Int/Ext Paints 1L-10L $16.99-$49.99, 5 Pc Brush Set $9.99, Airless Sprayer $249, Turpentine 1L $4.49, Wet/Dry Vac $49.99 @ ALDI


Interior/exterior paints and accessories on sale at Aldi from Saturday 9th October.

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  • Does anyone have any feedback about the ceiling Paint? I read up thats its made in germany but the coverage isn't all that great.

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      Germany had some pretty widespread coverage in the 1940s, but now it’s pretty limited.

      • Hmmm, I can't fault that statement…..

      • oh you had to go there lol

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      Ive used the interior paint (previous it was in a plastic bucket and says interior and ceilings on it). It was TERRIBLE. Consistency for paint was totally wrong. Doesn't flow like paint should. If rolling plain white, you will be in for a world of hurt as it leaves textural lines/ shadows and appears to be patchy. Watering it down doesn't help. I did a total of 4 coats and it still looks crap. Ended up going and getting Dulux paint. 1 coat and it was done. Costs more, but used 1/4 the amount and completed in 1/4 the time.

      I also got some trim and exterior paint for a shed and timber windows. No issue with that, much better.

      Went back the next year for another lot of interior paint. Thought I just got a dodgy batch the first time…nup.. same issues.

      • Were both times the "Made in Germany" stuff? I notice this and the last time they sold Deco paint it says "Australian Made" and "powered by WATTYL technology"

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          Hmm. Interesting. The first one was definitely from Zee Germans.. Can't check the other as the remainder is sitting in a shed 400km away.

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    Did my entire weatherboard house with this airless sprayer, can highly recommend - the equivalent version at Bunnings from memory is around 3-4 times the price

    • Do you reckon it would do oil for a fence?

      • Would need to be a huge fence. Might be better with one of the cheap ozito reservoir hand held unit for a fence.

        • 100m2 of fencing, what constitutes huge?

          • @MagnamoniousRex: Sorry, poorly worded. Can be a tiny fence really. Was thinking more of ROI on a $250 unit v the smaller $50ish unit if it was only a 10mx0.5m fence etc.

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              @Spectacular: Yeah fair, I'm just lazy and it seems easier than brushing.

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              @Spectacular: Buy this, use, and then rent out on one of the community-appliance rental groups (or wait a month and sell when these are well and truly sold out and everyone’s in reno season)

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        I did my entire front picket fence with it also, just had someone hold a giant plyboard behind it to stop overspray from between the pickets, and it worked perfectly.
        Was pretty much one continuous motion, just hit it from 45deg side angle, then the opposite 45 (and also switched and did the same on the other side)
        This covered all edges and came out perfect.

        Took me about 10mins of actual spraying per coat (2 of them) for a 12m long fence. I reckon there was a day or so's work in it if I were to paint it by hand

      • This is 700W vs the Aldi 1010W. Have a look at the compariable Bunnings versions price

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          I doubt power makes much difference…

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            @hippyhippy: IF (big if) they're honest (I guess thats really easy to check with a $10 watt meter), then you'll find 300W more is pretty significant on a 240vAC pump motor.
            If it was DC, then sure you might just have infficient stators; but this isnt.

            • @MasterScythe: I've not used these things yet.. but by the looks of it… you never run these at max power so it doesn't matter. As long as the machine holds the pressure at constant level then that's what looks to me as important, not necessarily max power

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                @hippyhippy: Max power ratings on an airless sprayer affect the viscosity of the medium it can atomise.

                If you want to spray oil on a deck? The weaker will be a-ok.

                If you want to spray un-thinned fence paint, or tile sealer; there will be a noticable difference if the specs are true.

  • does anyone know if Bunnings are matching paint prices? I previously purchased Aldi paint and it was crap.

    • also curious. Did you try the exterior paint?

      • I got 2 big buckets of interior paint. not recommended

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          Agreed, the interior paint is utter crap. Did 4 coats and still patchy. Absolute rubbish. Avoid.

        • Sapper50 the German or the Aussie made stuff?

          • @Baron-K: I'll check and get back to u…
            I think it was the German stuff.
            Less than a year and fully separatef into oil and water and wouldn't come back.

  • Why is the paint so cheap?

    • Low markup.

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      Don’t worry about the price of the paint, it’s on the house

  • Anybody used the Aldi exterior paint? Reviews suggest the interior is garbage.

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      A great trick if budget is a thing, is to mix 1L of 'premium' paint into the 4L of cheap.
      I do this all the time with the "spring" brand at bunnings. Usually throw 1L of high gloss anti-mould (bathroom) paint into the "flat white". End up with a semi-flat with some weak anti mould.
      Works wonders for cheap.

      That said, Wattyl isn't usually a bad brand.

      • Just add vinegar for more 'anti mould'.

    • I was pretty happy with their satin kitchen/bathroom paint recently.

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    And i'm wondering about the Aldi 3-in1 undercoat/primer paint… Any experiences?

  • Any views on that vac? I'd assume it doesn't use filters, does it?