Sony UHD HDR HDMI 2.1 TVs 50" LED $1495, 50" LED Full Array $1695, 55" $1795 LED Full Array, 60" LED Full Array $2295 @ JB Hi-Fi

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  • is the variable refresh rate working yet? :/

    • I think TVs are capped at 120fps/hz. Monitors are better at syncing, I believe. Not a PC gamer, so my knowledge is limited.

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        I'm refering to freesync support, its a hdmi 2.1 gaming feature that they are supposed to be adding in via a firmware update.

        • Cool. That's where the console and the TV have the same frame rate, right? Coming in December as commented. Not sure that's for PS5 or Series X.

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            @obro: it auto adjusts the display hertz based on the content framerate to keep it in sync, thus removing tearing

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              @hexedhavoc: obro is doing his best but he has no idea what youre talking about lmao

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      I googled it and the rumours are December.

      • Dec this year or last year? I’m sure they said that on release of PS5, I went with a Samsung TV for the HDMI2.1

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          If it was last year, we wouldn't really be having this conversation right now. I swear most people on here knows the answer but just want to screw around.

          The ps5 don't even have vrr updated yet so theres no point in Sony tv getting it this soon. VRR firmware (Android 11) is already in testing stage so both should be pretty soon.

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          This year

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  • Is Google TV same as Android ie: can i get Kodi etc


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      Yes - similar.

    • Yep Kodi and Plex etc

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    budgets tight at the moment but this is the definitive tv i want to get to pair with my ps5…

    any idea if it will go down further during holiday sales?

    • No idea. I heard rumors that TV prices will go down at the end of the year. Who knows with the current shortage of display panels and chips?

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    Price match at Sony online to make use of Cash Rewards 10% cashback today.

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      And free shipping too.

      However, fragile items like TVs, I'd rather click-and-collect. AusPost will surely screw it up.

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        Sony don't use Auspost which means you'll actually get your thing.

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          I just have very low confidence in all delivery companies. Which one does Sony use? Only Amazon has decent delivery in my opinion.

  • Is it just me or have we not seen many big TV sales recently? Particularly for Sony's. I'm also curious how the picture quality of this x90j compares to my older 9300e from this deal at the exact same price. Apart from the 120hz and forthcoming VRR…

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      LED Full Array is supposed to be better. Is yours Full Array?

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      Doubt you will experience many real life improvements. I have the x95G with full array… brightness is amazing but all in all not a huge upgrade on D series. Sony processing is consistently good.

      • I see. Good to know. Thanks.

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    Would put model numbers in title

  • Was cheaper two weeks ago:

    Currently better off paying the same price at Sony store and getting 10% cashback through CashRewards:

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    I got Sony to match this deal on the XJ90 65":
    And then stacked 8% Cashrewards cashback on top. Final price was just over $1800.
    That deal might be too old for them to match but worth a shot especially with 10% cashback on the table!
    Great TV, no regrets.

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      I'm having a crack with the eBay store price from two weeks ago - that would bring it down to $1850ish after Cash Rewards - I'll report back on how that goes.

    • I tried and sony rejected the price match :(

  • Dam the new 43” incher isn’t discounted :/

    The auto google updates turned my 43” TLC into a steaming pile of 💩

    • That's what I want too. They say it's the best 43-inch TV ever.

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        Someone save us from these average TVs and paying retail prices.


  • I’m really close to making a rush decision to get a 65” Tv. I don’t do gaming, just watching Netflix etc and definitely need something plays nicely with smarthome (google home). This one looks perfect

    I never did cashback etc. I’m confused after reading the comments. Is there a cashback etc. is this $2295 the best price ?

    • Just do the cashrewards 8% on Sony's site for a better deal… All these TVs are the same price on Sony's site.

      • I cannot see x90j with cashback on Sony web. It’s some other A80j etc. is there a link to show x90j with 8% cash back.

    • X9500h would be better as it has better picture quality

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        Isn't it an older model? I believe it only has 1 HDMI 2.1 port. Ideally, I want 2: 1 for XSX, 1 for PS5.

        I know, I know. First world problems. :-)

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          I was replying to mrTT who said he wanted a tv for only Netflix. In your case, yes, x90j is better