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Cashrewards Day: 25% Iconic, 10% Sony, 10% Sephora, 10% PetBarn, 10% Bonds Cashback (Caps May Apply) @ Cashrewards


Noticed CR's upcoming Cashrewards Day deals have been leaked via this article

Cashrewards Day - Get cashback and discounts on thousands of brands across this two-day event.

On Tuesday September 28 and Wednesday September 29 there will be offers and discounts from brands and retailers such as The Iconic (25% cashback), Sony (10% cashback), Sephora (10% cashback), Petbarn (10% cashback) and Bonds (10%cashback, plus 40% off storewide), along with thousands of others.

Cashrewards Day kicks off at 9am on Tuesday and runs until 11.59pm on Wednesday night. You can sign up (for free) and download the app or browser extension to be notified of deals available on your favourite brands. New members will also receive a $20 sign-up bonus when they shop.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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    Waiting for TA

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      Been waiting for that all my life

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      Noob question warning ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚: what is TA? ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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        A Cashrewards rep named Tight Arse ;)

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          I think a better description is:

          Ozbargain legend who's bargain finding prowess was so good, Cashrewards gave him a job when he made an innocent comment that his other job wasnt working out too well

      • Uh oh that username in this thread is asking for trouble

    • Still waiting TA

  • Or ebay ;)

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      Jack waiting outside to come in.

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        This is cashback, Jack doesn't live here…

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          Or ebay ;)

          Replied this

    • Here's hoping!!

    • Or ebay ;)

      Still nothing yet from eBay

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    Just fyi re bonds.. ordered from them 10 days ago, order still not dispatched. Dont know how common this is, but if I knew how slow it was going to be I wouldnt have ordered

    • +1

      I ordered something from Kmart and took more than a week to be dispatched and then more then another week for auspost to deliver. (This was a month ago and i can only assume things are worse.)
      I don't understand why dispatch times are so slow though.

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        Yeah, I know auspost will be delayed (once it gets there) and thats okay, but really delayed dispatch times is what I didnt get.

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          Even Amazon's dropping the ball in a big way - typical shipping time in Sydney at the moment seems to be 10-14 days based on my last dozen or so orders.

          I'm also steering clear of stores shipping with AusPost. One $350 purchase where I paid extra for express post was shipped and received by AusPost on 14 September. It was from one part of Sydney to another, so should have arrived the next day, but its been stuck 'in transit to Kurnell' for ages. I've tried calling AusPost and they just tell me that delays are 'normal' at the moment and they won't even try and start locating the parcel so that I might be able to pick it up from wherever its stuck until 5 October.

          At the moment, if you're in Sydney, you're best to either click and collect or wait until bricks and mortar reopens on 11/10.

      • I ordered from bonds 6/9 and still not received (Melbourne)

        Edit: you inspired me to go look at the tracking

        Delivery expected
        Wed 29 Sep โ€“ Mon 4 Oct*
        ON TIME

        • +2

          I always thought this problem is only in WA

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          Love how they declare themselves on time. And they sometimes change the expected delivery date but still call it on time lol

      • I've noticed dispatch times are bad everywhere at the moment.
        Either theyre too swamped, or credit/debit card fraud is too high.

    • +1

      Similar for me for an order from Bonds on the 19/9. Havenโ€™t got it yet…

    • can vouch, very slow at the moment

    • Same here - ordered a couple of hoodies on 8/9, none have been dispatched and their support didn't really provide any more info.

    • +1

      My Bonds order from 31/8 has been sitting at 'Received and ready for processing' with Auspost since 4/9.

      Worst part is Bonds won't even reply to me to give me some idea of what is happening.

    • I ordered from Bonds on 03/09/21 , order still processing …………..

    • +2

      Bonds got smashed with their warehouse sale and are playing catchup

    • It might just randomly turn up. Both my orders placed on 6th and 7th are still processing but got delivered last week without notification

    • Twice I have bought stuff from bonds , once they double charged my card and the other they only sent one item while the rest were out of stock. I had to chase them for a refund. Terrible service and communication

    • I had a bad experience recently too. They too about 2 weeks to dispatch and when they did, there was an item missing. They knew it was missing too, but didn't say anything or refund me it.

      Chasing it up ATM, but haven't received a response for over 5 days now

    • My order arrived in a little over 2 weeks (WA) but only 2 of the 3 items. After a couple of emails back and forth I was refunded for the missing item. Unfortunately I still wanted the missing piece but communication was quite poor. I probably won't order from them again.

  • Hopefully solid cashback for newbalance. Need new runners

    • +2

      Click Frenzy's Fitness and Fashion Frenzy starts Wednesday, may find some good deals on runners

  • Shut up and take my money !

  • TA can you tell if the Iconic will work if using Maccas Monopoly Iconic codes?

  • Bring back uncapped cashback.

  • This will do. I got Cashback offers for iconic on afterpay too. Going to be raining discounts.

    • +1

      What offer was that good sir? Might want to get something from iconic, if I can stack with an afterpay offer that would be even better?

      • Also would like to know

        • Check the pulse rewards section of your app. Mine is $10 off $25 purchase.

          • @serpserpserp: Yeah I see that, but when I select the afterpay option it takes me away from the iconic website so not sure how to then get the cashrewards cashback?

            • +1

              @dinglejerry: It will take you back to Iconic website once you authorise the payment via Afterpay. The transaction will still track in CR after purchase. I have done it multiple times on different websites.

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    Sony is only 8% FYI which was pretty much running all of September anyways

    • Also 10% via Cashrewards Max :)

  • how come when you visit pages through cashrewards the price goes up? dodgy price jacking practices

    • Do you care to please share an example - which store exactly are you referring to? Thanks.

  • I don't do cash back as I'm trying to help cut out middle men.

  • A bit off topic, but did anyone experience any issues while withdrawing money from cashrewards? No matter what the AUTH code sent to my mobile is rejected by CR. It's been 2-3 days I am trying. Contacted CR about this and awaiting their reply.

    • Hi. Please turn on messaging in your OzB settings and PM me your CR email address and ticket number - I'll have this investigated/escalated tomorrow for you. Thanks!

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    The Iconic is currently showing 4.50% for me, not 25%

    • Yeah same. Wondering if we missed it?

      • +1

        Yes, it ended at 9pm

        • Wow, lame. I didn't even see that written anywhere. How stupid to have it finish at 9 while the others finish at midnight

          • +1

            @Dlw: Ah damn. I thought it was a 2 day event!

            • @digitalane: It says that it's two days and even has the Iconic advertised next to their Cashrewards Day banner…

  • Was gonna get some dog food anyway yesterday and stumbled across this increased cash back! So I bought 2x as much as what I usually get.