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25% off Movies & TV Shows (DVD, Blu-Ray & 4K) @ JB Hi-Fi


After Hours Movie and TV Sale. Use the code online25. Ends 7am tomorrow!

Stacks with the Buy 2, Get 1 Free on Horror (thanks Josh213)

Not stackable with the regular B1G1 free or the Anime promotions (thanks otakuftf & CartoonPizza)

JB You've Done It Again ‽

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    Not stockable with the B1G1 free promo.

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      Thanks, good to know. I'll add it to the post.

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    Not stackable on the 50% off Anime promotion.

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    Errrm, not stackable with Amazon discounts?


  • Thanks OP, good price for Iron Man 3 film collection in 4K

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    WHY, past promo usually stack

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    What's everyone getting? Looking to add to the 4K collection.

    • Picked up Shawshank Redemption and Clockwork Orange, two new 4k releases for $21 each seemed pretty decent.

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    First time from memory this doesn't stack with the other sales.

    Pretty disappointing.

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    Stacks with Buy 2, Get 1 free Horror fam, go get it!

  • Damn, not applicable with pre-orders :(

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    Didn't realise there was an anime sale, checked it out and grabbed some things I've been waiting to go on sale (including one season I thought was out of print) so that simple footnote in OP was great for me, even if the code can't be applied.

    But ended up getting my Kubrick 4K collection up to date too, so that's nice.

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      Out of interest, which out of print series was this?

      • +1

        Oh! Nothing special, The Testament of Sister New Devil (Season 1). Bought the second Season super cheap a while back (the only reason for buying it) and thought "I'll just grab the first season somewhere else cheap too;" checked Madman's site and only Season 2 (on DVD) existed, or the whole series on blu-ray. Now, if I did my research beforehand, I would've just got the blu-ray set because of course, but I figure it's not a series I'd probably watch more than once so who cares. Also, it shows how little I checked around after the fact for the availability of Season 1. Hell, I don't even know if the DVD version is genuinely out of print.

        In short, I'm a big dumb idiot who often buys under the influence and now I have to source a first season of Terra Formars for the exact same reason lol.

        • +1

          Yep trying to get complete sets of anime is tough sometimes. Even worse when there's Season X Part 1 and Part 2 lol.
          Great you found a copy of what you were after.

          Some years ago I was going through a clearance pile of games and found Secret of Mana on SNES, had only seen 1 or 2 copies in store at retail price, good times :)

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    Ah man, used to be a sucker for DVD's and Blurays, since streaming came out, I haven't bought anything really other than LOTR, my wife is so happy…

  • It appears to stack with 2 TV Shows for $40.

  • Purchased A Quiet Place, Brightburn and Jaws. All 3 are 4k for $44.96.

  • I'm trying to select 'Proceed to Payment' with my order but after loading it keeps reverting back to same screen?

    • +1

      I have had that problem on Chrome, I don't know if it is one of the extensions I use but try the Firefox browser or another one like Microsoft Edge or Safari and it should work.

      • Cheers, worked on Edge.

      • Happened to me using Chrome (on Mac) too. Round and round in circles. Ended up placing an order for a couple of 4K's using my phone.

  • Firefox was barfing for me. Switched to Opera which worked fine.
    Thanks OP!

  • Ordered Persona 5 Animation Limited Edition 1 + 2 BluRay. Saved $52. I used Chrome web browser that worked. Thanks OP for coupon code.

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    Why are anime so expensive?

    • Probably cos they don’t pull in as much money as big blockbuster movies like Avengers and Star Wars. 😃

    • You could google and find lots of different answers but my understanding is that basically it is because it is a more niche market so they have to make more money from the people who collect it and are willing to support it by paying higher prices. They probably don't make as much money from it on TV and theatres as well.

      • if it's so niche how come jb hifi has a freakin wall of them? If it was so niche, then only specialty shops would be the only ones selling them….

        • It's probably lots of different titles but not many copies of each one, higher margin and less sales. Some more famous titles might have more copies. I wouldn't say the wall is that big either, it is part of a wall. I think you need to look up niche in the dictionary. It isn't mainstream. Probably less than 0.1% of the Australian population buys Anime blu-rays. It isn't Harry Potter or Fast & Furious. I don't know if you have heard of the 80/20 rule, but basically a small percentage of the buyers spend the majority of the money. But they are only going to buy one copy of each release, so they make the price higher.

          • @Tim349850: I walked into one store and half a row was cleaned out….

  • Expired? Lol wasn't even a discount, are they preparing a 50% off?

  • I’d like 25% off all international blurays off Amazon, can we get that one day?

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