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[eBay Plus] AMD Ryzen 5 5600x $364.56 (OOS), 7 5800x $556.66, 9 5950x $976.56 Delivered @ Harris Tech eBay


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    very nice, I was waiting for a 5600x deal for a while now

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    Best prices I've seen

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    Got a 5600X

    Was thinking about 5800x but then watched this


    My use case is basically gaming only

    • Yeah, it's always about balance. Usually you'll hit your GPU limit before your CPU.

      I keep thinking about switching from a 3700x to a 5600x despite less cores as it would be a somewhat meaningful boost in games (I have an x570 board so straight drop in, wouldn't lose too much selling the 3700x used). Not sure I can be bothered though as I only have a 3060ti, that's what is really holding me back.

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        You're fine for gaming, I'm using an i5 4690 with rx570! DDR3!

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    Nice! Bought the 5600X. Just need a motherboard now! Any recommendations?

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      msi b550 a-pro a solid all round choice provided you are not looking to run your ram at speeds above 3800

      • Hi, I was just looking at the MSI B550 A-Pro + 5600X. I am a very casual gamer and more work/study.

        1) Is this board ok for gaming?

        2) I am still using a very ancient cpu and just needed to upgrade the cpu and board and re-use my old parts
        So can I use my GT730 graphics card?

        3) I also have two DVI monitors, and if I changed to an integrated CPU unlike the 5600X, can I use adapters (DVI to HDMI/DP) an plug to the on-board ports, will the monitors work?

        4) If using onboard graphics, could I even play any kind of games? my GT 730 is barely playing life is strange true colours (lowest setting on all)

        thank you

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          1) yes
          2) yes
          3) no, motherboard display ports will not work with a 5600x as it has no integrated gpu, you will need to plug monitors into your GT 730 unless you get a G series apu from AMD
          4) 5600x has no onboard graphics, GT 730 would struggle with almost all games - it was bad when it was released 7 years ago

        • 3) for using onboard graphics, you need APU 5600G or 5700G.
          5700G's graphic is similar to gt1030.
          I was considering using onboard graphics but need to connect 2 DP and 1 HDMI for 3 4k monitors, so I bought 5600x + 3060.
          You also consider 5600x and gt 1030 for 2 monitors because 5700G is around $550 but has similar or less CPU performance to 5600x.
          Normally gt1030, you can connect 1 HDMI(or DP) and DVI

          • @chickenfac: good idea! i will look into this. thank you

            • @limucat: 5600g or 5700g really isnt worth it considering to get the most performance out of it, you need an expensive board and some b die ram to get the true performance, compared to a 5600x which has 2x the l3 cache, same price, and you can get away with a shit board and ram to spend more on a gpu.

              if you do go for a 56/700g id go for the ballistix deals that have been happening lately, 2x8 or 4x8gb and a good board to go with it to oc.

              • @abjsdhasehasee: Can I ask is 2x8g memory sufficient for even high even gaming. I am leaning towards msi b550 a pro

                What the 2x16gb memory for? Do I need it? (Casual gamer and not high end games)

                I am leaning towards 5600x and a cheap video card based on everyone's advice.


                • @limucat: yes 2x8 is enough, 2x16 DUAL rank, or 4x8 (always dual rank) means there is rank interleaving getting you closer to the max theoretical bandwith of a certain frequency
                  aka dual rank = more performance but not too stressful (like quad rank) so that you can still run high frequencies and tight timings.

                  2x8gb is plenty for gaming even super heavy gaming, dual rank is only really for more performance

      • Outside of daisy chain vs t-topology motherboard has very little bearing on DRAM overclocking. I was able to run RAM at 4000MT/s on a really low end B350 board, and I actually got better timings stable on it than on my B450 Mortar MAX.

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      I would say get a B550 motherboard. You get a nice balance between price and features like PCIe 4.0. A good choice would be the MSI B550 Tomahawk.

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      Under the current sale, this one seems to be a good choice for $157.25.

      Plus, consider the current Auspost delays, buy from ggtech if you are at Sydney, buy from Harries if you are at Melbourne.

      • If you get one, don't forget to redeem your free USD$40 Steam Gift Card from MSI Promotion. Claim under "BUDGET PC" which is BPC Technology

  • Great thanks op!!
    I got 5600x and asus x570i($373.06)

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    If I have a 2700x can I use the standard cooler that came with it on a 5600/5800/5900x?

    • Pretty sure that would be okay, from memory the coolers that came with the 2700s were pretty beefy

    • I also have a 2700x, just curious what would you do with the 2700x CPU itself, just sell?

    • Yes. I have purchased several 2600x and have used the Wraith coolers and they work fine! You have to check your motherboard clearance as the "AMD" top part can encroach the DIMM-0 RAM socket.

      • "AMD" top part can encroach the DIMM-0 RAM socket.

        just install the cooler in the other way (rotate 180 deg)

        • In my case (MSI B450 Tomahawk Max), the cooler was touching the VRM Heat sink due to its height and encroachment, so no it wouldn't fit correctly. The Zen 3 standard wraith cooler heat sink is of a lower profile.

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            @vinni9284: ah, I was able to install it that way and it was right around the capacitors (Gigabyte B550M DS3H), there was a gap between cooler and the heatsink.

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              @bazingaa: Yep. Depending on mobo. Luckily the DIMM-1 socket is of main use if you only want to use 1 or 2 sticks

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                @vinni9284: what I hate most is the placement of PCIe 1x slots in most motherboards, could never use them as GPU takes two slots :/
                btw, I think we can remove that AMD part altogether as per this howto, 1:20 min onwards

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                  @bazingaa: Ah thanks for that! I didn't even know that the shroud can be removed. Wow, that's a tiny itx case btw!

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    That 5950 is mighty tempting

  • Be aware that the current HT is not the same as the Sydney HT or the Sydney "Kmart" HT. This HT bought the Kmart HT remnants and is now based in Melbourne.

  • How does the 5600x compare in peoples experience to a 11600kf for a gaming build?

    Pricing is fairly close to the 5600x for a 11600kf and cheap cooler, but i've read the memory on intel runs at 2933 by default and there are some tradeoffs for running at 3200mhz.

    Also the 125w TDP on the intel vs 65w… decisions decisions…

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      The 11600kf is marginal faster ~6%. IMO the boards are cheaper for the intel as there are are a few specials out there for the Z590's

    • worse at sc and mc, much MUCH hotter meaning you need a more expensive cooler.

  • Thanks OP! I thought I've scored a good deal the other week by paying $699 for the 5900x! Until this! Cheers.

  • anyone recommend a good air cooler for the 5900x - do not want to do water cooling. Mainly looking for something that I can pick up in Australia, I was considering the Fuma 2 but not sure

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      • This! I've had the Noctua D14 for several years and still going strong

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      Fuma 2 is a really good option, as are the NH-D15 and Dark Rock Pro 4. All represent the best those companies manufacture in the air-cooler category.

    • U12a if you want a fuma sized cooler with D15 perf. A12x25 go brr

  • Great price. Sadly the 5600x went OOS in the middle of my purchase.

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  • Anyone else having the issue of the purchase coming through with bank but not on eBay itself?

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    I still don't get 5800x pricing. Others work out to be roughly $61 per core, yet 5800X is $70.

  • any motherboard recommendations for the 5900x?

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      I will use the Asus Crosshair VIII Hero X570 board. IMO I would get something like this or at least a minimum, decent B550 or X570 mobo with decent VRM's

      • was looking at this as well, might wait till goes on special or maybe ill just get the x570 ultra not sure but thank you

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      I'd get this but mainly because it has nice OC features and overkill VRM


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        i dont like MSI's honestly had lots of defected ones with them :(

  • hello everybody,
    can I ask some questions ~

    black friday got good deal CPU price ?
    5950x this is good price ?
    waiting black friday sales ?

    thanks you everyone.

    • When I purchased my 5900x for $699 2 weeks ago; and I thought that was a good price, the 5950x was around $1100. So the answer is yes, but I hear that the AM5/intel 12th gen will be out soon alongside DDR5 ram so if you're not in a hurry, wait until they are released. $1K on a CPU next gen will be a step up for the current

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        thanks you for your comments !

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      I doubt anyone can say for sure. It's a risk you need to take.

  • Getting the 5800X for streaming and gaming

    Which itx motherboard is best?

    Wil get an itx case with front USB C

    • You should be doing GPU encoding these days, specifically NVIDIA's NVENC.

      • I prefer Radeon GPU's

        I'd assume they have something similar?

        • Intel got QSV, Nvidia got NVENC (It is a seperate chip on the card, I have used this with Handbreak and OBS), not sure about AMD GPU

  • If you're building a new PC and you haven't started your parts purchasing, 12th gen Intel is out in one month and it will be a superior buy, at least from direct comparison of the CPU cost. DDR5 and a DDR5 compatible motherboard may be a bigger issue, but between that and PCIE 5.0 NVMe, you're looking at a lot more scope for upgrades going forward.

    Modern standby, power efficient cores for regular desktop usage, and W11 making full use of that hybrid architecture are big ticks for this being the leading architecture until Zen 4 (Zen 3 with 3D-cache will only catch up).

    Even if you're dead set on AMD, Intel's pricing is going to be very similar to this, which means it will spark a further price drop.

    • -1

      Do we still care about manufacturer pricing? I only care out retailer pricing. Will this be the same? :)

      • +1

        If you'd paid attention in the last 6 months, you'd know that they've been one in the same for every PC part bar GPUs, aside from maybe the odd FotM cooler. Availability hasn't been perfect, but far from the point of distorting prices.

        AMD have prioritised CPUs and console chips, while NVIDIA have just been selling everything Samsung can make. Production capacity is going up for newer processes, which relieves pressure on Samsung 8nm/10nm, as well as TSMC 7nm. During Q3 2022, global supply will stop being an issue entirely.

        Glad you've done your research though, instead of just thinking incredible, once-a-century demand for a specialised series of items will continue unabated after having declined as a market segment for over 10 years. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for this info, I’ve written recently in a previous AMD deal. I’m looking at building my first ever PC, and was sad to have seen the 5600x OOS, however after reading your comment and doing some further light reading, I’ve decided I’ll wait. At least in a months time, I’ll be able to have the choice of intel or a (cheaper) AMD. I do have to do some research though, as there’s still some things I don’t understand (ie. the DDR5 and DDR5 compatible motherboard)

  • should be able to get another $30 discount using Afterpay referral

  • 5800x is totally worth it at this price. I got mine a few months ago for this price and absolutely love it. Upgraded from a 2700x and Holy sh*t.

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