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Opticomm 1000/50 for $4.10 a day ($124.70 p/m) @ Launtel


Launtel appear to have changed their Opticomm plans recently.

Their gigabit 1000/50 option appears as only $4.10 a day (~$124.70 per month).
I think this maybe one of the cheapest options around if you want gigabit speeds on the Opticomm network.

(Note: This offer is for broadband on the Opticomm network only. The equivalent speed tier on the nbn network is $4.60 per day.)

Their website isn't the best to navigate to find plan pricing easily, as it requires you to enter your address to show you the pricing. See the attached screenshot:


This is also available to existing customers
Existing customers need to login to the portal and click 'modify service'. There is a button above the existing plans (forgot the name) and it will then show you the new plans. Once you change to the new plans you can't change back to the old plans.

Standby = $1.20 a day
50/20 = $3.50 a day
100/20 = $3.70 a day
250/25 = $3.70 a day (not a typo, costs the same as 100/20)
100/40 = $4.00 a day
1000/50 = $4.10 a day (~$124.70 per month)
250/100 = $5.10 a day

For new customers, don't forget to use the referral codes listed below.


Referral Links

Referral: random (310)

$50 account credit for referrer, $25 account credit for referee. Min $50 to apply discounts.

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  • +15

    Got to say, Damian and his team are absolutely fantastic! This is a great price for those speeds too.

    I have DGTek with them (1000/1000 for $4.60/day) and the speeds are always at par (or higher) than posted. Their support is fantastic (Australia based support team) and pricing is very competitive. Love that you can pause your service at any time and instantly re-activate it in their online portal (for when you're on holidays or away from home for an extended time).

    Highly recommend!

    • +2

      Damian and his team are absolutely fantastic!

      He can also drink anyone under the table.

      • Oh, I see what you're saying, Damian is a very tiny vampire afraid of open spaces??

        • More like a big pom that never stops drinking.

    • +2

      1000/1000 speeds for $4.60 a day? Is that a typo if not that is an awesome deal.

    • Are the referral codes no longer working? When I click it doesn't show the code.

  • +7

    I've used them for NBN, and they were great. Excellent support. Online chat is fantastic. You can tell that the staff there are technically savvy.

    I currently have an Opticomm connection, but am using AussieBB, which has also been good.

    The reason I didn't use them for my Opticomm connection at the time is that they pass on in full what Opticomm charge them to connect (which is a $100 + GST charge), whereas ABB absorb that cost. Opticomm charge that every time an RSP creates a new connection. It's ridiculous. (so this isn't Launtel's fault at all)

    I may consider moving to Launtel with those prices though. They're excellent.

    • i went through uniti for my opticomm connection since they own the opticomm network. if you get in with a good deal its not so bad. i'm paying $100 for 250/25, i average 290/24 so i'm content (i'm assuming not many people on high speed plans in my area).

      i do prefer the service level of aussie bb though.

      • +2

        I had a terrible time with Uniti and HarbourISP, as have a few friends.
        Contant drop outs, never getting the speeds I was paying for. Customer service was shockingly bad.

        Best Opticomm providers appear to be Launtel and Aussie BB.

        • Same - had to take them to the TIO to get out. I do not recommend Uniti/HarbourISP.

        • i guess i got lucky in my suburb? paying for 250 and getting 290 works for me, no drop outs.

          but yeah, customer service was not that great.

    • Yeah launtel staff actually know their shit

  • -1

    Tangerine still seems like the best deal so far for <100Mbps,

    • +1

      They don't do Opticomm, nbn only.

  • If I already have NBN FTTP, do I need a new Opticomm NTD installed in order to take advantage of this offer or can Opticomm be bolted onto existing NBN NTD?

    • +2

      Opticomm is a completely different network. NBN won't overbuild Opticomm and same the other way.

  • Is there link where i can check if my address can get opticomm?
    Using the above link I can only see NBN FTTC.

    • +2

      You enter your address and by doing that it will show you what is available to you. If its only showing your NBN plans it is safe to say that your home is not serviced by the Opticomm fibre network.

      NBN and Opticomm do not overlap their respective networks

    • +1


      If you get NBN FTTC then you won't get Opticomm. Often you have one or the other.

      • Ok thanks :(

  • +1

    I'd switch instantly if that was the NBN FTTP price, that's cheaper than ABB for 1000/40.

  • +4

    Switched from Telstra to Launtel a month ago and haven't looked back. Honestly amazing and the ability to reduce your daily price/speed if you go on holidays (lol but hopefully soon) is super handy! Why pay for a super big internet connection when you don't use it!

    • You're going to need a lot of leave to pause the internet and save money compared to others.

      • Which other Opticomm ISP's are offering 1000/50 for less then this Launtel offer?
        It would be good to compare

        • I'm not talking about Opticomm.

    • One can also change connection speed (higher/lower) on the fly e.g., let's assume one only needs 25/5 connection day to day but on occasion need to speed up to 100/50. It's simply a matter of adjusting in one’s account and it will update within a few minutes. You then get charged at that tier per day.
      Once done, can reduce speed back down. A handy feature indeed (for some).

  • +1

    One of the best ISP I've been with. Sadly there quite more expensive than the competition in the opticomm space. I'm back with Leaptel who are probably just as good tbh

    • +1

      Leaptel is asking $149 for 1000/50.
      They are offering a $20 credit for 6 months.

      So with/without the credit they are more expensive then Launtel.
      Launtel has the added advantage of reducing your internet down to $1.20 a day when you go on holidays too. So even further ahead.

    • I've just switched from Leaptel to this. No brainer IMO as E5TOQUE just mentioned. Fast, reliable, local & flexible.
      Took me all of 5 mins to switch over. BOOM! Cheers OP!

    • Launtel over provision their plans (except the 1000/50) by around 15% which Leaptel only does by about 5-10% and also their peak speeds and international speeds are not as good.
      Now they are even more expensive than Launtel when you consider Launtel has 7 day free trial + $50 referral credit

    • For more context - I'm on the 50/20 plan as that's all I need. I was with launtel and their early adopter period made them very competitive but once that ended it was cheaper, for me, to go to leaptel.

      $3.50 X 365 = $1,277.50 ÷ 12 is $106.45 a month
      Leaptel $79

      And launtel charge $100 to reconnect with them. Leaptel do not charge this.

  • I'm with launtel for HFC NBN. Great provider. I was with Aussie prior.

  • Great deal! I was on 400/50 plan paying the same price so this is just awesome. Don't have to pay any extra and 600mbps more :O
    Thanks OP

  • Can vouch for Launtel Opticomm, actually much better than ABB in terms of peak time speeds as ABB had lot of peak period surges and the ability to not be able to add dynamic CVC does not help with that at all. Also can confirm the following offer with Launtel

    • No connection fees charged now on Opticomm (as long as you signup as a new Launtel customer, use different name, email, mob if possible). $100 is only charged to returning customers who have churned away from launtel in last 6 months and wants to join back, this is something Opticomm charges to ISPs, leave bad reviews on Opticomm on Product review to get it sorted
    • They dont do credit checks or ID verification, so you can sign-up as a total stranger :D
    • For new customers there is a 7 day trial + $50 referral credit (which can last 12 days on the fastest 1000/50 plan). So you have almost a 3 weeks or longer trial based on which plan you choose.

    There is some additional incentives, but can't post that in the wild, DM me if anyone is looking to sign up to Launtel only on Opticomm network

  • +1

    Great prices for high speed. Shame about 50/20 being $105/month

    • It is very expensive compared to other providers

      • Are there any cheap opticomm anymore? We are only legacy myowntel, its now $10 more expensive for new users.
        Feel like death of ADSL2 has killed ISP trying to undercut each other.

  • Those who are on this plan, what’s the speed do you get usually?

  • what do they mean by Standby and what speed is it?

    • +1

      Off. 0mbps.

    • +1

      It's used for when you go on holidays,etc.

  • Am with Launtel for 100/40 NBN. Not the cheapest ISP sure but I pay that premium for the best customer experience I've ever had with a telco. Very happy with them

  • Just moved to Launtel from telstra for nbn(100/20), service and speed, both are good so far, happy.

  • Is the price different based on certain factors? Cause I see its 3.80/day

  • I'm on HFC NBN and have heard in the news NBN is soon upgrading those connections. Should I stay and wait or move to Opticomm (its available at my address).

    • nbn is only upgrading FTTN to FTTP and FTTC to FTTP when you ask for it.

      nbn HFC can do a max of 1000/50.

      • Opticomm shows my hfc can do max 400mbps

  • This RSP has sparked my interest however, can I justify saving $109 over the course of a year and leave the tried and true ABB? Unfortunately not.

    • ABB is a big hyped up machine , if you are on Opticomm and on 1000/50 make the change I would say. ABB is still a very traditional Aussie P/L busines and having one single Big Boss who controls most of his crew and who is a spendthrift/miser and how he tries to squeeze every single cent to last the last meter of the km and complaining to even get that last cent from nbn. A very good businessman, yes , not so great on throwing free $$$ at customers. Ozbargain is all about the free investor $$$, not those spendthrift aussie traditional model businesses running age old ledger P/L statement. Cmon its 2021 not the 1980s

      • You haven't met Launtel then.

  • -1

    I'm a current existing Leaptel customer and also signed up with Launtel to compare their speeds (using lan 1 and lan 2) from the Opticomm box. Leaptel was faster on all different server location tests. I'll stick with Leaptel.

  • Anyone know if they use cgnat and if they use vlan tagging ? CGnat messes with my servers and my modem doesn't support vlan tagging.

    • Launtel use cgnat. Getting blocks of static IP addresses right now are expensive. Like tens of thousands of dollars for a thousand or so.

      • You can get a static IP address from Launtel for no additional cost (ABB charges $5 per month, most other ISPs $10) when you put a deposit of $100 (full refundable when you dont want a static IP anymore or churn away from Launtel)

        • Yes it hasn't changed from when I was there. Cgnat is still used by default regardless.

  • So you can change the speed daily to suit your need??

    • Yep you can, but you wount be able to pause it like Opticomm

  • Thanks OP, signing up. How do I use the referral code?

  • Does anyone have anything to pop into the "Discount Code" box?

  • 1000/50 price is up to $4.6 now

    • Checked mine and its still $4.10 a day.
      There is no button to change to new prices either.

      Are you sure you are looking at an Opticomm enabled address? If its NBN it will be different pricing

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