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Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP Brushless One Handed Reciprocating Saw Kit $199 (in-Store) @ Bunnings


Not sure if this is the new price but it's dropped from the previous $219

the skin only is the same price, so basically a free battery and charger!

Edit 26/10: Appears in store only, sold out online. See.

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    Given it's a new product, how poor Bunnings website is in general and the fact Ryobi never discounts unless running out a model this is possibly a pricing error so grab it quick if you want it IMO.

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      I'm guessing run-out. They seem to introduce new lines as kits then transition to tool only.

      • The Brushless HP line is only fairly new to AU

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      The lack of discounts makes it tempting to focus on Ozito to take advantage of Bunnings price matching competitor's sales.

      • Can't fault Ozito warranty

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    Great piece of kit. I'd been waiting for it to release here, and grabbed it a couple of months back. I wish I'd waited now to score that extra battery.

  • Still coming up as $219 for me.

    • $199 here (in Sydney)

    • $199 at Canberra stores

    • +1

      $219 on the shelf but scanned as $199.

  • a very short cut length, yes it's only a single handed one…
    but wouldn't a bigger one make more sense, you can get longer blades and the skin only is cheaper albeit without battery but if you bought the battery separate would come to a similar price.

    reciprocating saw

    • depends what your use is. Personally, I've been waiting for this one and it's very handy.

    • The two handed model that you linked to isn't brushless. Their brushless version sold for about $249. It seems to have disappeared from the Bunnnings website.

      • +1

        i'm only a novice tool user cutting a few things here and there… what benefit is it to have a brushless motor that would justify twice as much?

        • It’s only $50 more. I’m sceptical of the benefits of brushless too, especially if it’s just for occasional home use.

          • @Meconium: sorry i was comparing the 2 full sized reciprocating saws at $115 and the brushless $249

          • @Meconium: Defo beneficial.. stronger and uses less battery. I switched from non brushless to brushless whipper snipper and such a difference. Same for drills I've used.

  • I have the Ozito PXC 18v and with the Diablo blades makes short work of pruning trees. Does the brushless add any benefit that the blade wouldnt?

    • Is it the $49 skin only one? I'm planning to buy it to cut some metal rod and prune branches but the blade seems to be short.

      Any link for your blade for pruning? Thanks

    • I've been using the Ozito mainly to prune stuff too. It gets noticeably warm so I'd say just as a generally higher end product there's less chance of tripping the overheat thing or having it die from overheating.

      But for the price difference that's a lot of good quality blades instead.

    • Should I use this reciprocating saw for other tasks than pruning branches? I don't have big trees, so a hand-saw still serves me well, along with some Fiskar pruners. However, sometimes I need to cut some pieces of timber/shelves,…, which kind of power tool should I have?

      • Depends on the type of cut. Either look at a multi tool, jigsaw, table saw, drop saw etc :)

        • :) but which one can be a generic one, which could do most of the jobs?
          Like when choosing between an impact driver, impact wrench, and hammer drill driver, I'm now happy with my hammer drill driver, as it does most of the jobs that I need at home.

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            @Averell: As above, buy the tool that does the job you need it to do. You can't use your hammer drill as an impact driver for example, it doesn't have anywhere near enough torque.

            If you need to make precise cuts for timber and shelves, then you need either a drop saw or a circular saw - a reciprocating saw like this deal isn't very precise.

      • +1

        A Reciprocating saw is a great tool for cutting branches. Mine's got a fair bit of use in the garden alone. I use it to easily chop up palm leaves to put them in the bin. It's a handy saw to have. Its also the only saw I have to cut metal. As Nom said, for cutting timber boards you're going to want a table saw.

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    More comments from the previous deal at $219 HERE

  • Does anyone know if these new HP batteries definitely work on the original One+ tool?

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      Yes, they will. The only difference is a secondary set of contacts on the battery so high drain tools can suck more power. Tools without the extra contacts still work with just the primary contacts. Ryobi has been excellent about maintaining battery compatibility. It's why they still use the stick design while everyone else has moved to flush mounts. New One+ batteries will even work with their old blue range of tools.

    • This kit doesn't come with a HP battery

      • you are right, i presumed being black it was HP… i am a bit of a newbie to the ryobi ecosystem. So there are different types or batteries? I see the silver ones say 'lithium +' some say 'lithium + HP' and the black one just says 'lithium'. Whats the preference here?

  • I bought this at $219. Wonder if Bunnings can do partial refund online. Or buy and return?

    • buy and return is almost the easier option (obvoiusly if you havent opened it already)

      • Buy new one, return same one with old receipt

    • -1

      If you've registered, it'll be hard to buy and return.. i hope you have anyway to get the 6 year warranty.. must be done in first 7 days

      • +1

        must be done in first 7 days

        Actually within 30 days of purchase in order to receive the extended warranty.

        • -1

          Oh right, that sounds better. Haha cheers.

      • Havent done that yet luckily

        • +2

          Buy and return 100%

          • @cheapass88: Cool. Not worth calling and staying on hold for ages. Just placed another order :)

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      I also bought Apples and oranges for 99c a kilo

  • $199 at Adelaide airport
    $229 at mile end……

    • thanks, I hadn't actually pulled the trigger yet, but upon looking at my local store, the price has gone back to $219! I quickly purchased it at $199 at another one.

  • Impact driver kit is down to $199 as well, from $219


    • I bought this a few weeks ago, works great.

    • +1

      Their hammer drill kit also.

      • Has the brushless hammer drill ordinarily been 219 too?

        • Yep, they've dropped all 3 kits from $219 to $199. Could just be normal new price, no indication of it being a sale.

  • Got one, thanks OP!

  • Got one but was given the tool only version at click and collect (only noticed once I got home) so just be sure you check as they apparently scan as the same item.Went back and got the proper kit.

  • Cheapest place for the batteries?

    • You can only buy Ryobi gear from Bunnings in Australia.

    • Ebay for knockoffs. I got a 5Amp plus a dodgy charger for $90.

      Works fine, just looks cheap.

      Also checkout ebay for converters if you already have other batterys.

      But your best bet is Ozbargain. I'm still pissed I missed out on the drill driver kit. That sold out in Townsville within a day.

    • I can sell my 4amp that came with this! From Melbourne.

  • Merged from Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP Brushless One Handed Reciprocating Saw Kit $199 in-Store Only @ Bunnings

    Might be ACT and NSW only, but searched online for this previously popular deal and in my locale it seems that $199 is the new price at Bunnings. Includes battery and charger. Happy sawing!

    Mod: According to Ryobi website, this item is sold out online.

    • Pretty sure it's the new normal price. Same price in Victoria too

    • Only 1 location in Victoria I could find had it. So get in quick if near Warragul Bunnings

    • How does it fair against bone?

      • Haven’t used this one but with the correct blade it should be fine. I’ve used a different brand single hand 12v recip saw to cut ribs from a carcass and even at 12v was fine.

      • Not 100% sure if this is sarcastic or meant to be funny, but I use it all the time on bones for my dogs. They clean up a big bit of leg pretty quickly and start to get the marrow out of the ends, then I cut it in half to open up two more ends. Works pretty well, just need to remember to clean the blades or else the gunk dries pretty quickly.

    • +4

      Ummm, the "One Handed" description. is that before or after use?

    • webpage doesn't work?

    • not found

      • Same here, tried multiple times.

  • This or Ozito for $49 skin only?

  • I bought one online and picked it up today. I have been told this is a promo only and will not be available anymore once sold out.

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