Ferrex 2000W Pressure Washer $149 @ ALDI Special Buys 9th October

  • 8m high pressure hose and reel
  • Flow rate 8L/min (max.)
  • Automatic stop/start function
  • 5m power cable and pressure washer accessories included
  • 2219psi
  • Greater efficiency and power than using a standard garden hose
  • The Ferrex High Pressure Washer is ready to take on any outside space

Anyone bought one in the past and have any reviews?
I'm quietly hoping that Bunnings will put a gerni on sale

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    Does anybody know what type of connector it uses for the gun, I'm interested in connecting the foam bottle which has quick-connect connector

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    OP, Gerni are no longer the quality devices of old - the brand was sold a few years ago and quality has dropped significantly

    Also this same washer was only $129 in April last year

    • What would you recommend for a budget of approx $200?
      Will be mostly cleaning concrete slabs and brick walls

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        Get something that has one of the flat head adaptors then. They’re bigger than your hand* and spin around. Makes doing something like a concrete driveway significantly quicker!!
        A long pressure wash hose is handy as well. Means you can do more before you have to move the machine.

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        Good warranties and walk-into-bunnings replacement convenience.

        Budget pressure washers really aren't about 'how long they last' when you find one that works after a few uses, it'll probably work 'forever'.
        It's more about finding the one that was assembled just right to not blow a seal or have a motor fail in the first 10 hours use.
        It's a massive inverse bell curve of reliability.

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          Just got a Ryobi ($99.00) from Bunnings. The low end ones are absolute junk! Not rubishing the brand as other products are great.
          Only good thing is some compatability with other stuff. Tenant showed me his Kaercher and I was blown away!

    • My new Gerni purchased from Bunnings has been very good. With 7 years warranty you can't really complain.

  • Bought an el cheapo pressure washer from ALDI many moons ago and have been unhappy with it since (don't know specs, but certain they we're piss poor).
    Been looking for an upgrade and this seems to tick all the marks for general car washing/patio cleaning duties, particularly the >1800 psi.
    Is the 8L/p.min sufficient though? Reading old posts on OzB most recommend 10L+ but then again most equivalent ozito/gerni/karcher are at like 6-7L for the same price.
    Would also like to know peoples thoughts on the longevity of the machine/brand and compatibility of this with aftermarket foam cannons if anyone has experience with them

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      To get the cleaning power, it's the typical flow rate multiplied by typical pressure.

      A bit of research for the Ferrex got me 5.5L/min and 1479psi = 8134.5 cleaning power.

      A good Gerni like the 7000 is 6.7L/min x 2103psi = 14090.1 cleaning power.

      You will feel the difference in time required to clean the same area. You do get what you pay for.

      • I'm guessing this:

        A bit of research got me 5.5L/min and 1479psi = 8134.5.

        refers to the Ferrex? if so looks like I should wait for the next sale and just fork out more for a decent Gerni/Ryobi/Karcher.
        Thanks for the info though!

  • There's no way to describe how much more convenient a petrol washer is, if you intend to use it even just monthly.

  • What does it normally cost?

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        So what deal do we have here? Let's say the extra $20 covers inflation and other costs

      • Looks like this one is different model to the link sold in April 2020.
        This one is flow rate of 8L max and min.
        One sold in April20 says 5.5L min and 8L Max.
        Can someone confirm?

  • I found the secret to long life with a pressure washer, is to make sure you disconnect all hoses from the washer before storing, some leave the hose on and its pressurised which will cause damage over time.

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      I don't unscrew mine, but I disconnect power, then disconnect the garden hose, then after that's done, I press the trigger to release the pressure in the black hose and wand.

  • i have a bosch small one, been using so many time for 2 years now and going great

  • I've been using this for 6 months. No dramas. Carwash, concrete driveways, outdoor furniture. The wash shop goes into the bottle that tucks nicely on the back. Not sure of a foam bottle attachment.

  • I have one. Great for general cleaning, but not tough stains (i.e. weathered fences, plastics etc).

    It took me a good day to clean an 8M long pine fence, while it took me half that time using a karcher.

    Karcher is slightly higher priced, but better value just for the rotary attachment alone.

    Pretty hardy though, as I used it the whole day non-stop.

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    Wonder what Bunnings will discount to match?

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    Looks identical to the Mechpro pressure washer that was on sale for $99 earlier in the year (with a slightly different moulding/colour and a deck attachment instead of a snow cannon).


    I have the Mechpro and have had nothing but good experiences with it so far for the money, but I don’t know how relevant this is so YMMV.

    • Completely agree, I bought this to replace our 10 year old $450 Gerni branded pressure washer and the Mechpro runs circles around the old Gerni even when it was new.

      For $99 it works very well.

  • I need this. I went last year it was gone

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    Just checking Product Review, it appears it doubles as a space heater. Read: it caught on fire.


  • I bought this last year in April for $129, mainly using it for car washing.

    Have not had any issues whatsoever, 8m hose is much more convenient than the shorter ones on other models.

  • I got one last year, for the price i'm happy with it.

  • I know it has less specs, but is this one better?