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Zoono Triple Layer Face Mask - 2 Pack $16 + $7.99 Delivery (Free over $40 Spend) @ Zoono



ZOONO® Triple Layer Face Mask

Made from Organic Cotton

2 Pack

These masks have been treated with ZOONO for an extra layer of protection.

Our masks have been custom designed for Zoono® to fit close to skin comfortably with soft adjustable straps.


Not for medical use

Wash before wearing.

Outer Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton. Backing Layer: 100% Organic Cotton. Inner Layer: Industry-standard non-woven fabric.

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    $7.99 postage, so $23.98 for 2 masks…

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    Cheaper with the 40% off Code that appears at the top of the site (SPRING2021) - $12 + Delivery

  • I like Zoono, but their magic ingredient isn't proprietary.

    Spray your own masks with a hand sanitiser with Benzalkonium Chloride, which is in pretty much all non-alcohol sanitisers.

    You can get 5L of the equivalent for the same price as their protection pack.

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      Wear surgical more protection

      Better yet P2.

      Cloth mask have worst protection

      • I think P2 mask is nice to have, however i think it is too costly for many. The cloth mask may not provide much protection for the person wearing it, but it would reduce the aerosol coming out the nose and mouth of the person wearing it and will reduce the risk of spreading Covid.

    • According to Intelligent Investor Zoono's selling point is it dries to form a durable antimicrobial coating, whereas disinfectants tend to only work when still wet. I'm no expert in this area so I don't know if it's true or not.

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        Yes, the active ingredient in the Zoono's formulation contains a silane-quat that will condense on the substrate to form a coating, unlike the free BAKs or QACs in sanitisers. Zoono's coatings are not new, it is just a me-too formulation containing the same active ingredient as many others products on the market.

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      Like others have said, buy a good mask with good filtration, don't worry about anti-whatever as it probably won't do you much good against delta if the filtration is bad.

      Personally I won't use any product that contains BAKs or QACs in applications that you will either breath in or in contact with skin over a period of time. They have been used for sanitising surfaces for a long time, and NOT for skin contact applications for a reason.

      But thanks for the tip about applying your own "magic". Washing your cloth masks regularly will probably do the same.

  • The shield bonds to the cotton fabric fibres and remains active for up to 20 washes to help prevent the spread of germs (in conjunction with good cleaning practices).

    Similar number of uses, compared with Bonds. Might look better than having undies on your face lol

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    Does this have a metal nose wire to help seal to face?

    Also, what are the dimensions of the mask? IME, one size does not fit all, nor even most.

  • If only Zoono's science department was as good as their PR/Marketing department…

    Where is the evidence that their "proprietary compound" remains active on a surface after you wash it? Whilst they seem to have done a fair bit of work around the efficacy of the compound and it's residual life on surfaces, which incidentally appear to demonstrate good efficacy, they have not validated that the coating on the product survives the washing process that they say you have to do before wearing it.

    Until this is provided, in my opinion, these are no more effective than a regular mask. Save your $'s and get something with increased physical filtration instead for added protection as others have said.

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    Use SPRING2021 code for a cheaper price.

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