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Handee Double Length Ultra Paper Towel 8 Rolls (120 Sheets / Roll) $12 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Last time very popular deal is back again , enjoy

Handee Double Length Ultra Paper Towel 8 Rolls (120 Sheets / Roll) $12+ Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon

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    Will cost you the same $1.50 per roll at Woollies even you buy a pack of 2.

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      Or $2.75 at Coles for a 4-pack (half length, but better value again) - https://bit.ly/3ld9BEm

    • yup and with much less packaging too

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        I would argue the 8 pack has less packaging

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          Knowing amazon they will ship it in a massive box with 4 × 2 packs inside.

        • +1

          Sorry I meant in terms of shipping materials

          • @mouseman99: You have a valid point then!

          • @mouseman99: yes literally won't be ordering this as last time i ordered the toilet paper it literally came in more cardboard than there was paper.

            hopefully they are making good with recycling the cardboard….

    • Cole and worths are much cheaper

      • Especially if you have a voucher for either like that woolworths deal right now.

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    How do these stack up to Aldi's brand?

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    Not sure how it compares in terms of price per sheet but our household goes through paper towels so quick and I'm such a lazyass so we only ever use Aldi's Mighty Roll. Saves me having to replace it so often.

    • Is this regular or a special? Asking coz I don’t remember seeing it recently.

      • Last few times I picked it up from a display area near the cashiers. They would have been a few months apart.

    • But the sheets are so thin, I usually use two sheets of the Aldi ones compared to using one with Handee for the same job.

  • Make sure you have a big recycling bin for the massive box this ships in!

    • +3

      I have a box cutter and cut the boxes from Amazon. Get so much in there like that

      • definitely cutting it down.. boxes get turned into random activities for the kids then a few days later they get cut up into little pieces. It's actually quite fun and relaxing sometimes lol

    • +1

      I dedicate a non-insignficant amount of time on the day after bins get collected to cut up all the Amazon boxes recieved during the week. And even then it's pretty hard going to fit them all into the recycling bin along with the usual recyclables.

  • -3

    Not really apple and apples, but we use a fair bit at home and i found the commercial paper towels alot more economical, especially once you start working out the per meter cost.


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    Could do with a handee

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    This deal 8 rolls x 120 sheets per roll = 960 sheets
    1200 cents divided by 960 sheets = 1.25 cents per sheet

    Coles Handee Ultra White Paper Towels $2.75 4 Pack
    4 rolls x 60 sheets per roll - 240 sheets
    275 cents divided by 240 sheets = 1.15 cents per sheet

    TL;DR Good price but I think Coles is better unless you have vouchers for either then vouchers win

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