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Lenovo Legion Gaming XL Cloth Mouse Pad $21.49 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


45% off popular gaming mat.

Dimensions: Height 3 mm (0.12 inches) x Length 900mm (35.4 inches) x Depth 300mm (11.8 inches)

For gamers who demand unlimited control, the full-sized Legion Gaming XL Cloth Mouse and Keyboard Mat provide ample room to hack, slash and shoot your way to victory. Gaming-grade, it features a microfibre top surface for speed and accuracy, non-slip rubberised base for control, and anti-fray, waterproof construction for unwavering durability.

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    Good price, but I wish it can go down to $14.98 again.

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      Yes, I bought one at that price and really enjoy it. That was a cracker of a deal.

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      kicking myself that i didn't buy two of them.

  • Got this mat. It's good. But I'll be upgrading to a LTT one eventually

    I think there was a deal for like $13 a while back?

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    Not sure what makes the Lenovo special, but heaps of large no name mats for cheaper, like this:


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      It's the texture/surface.

      I have two of these Lenovo mats.

      I've purchased other brands in the past (Razer and Amazon generic brands), the Lenovo mats were the best for me.

      Some people prefer smooth for quick motion FPS games, others prefer rough for control for 3D design work.

      The Lenovo mats are verrrrry smooth.

      EDIT: the Lenovo mats are very high quality also, the Amazon generic mats were lower quality and the rubber smelt very bad.

    • +1

      Agreed. If you search eBay for 'XXL Mouse Mat' you'll get a lot of hits, like this one for $12.39 posted where the seller even claims to be in Oz. Something that seems to be a common feature on the cheaper mats is the stitched edges, which I personally don't like. I'd prefer something that isn't; for example, this Roccat Kanga which can be had for $29.95 shipped using the Afterpay code on eBay.

    • i agree with Ausdave re: the texture. i mean, i'm a noob when it comes to mouse mats but i knew it was a great mat the moment i felt it. was impressed by the stitching around it as well. my initial plan was to cut them up…couldn't bring myself to do that and ruin the stitching lol

  • Still using mine from the back to school deal. It worth it. I might go to HK and grab another one because some found it is normally $15AUD with forex in HK.

  • Any suggestions for a good mat with RGB gang :)

  • Not getting free shipping unless over $49. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Showing $27.61 for me, anyone else?

    • Yeah they're out.

  • +2

    There's also the Playmax Surface X2 for $19 + Delivery at JB Hi-Fi which going by the reviews is pretty good.

    • i own this and i say it's pretty decent for the price

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