4.6l Painters Bucket with Lid $4.94 (Was $7.45) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


All time lowest price for this extra versatile bucket at Bunnings (as per Price Hipster).

The UNi-PRO Handy Paint Pot is a 4.6L capacity multi-purpose bucket made from durable plastic.

It can be used for a variety of purposes such as painting, mixing, storing, gardening, fishing and cleaning. Lid is included.

Product Review of the year:

It is cylindrical in shape with an opening on one end and comes with a well-fitting lid.
It is watertight as it held my liquids without leaking.

Would I nominate this bucket for the Australian Bucket of the year award?

Does it make a good ghetto drum when turned upside down and hit with a stick?

Would I buy this bucket again?
If I need a new one then yes but otherwise no cause I already have one.

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    Its a bucket!

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    It's on my list.

  • +5

    It is watertight as it held my liquids without leaking.

    Urine luck mate!

  • Saw someone giving whole heap of these (similar ones) away on gumtree. Can't remember location. Looked from after completion of a job.

    • They’re pretty similar to some commercial/bulk food storage containers so people often give them away for people to reuse

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    Just buy a tub of hummus that way you get free food, then can use it as a paint bucket and for similar price.

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    Can you store paint long term in these? I have a paint tin that has the lid stuck and I’ll need to damage it to get to the paint. Thinking if I could dump it in 1 or 2 of these to store going forward?

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      Long term as in a few years? Yes. I had a couple of brand new 4L tins with damaged tops but were still perfectly air tight. I didn't want to risk opening them then discovering I couldn't seal them back up so transferred the paint (Dulux) to a couple of these exact buckets. That was at least 3 years ago and when I opened one a few months ago to use it all I needed to do was give the paint a very thorough stir/mix and it was as good as new! The seals on those yellow lids are excellent.

      • That’s awesome, appreciate your feedback!

        • No probs. I would've liked to know this back then too but hey, sometimes you just gotta risk it by trial & error. Happy to help.

          What I don't understand though is why paint isn't supplied in plastic buckets such as these. Maybe tins are in fact better… but maybe they're just cheaper. Hmmm. Tins are obviously better from an environmental perspective but surely plastic buckets could either be made from close to 100% recycled materials and/or made to be recycled after use?! Anyway, maybe there is a legit reason tins are still used.

          UPDATE: Just Googled it. Seems that plastic vessels are slowly creeping in to the market however metal tins are stronger and handle the shakers far better than anything else. Makes sense I suppose but still annoying.

  • Thanks OP

  • Just what I need for filter cleaning solution for the bike.

  • I bought one of these 10 years or more ago.
    The lid went brittle and broke apart, I think the bucket is still okay.