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[LatitudePay] Xbox Wireless Controller + Wireless Adapter for Window 10 $78 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


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    No stock in WA for C&C

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    Great price w/ the adapter. The Bluetooth connection is pretty crap on these controllers so the wireless adapter is a must-have if you need to wirelessly connect to a pc.

    • Does yours still work? My adapter stopped syncing after updating the controller firmware when the series X came out. Idk why it won’t do it anymore.

      • When this happens to me (for some reason happens in Yakuza games when I leave it running and the controller turns off, won't connect again), I go into Device Manager and go to the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows under the Network Adapter section and Uninstall device, then unplug and plug back in, and it works fine again.

        • I just tried that and a buncha different fixes. Nothing works. It's probably busted…

    • To be fair the wireless adapter is a bit crap too

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    Support Gerry Harvey? No thanks.

    • would anyone know if other retailers that accept latitude pay does this?
      Good guys accepts latitude pay but can't seem to see an item that combines the controller and adapter

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        The good guys would most likely price match.

  • Wireless adapter is crap you will most likely need to use a internet Explorer to go on a ancient windows driver site to get the right drivers for it. Common problem lots of people with the same issue

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      Interestingly I've never had a problem with it since I bought it to avoid the litany of issues I had (and others) with the Bluetooth connection.

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      Wut? I use it every day on 2 different PCs. No issues.
      I plugged it in to a new Win10 PC the other day thinking i would need to download something, but it automagically set up the controller.

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      I'm not saying everyone but there are plenty of people who do have that issue

  • Thanks OP, got one

  • Do you guys know if the adaptor works with the Nintendo Switch as I intend to use it for PC and switch? Or do I still need to get a separate adaptor like the 8bitdo

  • Damn on back order for a month..oh well.