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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller $74 Delivered @ Orotec via Catch


Add controller to cart via the link in the post. $15 discount applies in cart. Discount doesn’t work if you search the product on website and add it to cart.

Post links to the spend $75 get $15 off event.

Link here: https://www.catch.com.au/event/birthday-bash-spend-75-get-15...

You will have to filter the brand with Nintendo from there. Add the controller to cart. Discount will be applied in cart.

Don’t forget to select Orotec as the seller

Free pick up from Kmart or Target

Catch: 20% Cashback (Cap $25) @ ShopBack

$5 Bonus on $20 Spend at Catch (6pm - 10pm) via Challenges @ ShopBack

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  • @serpserpserp

  • Not working for me even I add it to the cart through the 75-15 link.

    I did use the filter on the left side of page though

    • +1

      I just tried and it works fine. Are you logged in? Remove everything from cart. Restart app (if you are doing it via app). Make sure you are logged in

  • I'm logged in, your link takes me to general CATCH page.

  • Worked fine following the link.
    Filter to Nintendo and add to cart. Price shows as $74. I had to deliver though, as no option to pick up from Target or Kmart in Canberra. Only Queanbeyan was an option….

  • Logged and confirmed the price is $74 after $15 off.

  • just wondering 15% cashback from Cashreward also apply?

    • Yes one or the other

    • @gotyourback

  • Thanks OP! Got the deal!

  • +3

    Free Delivery for all if you add the Target Australia listing instead of the Catch one :)

    Press Select next to Target Australia to the bottom right of the page.

    • Thanks, updated

  • How do you do this with challenges via Shopback if you have to use the posted link for the discount? What are the steps? Can anyone please explain? Thank you in advance.

    • Follow the link to Catch from Shopback. On the homepage find the $75 spend get $15 off and then follow instructions

  • Switch pro or 8BITDO Pro 2?

    • I have both and tend to use the official more for most games that make use of gyro. 8bitdo is better for games that make use of the dpad. Both work about the same for any other purpose though

      • May I ask where did you the 8bitdo from? and what is the reasonable price for it please?
        Thank you

        • +1

          I got lucky with this deal

          I'd say it's worth up to about ~$65. It's a brilliant controller and quite versatile. Its quality is pretty close to the first party one, but if the price is the same as the Nintendo one (and you only intend to use it on Switch) you may as well go official.

        • +1

          It’s also on Catch

          You can combine with 20% cashback

  • I heard the new Switch Pro controller might soon to be announced, I wonder what the diff' would be…


    • +4

      Pretty sure that was for the N64 controller

    • +1

      Hopefully make the response time in Bluetooth even better

  • Ordered for $74 but didn’t get any mail confirmation

  • -2

    Wow this uas gone up I remember paying 59 bucks on amazon in 2019

    • +1

      lol nobody said this was the best deal ever, just the best right now. relax

  • Can’t see the controller after applying the filter. Looks like it’s sold out?

    • Still showing up for me

      • Thanks I double checked and its still there if I click the link you provide. But if I click through ShopBack and then find the 75-15 page on Catch homepage it’s not there. Confused.

  • Legend it worked for me 👌

    • Does it stack with shopback 20% cash back offer?

      • -1

        Sorry mate don't use cashback 😅

        • $15 off worked for me. Cashback hasn't tracked yet.

          • @ken70657: Mine has tracked buying other items in this $15 off deal..Not sure if it will be treated as using a promo code (even though we didn't manually put in one)

      • Can confirm it is tracked.

        • Yup. Tracking now. Awesome deal.

  • Back in stock again at 9:54pm.

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