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Free Pick up from Kmart or Target for Eligible Order (Excludes Marketplace, Special and Bulky Orders) - No Club Required @ Catch


Free Pick up from Kmart or Target for Eligible Orders - No Club Catch Required

Exclude Orders from Marketplace Sellers, Special Orders and Bulky Orders

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    Given that you dont need club catch membership. This is definitely good news and I hope can become a permanent option going forward.

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      Dont think so. It is due to Aus Post outage.

      20% cashback @ SB tomorrow.

      • Oooh thanks

      • Ooo, thanks! Did you get an email about it?

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          Yes, but if you prefer to use giftcard, do not wait as it'll track with no cashback.

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    Cool so they are going to create big queues of people chasing low value items .
    BTW I wasn't happy about their last minimum click and collect lowering .
    Covid environment and the pickup points mostly being indoors this is just irresponsible .

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      The capitalist show must go on.

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    These two stores make click n collect so painful. It’s like they pack the order when you arrive..

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      Yep. If in store and going to the service counter to pickup orders, they frequently hide out the back and you can hear them chattering away taking their sweet time and it always feels like they won't be able to find the order.

      Then come back to the front and ask what the item looks like and how big it is and then pretend to look up stuff on the computer.

      It's like a full theatrical performance, usually requiring 15 minutes. Oh and the previous person usually has a pram and are returning 20 baby clothes with no receipt.

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        And I thought ….. I was the only one experiencing this. Sad I was wrong 😑

      • +2

        Sounds almost like flying on Qantas

        • +2

          How can you even remember what that was like? Or are the memories so painful that they have been etched deep into your psyche for eternity?

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        Lol thanks I think I'll pay for postage instead 😂

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        "Oh and the previous person usually has a pram and are returning 20 baby clothes with no receipt."

        Scary how accurate this is

      • To me that sounds like a company problem, not a staff problem, staff would probably be dealing with so many customer orders, and they probably don't have enough space to organize stuff properly for the pickup person to collect them when they have to squash everything as tight as possible to meet the orders timeline limits.
        I personally dont order online much, but i didnt have any problem on my small online orders.
        And no they do not pack the orders when customer arrive, they do pack before the customer comes in (unless customer themselves want their order early and come to store and be like OH HEY CAN I PLEASE HAVE MY ORDER, (before the timeline).
        Of course like most big corporations, they love to cut wages/hours to save money hence customers do suffer sometime.
        In my opinion you are getting what you ordered, and payed for, only problem is probably experience. I personally would not be angry at staff for this experience, ITS not staff, rather the top leaders like who set up rosters make staff hours, adjust wages, etc.

    • Not enough staff to handle the sudden high volume of click & orders

      • Few of my target orders were packed from the warehouse and shipped to the store.

        • They still have to find the package in the store, good luck with that.

      • They should have loads of free sales staff as the stores are closed.

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    Last time I did click and collect at Target via Catch, took AGES for it to be ready. Think it was about 2-3 weeks

    • +7

      That's a hell of a long time to camp out at the service desk, hopefully you brought snacks.

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    Tried click n collect at start of lockdown but found it to be a fail as instead of going in and picking up and getting out asap and minimising time with exposure to others , my local has the pickup desk right at back corner of store (it’s a big Kmart) - and the line for pickups was 20 people deep with only 1 attendant. Defeated purpose of click n collect

    • -1

      How does it defeat the purpose if you were able to both click and collect?
      That you had to walk further and share the store with others?

      • +4

        Well the way I understood it- the whole purpose of pushing for click n collect over traditional browsing at Kmart was to limit people and time they spent in store (lowering chance of possible Covid exposure)

        I also legitimately didn’t mean to neg the deal - must have fat fingered that one. The deal in itself is good as don’t need min spend. Just the amount it limits exposure to Covid may vary store to store.

        • -2

          Time yes, people no (unless they put limits on daily c&c)?)
          If you weren't browsing around the store and just went straight to c&c and kept your distance then they have achieved this.

          • +2

            @timthetoolman: Not if you’re standing in a line for 20-30 min with no one else social distancing (at that time masks were not mandatory)

            But whatever.

          • @timthetoolman:

            unless they put limits on daily c&c

            Theoretically (in Sydney at least) you're supposed to book your time for normal Kmart click and collect via socialq

            Reality is no one does and even if you do, doesn't make anything faster as they still spend 5 minutes trying to look for your order.

      • +1

        Because the waiting time /queue is so long (with a large group of people)

    • +1

      You are exactly right, don't understand why people neg your comment

      • Got to laugh at getting negged for reporting on a true personal experience. Lucky it’s all imaginary internet points and none of it really matters. Got my fair share of haters with the amount of time I spend trawling this site.

      • Neg votes were in relation to the neg vote attached to the comment. As soon as the neg was revoked. Neg votes stopped coming.

    • They all seem to have this model of store layout, it's always baffled me, if you want to do a return you have to walk through the entire store with the item (or procuring it instore on the way to the stand) and nobody seems to do any checks either.

      • I think it's the IKEA mentality of making customers go through most of the store so they also end up seeing things they like and spending, rather than just doing a quick in and out dash.

  • It's amazing what people consider an inconvenience today.
    Go back 30 years and you may reconsider!! Cheers all :)

    • +11

      Ask them to drop the price 30 years backwards, cancel gst and I will reconsider

    • I wish i could time travel! Hello apple and google shares!

    • +3

      I'd gladly take a wage from 30 years ago if I could take a Sydney house/unit price from 30 years ago too.

      I'd even take the utter inconvenience of not having a pandemic completely decimate many small businesses and impede almost every aspect of life.

      • 100% when you could work in retail and afford a house.

    • +2

      Going back 30 years wouldn't be an inconvenience at all, things were so much easier (except banking, that was a nightmare). For all we've gained in convenience we've lost in courtesy, customer service and quality tenfold times over.

  • +4

    Had nothing but great speedy experiences with click and collect at the local Kmart.

    My local has theirs set up at the back where the loading bay is. Park your car, they'll come along and grab your stuff. It's wickedly convenient.

  • club catch also now has no minimum spend for free shipping

  • +1

    Don't pick & collect at Chadstone Target. Due to shortage of staff and high volume of orders , there is always long queue for click & collect

    • Saw this the other day. Couldn't get over the number of people queued up. Maccas was doing a great trade opposite though

  • Do these places sell bed frames? I cant seem to find any online unless I am doing something wrong with the way i am searching in their websites

    • +2

      This might not help, but look up Zinus bed frames on Amazon, their website or on their eBay store. Free delivery on Amazon and ridiculously cheap (like many $150-200 price range, very good quality and very nice esthetics

  • Did click and collect for my local kmart in rockingham they lost a $110 item as star trek says it was delivered on the 20th September I've never seen my item I had to contact catch and get a refund as the item wasn't in stock anymore

  • +1

    Click + Collect is also free without min spend at Kmart for the time being I believe

  • Are these Catch orders on the Catch site or Catch on the kmart and Target sites (where I've never seen Catch stuff)?

    • Catch orders on the Catch site

  • +1

    This is amazing news, I have never liked club catch and shipping has always killed it from Catch.

  • Anyone have club catch? What's the appeal?

  • +2

    Charging for click and collect ? That's now a thing ?

    • +1

      That's now a thing ?

      Where have you been all these years?

      • +1

        I've never paid for a click and collect in my life -_-

        • -1

          Doesn’t mean it’s not charged.

    • ikea do it too. and if they cancel your order, they keep your c&c fee

  • Struggling to figure out what is good value - if anything

  • -2

    I am not negging the deal but suggest you check prices carefully before you buy as the prices on some KMart Anko products on Catch website may be SEVERAL TIMES MORE EXPENSIVE than on KMart website.
    Here's some examples:
    1. Portable Table Tennis Table
    KMart $49.00 https://www.kmart.com.au/product/portable-table-tennis-table...
    Catch $179.00 https://www.catch.com.au/product/portable-table-tennis-75228...
    2. Anko Yoga Mat
    KMart $4.50 https://www.kmart.com.au/product/yoga-mat/697803
    Catch $14.99 https://www.catch.com.au/product/yoga-mat-8153781/
    3. Anko Gym Ball 75cm
    KMart $7.50 https://www.kmart.com.au/product/75cm-gym-ball/2053303
    Catch $19.99 https://www.catch.com.au/product/gym-ball-75cm-8153800/ "Don't pay $39.95"
    4. Anko Foam Roller
    KMart $7.50 https://www.kmart.com.au/product/foam-roller---assorted/1958...
    Catch $19.99 https://www.catch.com.au/product/foam-roller-short-8153782/ "Don't pay $39.95"
    5. Portable Table Tennis Table
    KMart $49.00 https://www.kmart.com.au/product/portable-table-tennis-table...
    Catch $179.00 https://www.catch.com.au/product/portable-table-tennis-75228...

    Strangely Catch sells these KMart items (and KMart owned brand Anko) through some Run Stop Shop.

    • -1

      Strangely Catch sells these KMart items (and KMart owned brand Anko) through some Run Stop Shop.

      That’s where you are wrong. It’s a third party seller. Probably doing dropshipping. Anko products sold by catch are same price as they are on Kmart website. Both companies are owned by wesfarmers. You will be bit busy negging and posting compared prices from third party sellers/dropshippers, if you did that everytime a deal was posted for Amazon or eBay

  • No pickup option shown only delivery for a fee. Is there a min order value for eligible orders? I’m using the app. Items are sold by catch

    • +1

      It excludes Marketplace, Special and Bulky Orders

      Also pre orders.

  • Does this expire today?

  • Anyone able to get free Kmart shipping for metroit dread?

  • Catch ship to Kmart store is quick, ordered on 11th.. ready to collect today.

    If only they make the free pick up permanent I'd definitely order from Catch more often.

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