Sony over-Ear Wireless Headphones Black WH-1000XM3 $289.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Seeling at 289$ on CostCo. same available 330+ on Amazon

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  • Sharp price. Got mine a couple of prime days ago for $289. Great headphones.

    At this price in this climate? And you want a pair?


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    I would say it's probably better to just spend that $50 more and get the WH-1000XM4s. The later model has better battery, more features, etc. A good pair of headphones nonetheless.

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      The rated battery life is the same for both models: 30 hours with ANC (38 hours without).

      Little to nothing changes in the core ANC capabilities of the XM4 compared to the XM3 (especially in real-world, noisy environments).

      In fact, the XM4s support fewer BT codecs than the XM3s which a lot of fans perceived a major step backwards in terms of higher-fidelity steaming compatibility (XM4s only support SBC, AAC and LDAC; whereas the XM3s supported the aforementioned codecs plus AptX and AptX HD).

      Sure, BT 5.0 is nice if you need multi-device pairing but otherwise, you might as well save some dough if you don't.

      The sound quality is allegedly better on the XM4s (keyword: allegedly) but you don't buy BT ANC headphones for sound quality.

      Otherwise both models are identical in size, construction and comfort.

  • Good price. I went with the 1000XM4s a few days ago at $335. I am regretting
    that a little — are the differences worth the additional ~$50 and avoiding two-week shipping?

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      There are fan bois for each model. I wouldn't worry too much mate.

    • This is out of date sooner, I'd say so.

    • theres really no difference other than multi device pairing. consider if you would use this feature

    • Most say 2 device connection is worth the price.

      Personally I'd hate to have to unpair my QC35's every time I want to use the ipad.

  • Is this the cheapest it can go?

  • Good headphones but my ears get hot with 30min of use