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[Afterpay] Intex Excursion Pro K2 Inflatable Kayak $416.46 + Delivery ($0 eBay Plus) @ 247deals eBay


Not the best price but it has been over $700 for the past 6 months.

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  • How durable is this compared to Intext Challenger?

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      This one is much better. there are lots of YouTube videos on the comparison. this one's hull is stiffer, carries more. The challenger is a recreational craft, this one is starting to get into more serious rafting.

  • I'm looking for two double kayaks, to be used in still water and bays. Should I look for composite ones or these inflatable ones?

    • two double kayaks? did you mean you are going to tie them together to get dual hull? I don't remember seeing that as an option with this model. I did quite a bit of research on this one when the last Catch débâcle about a year ago…

      There are lots of mounting points you could get some aluminium pipes and rig up a couple of cross beams I guess, but that's certainly getting into hobbyist modding.

      The main reason for inflatables are if you are limited in storage at home and transporting of the kayak.

      • tie them together to get dual hull

        Is this what people actually do with (relatively) flimsy kayaks?

        I'm pretty sure Averell simply needs two double-person kayaks to float them separately, eg. for a 2+2 party.

        • Thanks. Yes, we have 4 persons so need 2 separate kayaks.

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            @Averell: Me and my partner bought a Advance Elements inflatable kayak. Its a big step up in price compared to the one mentioned above.
            We chose an inflatable as storage was the main issue for us. I was skeptical at first that an inflatable could take me where a composite could. It's been great. We've had many hours exploring the harbours and waterways around Sydney. What I can say about it.


            It take a few hours to dry out after use. You can pack it away wet without any issues.
            It is wider than a composite, this adds to the stability but also changes the way you paddle.
            We have had it out crossing the harbour with no dramas and because it flexs unlike a composite we can actually take the boat wakes head on.

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    Not the best price but it has been over $700 for the past 6 months.

    Seems like right now everyone sells it for $499 tops. Eg. Kogan has it at "Standard price $499". Ofcourse this deal here is still significantly cheaper.

    Does anyone know how it compares do Decathlon's inflatable kayaks?

    1-2 Person Inflatable Cruising Kayak, $499.00
    2-3 Person Inflatable Cruising Kayak, $599.00
    X100+ 2 person High-Pressure Inflatable Touring Kayak, $799.00

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    These, and other similar inflatable kayaks, are essentially recreational toys. I had a 2 person Intex inflatable for 12 months before selling it. I replaced it with a better quality kayak with a drop-stitched floor (admittedly more expensive), which is a huge improvement. However, YMMV.

    • Did you have this model? How was the durability? Did it get punctured easily? Thank you in advance.

      • No, I had a different Intex kayak. If treated sensibly it did not puncture easily. But it was more difficult to paddle and steer, and considerably slower, due to the inflatable floor. Also, it was much less streamlined than my replacement boat (similar to trying to paddle an inflatable lie-low!).

    • What's the "better quality kayak" you replaced it with?

      Did you replace the Intex from this deal or the cheaper Intext Challenger? Or some other one?

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    Anaconda got the camo one for 349 after creating an account and purchased seat and paddle for another 150. Very happy