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H HOME-MART Door Draft Stopper $10.19 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ HOME-MART via Amazon AU


【NO MORE GAPS】 -1.18" Width x 39" Length, Fits Gaps up to 0-0.6 Inch(15mm). Self-adhesive door draft blocker for extra large gaps exterior/interior doors, garage, basement, bed, sofa and cabinet.
【SAVE MONEY and ENERGY】- In winter and summer, draft stopper prevent the leakage of air conditioning and heating, make your room more efficient in cooling or heating, save electricity and money.
【MULTIPLE PROTECTION】 - Guard against drafts, odors and noise; block out under-door light. Our door weather stripping makes your home feel more comfortable and warm without spending a ton of money.
【FITS FOR MOST DOOR TYEPS】 - 1.18" W x 39" L door seal for interior and exterior doors works on all sizes and materials, including: wood, glass, metal, plastic and more. The innovative adhesive is strong and stays in place.
【EASY TO INSTALL】1)Measure the bottom of the door and cut the excess seal; 2).Must Clean and dry the surface,that is the key for strong adhesive .; 3).Peel off the backing film; 4).Apply the strip to the door and stays in place.Take on a couple of these steps and you will be amazed by the results! Import note: Please Keep the door close within first 5-6 hours to stay the adhesive

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    Mooroday door seal from Bunnings $4.70 self adhesive does the same job. https://www.bunnings.com.au/moroday-mds1-self-adhesive-white...

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      The packaging on the Bunnings one though is the usual "full of air" type lol. OP's does up to 15mm gap, compared to 10mm. As to whether it's worth double the price though depends on a quality comparison between the two.

      Edit: Actually, just going by descriptions, the OP's is probably well worth double the price - it's made of silicone, compared to PVC for the Bunnings one :)

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    This isn't a bargain. Cheaper options elsewhere as mentioned above.

    Say no to Spamazon.

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      is this guy allowed to just advertise his own crap on this site?

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      Next time you post a $400 watch bargain can I say it isn't a bargain, and point to a $200 watch which does the same job?

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        Sure, I don't mind. That's what the comment section is for.

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        Sounds like the purpose of Ozbargain. Whether its really a bargain or does the same job, its up to the buyer to decide.

        As long as the options are presented, and you are not affiliated with the seller.

    • Cheaper options as in the same product or alternatives?

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  • upon further observation, it does appear that people can advertise their own stuff. perhaps i was a little harsh. can't delete own comments on this thing?

  • Does it come in black?

  • Or just have a door sill. I can't believe how many times have seen a gap of 1, even 2cm between floor and door bottom. That's just stupid.