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Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra - 12GB/256GB $1274.11 + Delivery (Grey Import) @ Trading Shenzen


This gets the top rating from Dxomark for an Android phone.
Looks like it is well reviewed, has 4g bands including B5 / B7 / B8 / B28A
And 5g bands
NR: N1 / N3 / N28a / N41 / N78 / N79
Plus snapdragon 888, 12gb ram, 256GB memory.

Android 11.0 (Miui 12.X)

Mod Note: Additional fee may be charged at customs.

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    That price doesn't include GST, so there's a good chance it will be held back at customs until you pay them off

  • Really?

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    Wow, why buy xiaomi at this price

    • -6

      Why not?

      • +24

        No local warranty support and might have to pay GST since its valued more than $1000?

        • Fair enough

      • +9

        More importantly, you may not even receive the item from unknown company! has anyone deal with tradingshenzhen? Are they reliable?

        • Yes they are reliable, actually they are one of the most reliable resellers out there.

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            @talesheva: Source?

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              @mrvaluepack: They are bringing most of the Chinese phones in Europe. There are a lot of reddit threads where you can find out more.
              A lot of people bought from them and are very satisfied.
              Just Google the name and go on the reddit links and start reading.
              Again, I can only tell you things I've read but I haven't purchased anything through them even tho I'm waiting for the pixel 6 to drop and if I don't get that phone, I'll most definitely go with either the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra or the Vivo X70 pro+

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        Because it costs as much as top tier phones you can buy locally

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      Have to agree, with Samsung basically discounting the s21U, this is a tough buy.

      • Discounting it where? I can't currently find a (new) 256gb s21u for less than $1600.

  • Specs are here in case anyone was interested

    Seems like a pretty decent phone on paper at least.

    • It is a good phone but it is good to do compare exercises of other phones in this area as there are small differences that might sway you to one over the other such as compact size (Asus Zenfone 8) and antutu performance which is overall performance which can greatly differ within the same chipset (red magic 6 pro) and other features such as battery size, camera and screen refresh rate.

      As an example for same price the rog 5 is a beast phone albeit more heavier but it has a fatal flaw in its structure so not good if you plan to rough it up a bit.

      Yeah the SD888 and SD888+ chipsets are great but compare before you buy.

  • I would love one of these if it had an alternative rom to miui but no sign of one yet.

    • why would a manufacturer choose Miui over Android stock?

  • Doesn't the SD888 overheat the phone?

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      congratulations, that is the most relevant comment.

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    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a better all round phone for $1201.
    Better camera, better battery life and more cheapo cases and screen protectors that are usually on sale here

    • -1

      the camera isnt better on s21 ultra…..

      • +4

        They actually stand on quite equal ground and trade blows fairly consistently. Depends on which source you look at. Go watch some tech reviewers do some real unbiased comparisons of S21U vs Mi11U in a variety of conditions. There's a reason why tech reviewers are still praising the S21U camera array now, 9 months after it's release.

      • +2

        On paper it isn't, but in real world tests tuning and software makes a big difference. Mi11 is just I consistent with its photos

      • If DXO is correct then this is correct. The non-Snapdragon version is Aus is a little average compared to the OS version. If my memory is correct.
        If local and around the same price, it is a nice option.

        On another note, how reliable has DXO been in recent reviews? Some camera people were questioning some of their reviews when I was DLSR hunting. Though I haven't seen any of that but I am not an expert and everyone has their own opinion. Tell you the truth, it is all a bit wishy washy out there in the review world.

    • +1

      Plus 2 years local warranty.

  • +1

    For this kind of money I'd have to buy from an actual local store

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    Mi 11 Ultra is a good phone, but DXOMark scores are pretty questionable these days and a lot of people are convinced they are being paid off by Chinese manufacturers.

    • -1

      "Paid off" is a weird way to put it. That is literally DxO's business model. You pay them "consultancy" fees, and they teach you how to customise your camera to their metrics.

    • -1

      Sure thing. Those Chinese can't outperform the USofA, no way. All those top range Sony sensors and Leica optics in Xiaomi and Huawei phones are fake, and DXOMark is just a CCP stooge.

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    This is soon to be replaced model and it doesn't outshine S21 ultra which can be bought locally.

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    With this money buy samsung s21 ultra, im using redmi note 10 pro from a deal on here, miui is bugging, samsung one ui is better, samsung browser can install ads block extension

    • +1

      To add more, my redmi note 10 pro has ads everywhere, like the built in file manager

      • Just disable it.

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    Yeah tough sell considering the deals on local stock of the competition.

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    i brought this phone from China directly - battery and overall performance is so much better than note 20 ultra (which i guess it's not a fair comparison) and no issues with 5G or google store etc. at all - only thing is it's missing local warranty and support

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    17 upvotes…and possibly more…at this kind of price point, this is serious money with no ACCC protection.

    • +3

      ACCC protection for what? ACCC is fairly useless unless faced by huge media scrutiny.

  • Seems like not official global rom

  • -1

    Would be fun to carry that massive thing in the pocket

  • -3

    Just trying to share some information if anyone consider buying the phone.


    Haven't got the final conclusion regarding the censorship issue but I wouldn't consider it plus I hate system ads (even they can be turned off).

    • That was vapourware, over at xda they found the same file also includes many other words including xiaomi, Indian music videos and many more.

  • +1

    This is a good phone. Flossy said so.

  • How to get s21u for $1200?

    I have a oneplus so not eligible for samsung trade in. Anything else i can do?
    Thanks lads

  • Seriously crazy spending this much on a phone with no local warranty support. I've done it twice in the past and never again. Both were 6 to 8 week turn around times and even then its not an instant process of getting them to accept a warranty claim with asking you to check 10000 things first before sending.

  • If you plan to be copying large files regularly, be aware it's only USB 2. Insanity but there you go.

  • Seems like a lot to pay….in addition to now providing all your personal information to the CCP? Aren't people a bit more comfortable with their data going to Korea…or the US…even if they are somewhat imperfect democracies.

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