Orion Choco Songi (Mushroom Shaped Chocolate Biscuits) - $0.99 (Was $1.79) + $10 Delivery @ Happy Mart


Hi All - we have a popular Korean snack on special this week. They are shaped like mini chocolate topped mushroom cookies.
Orion Songi Chocolate Cookies - $0.99 (was $1.79) - long exp. 2/6/22
Limit of 5 per order and available for pickup


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Happy Mart
Happy Mart


  • +5

    This brings back good memories…

    Though like all of OP's posts, the shipping costs just kills the deal.

  • I know this is comment isn't to do anything with the deal, though the packaging reminds me of playdough some how..

    • +1

      I thought it was play-doh too, but just in another language

  • Oh damn. These and the Christmas trees are amazing. Great biscuit to chocolate ratio, and good malty biscuit taste.

  • +1

    They used to have these as DIY kits with the chocolate and molds. I haven't seen them around in years, probably discontinued :(

  • +2

    Do you need a needle to poke an umbrella shape out of these? lol.

  • are you getting more of these

  • these are simple, but great!