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Penn Squadron Spinning Combo 13ft 8-15kg Fishing Rod $50 + $14.99 Delivery / Store Pickup @ BCF


Hi OzBargain comrades,

I had Universal Price Monitor watch this rod to see if it went below $74, and it went down to $50 yesterday!

IIRC this rod was about $250 some months ago. I saw when it was reduced to $75, and thought I'd watch it.

For comparison the 12ft version at BCF sells for $219.99, and is currently on sale for $150.

I'm currently doing some fishing at the Kingscote jetty when I remembered just how much I enjoy fishing, and so I thought to myself bugger it I'm going to buy that rod!

Don't forget Cashrewards for 3.5% cashback. Mine tracked in only a couple of minutes

online stock all sold out :(. Try checking your local shop

online stock for the 13ft is all sold out. However as pointed out by Thrawn the 9ft rod is still in stock!

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing


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    Some of the reviews are concerning. Many have said it broke only after a few casts. I'm wondering if they are clearing it out due to defects.

    • Yeah that's a possibility, though people who are disappointed tend to have the loudest voices.
      In comparison to other rods, there's probably a higher percentage of defects with this rod.
      Can't go wrong with only $50, and if it does break you can always claim warranty.

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    I have this one. The quality is great. At $50 I would get another as a spare/backup but no stock near me at all

    • Good to hear.

      Can always get postage. For me postage was $14.99

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        it shows only available for collect in store for me :(

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    need one for the beach..but the 12ft is $150

    • Should've jumped on the 13ft, it's only 30cm longer :(

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    Any good for backyard pool?

    • Good enough to fish for leaves and other shit out of the pool :)

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    • Damn :(. Currently showing 495 clicks

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    Disapointed this has nothing to do with pen spinning.

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    Damn. Missed it. I need a budget combo. Anyone got a recommendation for those who missed out?

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    The 9.5 feet version is also $50.. and practically speaking a much better all rounder combo anyway..

    • Should've checked the other lengths. I'll update the post and add credit to you :)

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    I’m more curious of the Universal Price Monitor you used. Any links for it?

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      This is the app

      You can set price alerts for products from just about any site. It'll notify you when it drops at or below your set price, it'll also record the prices and produce a historical graph.

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    there is plenty of fish in the sea, yet i still can't get one. :(

  • I walked into BCF Maroochydore today and they had these for this price so I grabbed one and about 5.30pm I caught a 74cm flathead using it! So between that and the whiting we had some delicious tempura fish fillets for dinner and I got to feel like a hunter (fish fear me, women love me) lol

    • Nice. Pretty sure the biggest flatties we can have in Vic are 50 or 55cm although that’s for dusky flathead.

  • available in taylers lake but price shown to me is 100