1 Month Free or $35 Free Credit: Unlimited Data up to 20mbps via Referral @ Felix Mobile (App Required)


Now is the time to refer friends and family to felix – you’ll both get one month free ($35 in your felix wallet) for every friend you refer that signs up and activates using your referral code. Plus, you can refer up to 12 friends meaning you could score yourself a year free of felix… that’s peachy! Offer ends 23/11.

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$5 each for referrer and referee.

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  • Wait that's crazy. Do I have to pay for a plan to "activate"? Or can we just have 12 referrals and get 1 year free?

    • I'm pretty sure you pay for your first month to get the SIM so it's technically your second month free, and then every time your referral code is used it adds $35 credit to your account and that's billed instead of your attached card

      • First month currently is $17.50, them next 2 months is covered by the $35 credit , so basically paying $17.50 for 3 months unlimited internet

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    Signed up, that's too good to have unlimited data. 20mbps is fine for a phone. Can watch video at a decent quality.

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      When I had this plan I was able to watch 1440p YouTube easily although ymmv

    • It's excellent quality. I got it for my brother and he uses it instead of NBN.

  • If you're tethering other devices to the Felix plan, the service tends to struggle when 3 are streaming simultaneously.

  • It's currently 50% discount for the first 3 months so pay $17.50 for the first month then the $35 referral credit should cover the next 2 months

  • this is better than fixed wireless right ?


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      Correct. Been using it for 3 month as main internet
      No issues with netflix, disney plus, amazon prime etc
      We have always 4 to 5 devices connected and using the internet at one time and have not had any noticable issues with internet speeds

      • did you use phone or 4g modem ?

        any modem to recommend ?


        • Looking for a good 4G modem as well.

        • I rooted an old Telstra Smart Modem

        • I have the Asus RT-AC86U router, insert the Felix SIM into my Huawei E3372 4G USB dongle, plug the dongle into one of the USB ports of the router, select 4G as my WAN in the ASUS interface. Home internet at $35 a month. Works like a charm.

          • @LowHangingFruit: Hi @LowHangingFruit where did you buy the Huwaei E3372 from? I can only find locked ones from optus. Thanks

            • @Bargain85hunter: I got it for free when I signed up for an Optus 4G plan years ago.

              While it is Optus branded and meant to be locked to Optus, without any unlocking, it worked perfectly when I changed the SIM card to the Felix SIM. It got me wondering whether it was really locked in the first place.

              You can get the dongle from Officeworks or Big W or Kogan.

              If the dongle is somehow locked, you can usually get the unlock codes cheaply from eBay (i.e. underpaid overseas IT support staff trying to make money on the side). I did that with another Telstra Wifi 4G modem I used to own. I think I paid $3 for the code on eBay and the device unlocked when I followed the instructions provided.

              Needlessly to say, the steps above are risky and the outcome might be different to mine, but I was prepared to take the risk given the cost savings for home internet (NBN has been irrelevant to me for a long time now).

              All the best!

  • what if we still have an inactivated sim from the previous promo?

    • Wont work. Call them and cancel the sim, order a new one

    • i think you have 12 months to activate sim so its its all good.

      • But the $35 promo wont apply on that sim

        • The $35 discount will still apply when I asked the customer service representative . CSR adviced to activate the sim and chat through the mobile app and they can apply the new discount.

          • @Abure Bauer: Weird because they asked me to apply for a new sim 3 months back when i started using felix

            The promo plan you applied for when ordering the sim is default.

            I would just order a new one to be safe

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    Anyone looking to use this as a modem based wifi internet service. Works fine, streams fine, the only downside is I have to reset my Nighthawk M2 maybe 2-3 times a day as speeds get to 1.9Mb and then back up to 22MB when reset.

    Around 4-7pm you notice a heavy reduction in speed while the network is under a bit of strain.

    Best time for downloads and heavy use would be between 7am-10am with fast speed no network clutter.

    Works directly out of the box, no need to stuff around with APIs etc and the Nighthawk is portable, and also accepts SMSs so you can use that sim as a verification number for UberEats, Facebook, Tinder etc….

    • I have a similar experience with a different modem (RT-AC68U). I like that I can put it anywhere and it would be super handy for someone who moved home more often, too. I do, however, have to reset the modem every now and then (not 2-3x per day). When it is working it works great. Splitting the cost between 2 people so $17.5/m for household internet.

      My experience of other internet solutions has been that they also need resetting every now and then, however, so it's not like Felix is atypical or particularly bad on that front.

  • this sounds like a good deal. can someone confirm when do they charge your card ? is it after the first month? or is it at the time of activation.?

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    I've been with Felix for several months now. The unlimited data is a sweet deal by itself, the $35 credit is the cherry on top.

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    Wow thank you for this, and good timing for me to join :)

  • This would be great for my mother, she currently pay $65 per month for 25Mbps with Spintel.

    What inexpensive modem would you recommend?

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      the optus ones are cheap as chips second hand. ac800s, b525. E5577

  • This must only work in the city, data speeds are like 0.2 Mbit here in a rural town hah

    • Can confirm metro area i get 20/20 as a minimum

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    Been using Felix for 7 months now.
    There great. I hotspot off my phone when I want too use the internet on the computer or the Tv…Had no issues with the speed or lag. 20MB speed limit is definitely adequate. I recommend them

  • does referee also need to activate by 23/11?