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[SUBS] "Free Guy" Free to Stream on Disney+


Just received in an email. Nice surprise on a Wednesday night. News article.

I was lucky enough to see it in the cinemas between lockdowns, but will be great for people who have been stuck in lockdown who have waited so long to see it.

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    Free Guy
    great for people who have been stuck in lockdown.

    That's a bit cruel isn't it?

    • +20

      OP clearly organised the recent protests

      • -3

        Just wondering if its Johno Horse Puncher
        Or CFME-FU Johnno? Or possibly Eastern Suburbs, I'm off to Bryon Johnno?

        • +1

          Johnno going grandfinal johnno

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    Cannot find it on hotstar disney+. Might have to wait i guess

    • @hopper Which VPN you use to get hotstar here and does that VPN work with hotstar app on iOS, or just via browser

      • You need an Indian phone number

        • +1

          That I've, care to explain the process please as I'm keen

          • @belmakov: Nord is your best option here on the cheap but you'll need to flick servers, FYI Disney Hotstar is aggressively banning VPN data centers, PIA and Surfshark in particular, I've heard good things about VYPR and Express but they're pricier options but it's hit and miss with Nord so you get what you pay for. Good luck.

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      is that the streaming service where all streaming stuff in exsitence is collected and viewed free?

      • +17

        Yep its called "the pirate bay"

        • i dont think so, this program allowed direct streaming of torrent files without needing to download it first, if I remember what my uncle did, he literally typed in the movie and starting streaming the torrent as a movie, it downloaded while it played?

          • +4

            @dbmitch: Popcorn Time

            • @stayhome: i think that's exactly what is it. the icon is familiar. Which begs the question, with such programs as this existing, why are any of us bothering paying for streaming services? Except when we don't know these things exist, need to download it, or watching on smart TVs with limited app support? This stuff makes it nearly as easy as typing in the movie you want and clicking play like netflix.

              • @dbmitch: Popcorn became too good that lawyers got involved and the original team took it down.

                Being open source a bunch of groups made their own copy and added freemium features other crypto miners so it became an unsafe shit show.

                Even before that Popcorn worked great for new recently released movies/tv shows but anything slightly older than a few months wouldn't have enough seed so it wouldn't work or really slow.

                So compared to Netflix it's a pain in the ass and unsafe for non tech people.

                Personally I went with paying a private Plex share, some people upload terabyte worth of movies and TV shows on their servers and charge a fee it's like a combination of all streaming services in one plus extra content

          • +1

            @dbmitch: My "mate" has been downloading movies without a VPN for 15 years and never had a single issue.

          • +1

            @dbmitch: Kodi

        • Pirate Bay + rasberry pi + plex is a deadly combo

          • @hopper: Syncler + RD and never look back

            • +1

              @sk3iron: What is RD?
              Edit.. Real debrid

            • @sk3iron: What the hell is syncler? Still don't know even after visiting the site.
              I already have Kodi, RD and trakt. Is it similar to Kodi?

          • @hopper: The Pirate Bay is a shadow of its former self. Try rarbg or private tracker like IPT.

  • +7

    Is it any good ?? I seen the trailer and it looks like generic Ryan Reynolds action from him lately

    • +9


    • +12

      Its comedy, good timepass

    • +7

      It's good, not generic at all. I dug it.

    • +5

      If you're into gaming you'll like it a bit more. It's nothing outrageously special, but it's a good laugh at times!

    • +2

      2 out of 10 starts frome me

    • +3

      2 out of 10 stars from me*

    • -3

      It's brilliant! Nothing has ever been made that is similar to it. The visuals are amazing too.

    • +2

      3 out of 5 rubber chickens

      • +1

        Is this a reference to good game?

    • +1

      The Drinker gave it a thumbs up.


    • +2

      The wife and I very much enjoyed it… Teenage kids loved it.

    • Was looking forward to this and it didn't disappoint. The concept sounds dumb and it almost looks like a bad movie but it's a pretty fun time.

    • -1

      Predictable, cliche, boring, and forced humour


    • I give it 2 avocados

    • +1

      It is a very [adjective] movie.

      [Catch phase]

  • +17

    Meh movie but good to watch if u have nothing else u can decide on. Or keep flicking and flicking and flicking and flicking and flicking and…

    • +18

      I sympathise, my missus gets so mad at me when I flick but when I ask her to choose it's "nah, you choose… I don't care". Infuriating.

      • +7

        Bro!!!! Your missus is my missus!!

      • +5

        Is this every couple? My Mrs complained about me choosing everything, so I let her choose a few times and each time 10min in she would say "this is shit, let's watch something else"

        • OMG this is me and my partner as well.

          We each flick through the subs we have for like 5 mins and can’t find anything good.

          I put something on and he mumbles about how stupid this show is. He puts something on and I absolutely hate it.

          Then we just go back to watching the Americans non stop lol

      • +7

        Confirmed the same here. Plus: stop breathing. It’s too loud.

  • +4

    Pretty average movie.

  • +2

    the first 'big' flim to be theaters only a while back and now I wonder how it fared vs the other films that kept releasing on streaming services during its run.

    Would be great if streaming film releases were found to be more profitable, maybe that would convince studios to finally just do that finally forever.

    • +2

      It's made over $300 million at the box office so far, so it's had a pretty good launch for being a Cinema only during the current times.

      • ill hold my breath for now, being the only big release in theaters at that time doesn't give it much competition

      • -3

        Money made doesn't mean it's good. It usually means they spent a lot on marketing.

        • +1

          These people weren't talking about the quality of the movie…….

    • It performed beyond expectations. Disney is pushing for a sequel.

      • it either goes okay or becomes a case study for "just because it did well in a pandemic, doesn't mean it goes well when there is actual compeition in normal times."

        • It's hard to judge. There's just as many times pre-pandemic where a film becomes a hit at the box office and a sequel gets made and completely bombs.

          Often it's with films that are supposed to be a one-off, and the sequel lacks what made the first film click with audiences. I think Free Guy is one of those films where it's fine as it is and probably shouldn't get a sequel.

  • nice, now i can go and torrent it

    • +3

      5 days late on that one…apparently…cough

  • -2

    Technically included in your subscription so not really free

    • +1

      It's 25 bucks on Amazon. Amazon seems to have a lot of paid stuff, some is early release, but some old stuff costs money too

    • Yeah, not sure how disney+ works but i would assume everything in there is free, like in netflix. I got really dissapointed in amazon prime video when i tried it just to find out that all the best movies had to be purchased.

      • +2

        Not everything on Disney is free.

      • Disney Plus does charge fees for individual movies too. Mulan was something crazy like $25-30 from memory on Disney Plus Premiere Access

        • +2

          well, that sucks, paying for a subscription that enables you to pay for more movies

          • +4

            @gonzule: Only if you want to watch it the same time as it's in cinemas.

            If you can wait about 2-3 months it's free on Disney+

  • Also available on Foxtel

    • For a fee.

      • +3

        exactly this, cant believe cable is paid for and they still have 5 mins of ads per 10 mins and movies still cost more

  • +3

    Game Pass Ultimate still has Disney+ 30 day trial as a free perk for another day or so, could pick this up for $1 if still able to claim the trial.

  • Entertaining stuff. Sure you'll forget it next week but it was alright.

  • +2

    I enjoyed it :)

  • +3

    Terrible movie
    Maybe good for 16 year olds and under

    • +3

      mrs says my maturity is that of a 12 year old so I guess this is for me

  • +7

    Finally pirated this the other night and watched with the missus after giving up hope of seeing in cinemas and then the very next morning I get an email saying it's coming to Disney Plus, goddamn it.

    Anyway, was pleasantly surprised by the movie. I like Ryan fine but he is, and always has been, in a LOT of absolutely shit movies, but when he hits, he hits. This is one of those. Great movie built around him playing the same guy he always plays.

    • I too did the same…

    • its always a safe bet when Ryan is basically playing himself in roles.

  • -1

    If you have never heard of fortnite, twitch, game streaming or never have ever played a game, you probably won't enjoy it.

  • Such a good show

    • +1

      When are the rest of the episodes coming out?

      • It's a movie?

        • +1

          I know. But you referred to it as a "show"

  • +6

    Don't have a good day, have a great day!.

    • +1

      Oh and in case I don't see you…

    • +5

      Catch phrase !

      • +2

        Having "Catchphrase" as a catchphrase is a pretty cool catchphrase.

      • +1


  • +3

    I tried watching this today and couldn't make it to the halfway point. Another videogame movie made by people who have only heard about videogames from their grandkids. I'll normally watch a pretty bad move through to the end but this one broke me.

    • +3

      Kind of have the Truman Show vibe mix with a bit of Player Ready One.

      • +3

        That was exactly my take..a mix of those two films.

        They could have made so much more interesting references to games like Portal which they only used twice. Focussed on GTA and Fortnite which are ultimately dull ideas to portray on film. Yeah they have action but no real interesting ideas like so many other games.

        Could have been so much better! Saw it at the cinema though, so still entertained.

        • Fortnite exhibit at the museum where my grandkids will ask how did this ever get popular.

  • Officer Johnny! Thanks for the post.

  • +7

    Wasn't completely shit like I thought it would be.

    Ryan Reynolds plays a poor-mans Jim Carey in a movie that somewhat resembles The Truman Show.
    The highlight was Taika Waititi as usual.

    • +11

      Really? I thought Taika was embarrassingly bad (in this, I've liked him in other stuff).

      • +3

        Isn't cringe Taika Waititi… Peak Taika?

        Is it that he's always likeable or comic, so, expecting the Actor/Role where he's a Narcissistic, power mad executive instead of a self-deprecating comic insert…

        To be charming and bemusing?

        It could have gone down the "Tropic Thunder" route., you can barely recognise Tom Cruise. check the clips (if they haven't been banned)

      • Oh yeah, cringe as ****, was great.

  • Free Guy movie reaction by Deadpool and Korg:


  • +1

    Great movie, Westworld for kids

  • +1

    Hahaha, I saw it in Gold class yesterday. Really enjoyed it.

  • +1

    No where near as good as Player 1 .
    i have to watch the bits I fell asleep again .

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