 build. I was about to pull the trigger on some noctua's, however these popped up on Amazon for the first time for me. I thought these would be better value considering the marginal difference in performance.

Not the lowest but this is the first time I've actually seen the slims in stock on Amazon. They can be pretty hard to find in Oz.

Camelx3 states the lowest all time price is $18.16

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Is this price good?

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      Locally, and because it's a specialty fan, It's not bad.

      But I don't think it personally would have excited me enough to post a deal; but the OP clearlty was happy with it, so thats up to him!

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      The camels say it's about normal:

      I've used the fans in plenty of projects and they're nice and quiet, the thin ones won't push as much air though

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      Just make sure you really need the slim version, since the thiccboy cools better and is cheaper

      These are hard to find in Aus so I'd say yes

  • What's the usage need for slim in nr200? I wasn't aware they need this

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      25mm bottom mounted or top mounted fans can foul with either the GPU or CPU cooler.

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      I wouldn't say "need". I intend to mount them on the bottom under the GPU. Don't know yet if it will improve cooling performance but in theory it should* cool the GPU enough to stop those fans from ramping up as much. GPU fans tend to be the loudest in the build. YMMV though and i could be completely wrong. This was my first ever build hahaha

      • Ah I see, that would also depend on the thickness of the GPU right? ie. a 3 slot vs 2 slot.

        • Yeah exactly. Depending on the clearance some may be able to fit a standard fan in there, a slim or nothing at all :)

          • @Down Synjerome: Have you already maxed out the fans pulling air into the actual system?

    • They’re useful for more unofficial configurations. For example I’m looking at modding to top-mount an AIO (without inverting the case) which relies on slim fans to fit.

      • Do you have a specific mod you're looking at? I have a NR200P that currently has the 240mm AIO rad in side mount pending doing something to be able to top mount it. Already got some Silverstone FW124-A slim fans to help it fit.

        • I would like to know too if you wouldn't mind sharing :)

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            @Down Synjerome: Sure! I’m looking to do something like this (instructions are in one of the comments). Ideally not with the PSU at the front but I haven’t had the chance to check if it’ll fit with my build.

            It actually looks like someone managed to do this and still use full width rad fans, but I’d guess that’s very hardware-dependent.

    • cpu cooler fan because ram

  • Good price. Was going to go with this except my 25mm P12s had terrible resonance between 1,000-1,250rpm so I swapped them all out for Noctuas.
    Haven't looked back.

    But if I were going for a more budget-conscious build, then these slim P12s would be my pick.

    • The p12 slim has a lot nicer noise profile than the a12x15, would take em over the noctua slims any day - the noctua starts getting annoying at 1300rpm, the p12 slim are fine even ramped to 2000 - common issue only on the a12x15, the newer sterrox designs are all fine.

  • any recommendation on a cheap CPU cooler for 5600x in a MT case (max height around 11 to 12cm ) ? Snowman's height is more than that

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      Is the stock Wraith Stealth not enough cooling for your needs?
      I'm not saying it's perfect, but it is decent generally.

      • Actually I am not sure how 5600x should work with the stock cooler. This is my first AMD build ever and never had a issue with a Intel stock cooler.

        When single core is at 100%, speed is around 4.6 GHz with 68 deg temp.Should it work at 4.6 GHz all cores at 100% load with boost ? It works around 90 deg with around 4.0 to 4.2 GHz (starts around 4.4 GHz but downclocks with temperature) all cores without any manual overclocking (I think PBO is enabled), CPU power is around 75W at that case, but when I tired 4.5 GHz all cores with Easytuner, it went upto 102 deg. (I remember something around 95W at that time, but started with 82 W)

        100% Stress test image

        In the same PC case, I used to have a i5-2400 (TDP 95W) but with a coolermaster cooler with around 75 deg max temp at 100% load (now I am using that fan as a system fan, earlier there was no system fan as well). I tired to manually run system fan & GPU fans at 100% but there is no much effect on CPU temp.

        • Don't use CPU-Z to stress test, use Prime95, and god forbid don't use HWMonitor to view temps. HWiNFO64 is far more accurate, and Prime95 is actually a stress test. I could run a blatantly unstable overclock and have it fly right by CPU-Z.

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      Perhaps something like this

      • cheaper to buy a new case :(

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          What case do you have now? I believe PLE has cheaper alternatives from ID Cooling which are also a bit slimmer

          • @celery juice: This mid-tower case : 135 (W) * 395 (W) * 335 (H) mm
            repurposed from an Acer Veriton S6610

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              @bazingaa: WHY do you have a 5600x IN THAT case?

              • @Halvar: it is cute and to save some money! I was using it for couple of years (had upgraded SFX PSU + GTX1060 3GB) and just replaced the CPU+MB+RAM from last ebay plus deals :D I also couldn't find a cheap MATX case with 5.25" bay for an optical drive (using a BD-RE drive).

                • @bazingaa: You think case doesn't make a difference until you switch. I had a Versa H18 which is a lot better than that hunk of junk, and going from that to a Lancool 215 was like having a new cooler on both my CPU and GPU.

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      the noctua nh-u9s works for me

  • I hope this is a good fan to squeeze in-between you GPU backplate and CPU air cooler for VRAM heating issue. Bought it regardless, if it doesn't work, then I have to return.

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    These don't produce enough airflow. I can tell because there is no rainbow RGB colours

    • Course it does. Red green black. The black is shining real strong. See?

      • I stand corrected

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    I remember getting 6 x Cooler Master SickleFlow RGB 120mm Fan for 8 bucks a pop from Umart a month ago, fans are better than I thought they would be for the price keeps system running very cool.

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      Great, but these are for thin spaces where those won't fit

    • They are selling for 15$ now

  • What's the db noise for this?
    "Noise Level: 0.3 Sone" <- That's not a unit I know of.

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      22.5dBA converted.

      • Thank you kind sir. That’s…. Decent

        • how could you say if its good or not, did you know that i hear 0db of noise from a plane departing Sydney Airport right now. but the people in the plane can hear it much louder.
          you cant compare db (between different companies fans)
          you can only compare db between a product lineup / company
          you cant look at a fan and say its loud cause of the db measurement because you dont know how far they took their measurement from. was it right next to the fan, outside of the case? 2m away? you dont know.
          only thing you can do is look at reviews with them compared to other fans

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    Poor man’s noctua

    • Once you go noctua you never go back

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      noctua is a rich man's arctic LOL
      You want HOW MUCH for a bloody fan?!?!?!?

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      Leave this website.

    • The p12 slim is actually a lot better than the a12x15 noise profile, in fact I would take a scythe kfs over the noctua slim, the noise is annoying at about 1300-1500rpm on the noctua but I can ramp full 2000 on the p12 slim and it's still quiet.

  • What do you think of the nr200 ? I m thinking of getting it too. But worry about the heat and noise since i ve never own itx case. Thanks.

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      Why are you getting an ITX case is the first question. Everything from PSU to Mobo is more expensive.

      • purely for the aesthetic tbh i know it's stupid…

        • ITX just cools worse, but if you want to spend extra for a small case thats totally up to you. I found the features of ITX mobos didnt suit my needs so thats why I stuck with a compact atx case.

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      I have two, and done 3 builds for friends in the NR200, and they're great. Hands down one of the best cases I've ever built in.

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      Absolutely love it. It's a perfect combination of aesthetics, build quality and cost. I'm running mine with an XFX Speedster Merc 6800XT which is a thicccc card and is technically 1cm larger than the max recommended. Under full load running Cyberpunk the GPU maxes out at 85°C. I did opt for lower fan speeds to reduce noise. From what i understand these are perfectly acceptable temps. Most other games i would probably sit between 65-75°C.

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      Great case and fantastic value. But you definitely pay mini-ITX tax on mobo and pay. As to noise, you can optimise with quality fans and set fan curve profiles.

  • Would you ever throw out fans the came with a case to get a pwm one? Or do you buy these to add to the case?

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      Stock case fans are generally crap.
      Always seek to replace them with quality units instead.

  • Wtf is your name?

  • thanks OP, just ordered one.
    I bought a few arctic p12 normal width ones from the last deal on here @ $7 each (amazon uk) but need one slim fan extra that I couldnt find anywhere.
    Hopefully the PST feature will work good enough joining the slim to the std 25mm p12. It should right?

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      It should work except the slim version is rated at max 2100rpm vs 1800rpm and there is a possibility the slim fan might not exceed 1800rpm

  • Max Air Flow setup - NR200, Noctua NH-U9s, 2 x f12 25mm top fans, 4 x 15mm p12 slim fans on side and bottom, 1 x f9 25mm rear and alll other component of choice.

    refer to youtube vids to lower the fan curve to run silent and efficient.