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Brother HL-L2305W Wireless Laser Printer $118 + Shipping / Pickup @ Officeworks


Like the other printer posted(HL-1210W). This one is also available at Officeworks. Get on it.

The Brother HL-L2305W Printer features wireless functionality so you can print from your mobile or computing device without the need for routers and cables. It has an adjustable paper tray that can hold up to 250 sheets of paper, including letter and legal sizes. It has a small and compact size which makes it ideal for desks and a monthly duty cycle of 15,000 pages.

Difference from the (HL-1210W) is this takes higher yield toner. And also compatible with AirPrint.

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  • +7

    These printers from Brother are awesome. I have three of them of varying spec levels (one standard, one wireless, one wireless+duplexing) and they are all cheap, trouble free, plug and play, never a problem with any of them.

    • Thx for feedback… Waiting for collecting mine.

    • +4

      I have the L2340D and its awesome. Old school reliability and robustness. I buy the toner cartridges off ebay for 14$ and that does ~ 1000 pages.
      Laser B&W
      No other comparable choice out there as far as Im concerned

      • +1

        Exact same, love my Brother printer. Trouble free, cheap and never misses a beat. Best $20 Facebook buy ever!

    • Generally agree - but found the initial wireless setup a PITA. Needed to use Goodle/YouTube-fu to get it sorted. All other connections were easy once one device was connected.

  • +2

    Is toner expensive for this printer?

  • Bought the BROTHER HLL2375 from Officeworks for $179 and connecting the wifi was a pain in my a$$.

    • yeah, i reverted to USB connection, but it works great with the cable (2395dw) pretty quick, duplex printing, lots of pages for cheap!

    • Had a same issue back then. What I did is connecting the printer using LAN port to the router.

      Never skipped a beat since then!

  • +3

    I bought 2305 a few months ago, not really happy with. I was hoping to mainly use the wireless printing option (you have to buy the cable separately), but its always in a sleep mode and unresponsive.
    Ended up buying the cable, works ok with it.

    • Yup, +1 to it being unresponsive while asleep. I have one and it's ok most of the time, but some of the time it'll just not wake up properly.

    • -1

      Hmmmm, wireless cable ….

      • Well, connected to router using cable, connected to all of my other devices wirelessly. So far, works for me :)

  • Not available

    • yep OOS :*(

  • Wireless is underrated. So convenient.

    • is it slow when print via wifi? have a different printer same brand and pretty darn slow when printing via wifi.

      • It’s very fast. I have a brother all in one mono laser. I’ll send the request, 1 second later you can hear the printer firing up and job comes out in another few seconds.

      • I have found my brother to be very slow when printing from (Andriod) phone but fine when using PC/ laptop over WiFi.

      • Had same prob on this printer for anything PDF (not sure if this is your use case?) fixed by merely upgrading the PDF software driver. Hope this fixes it for you..

  • Duplex printing? Also, does it smell? My Samsung color laser smells when it's printing

    • Nope - No duplex.

      Smell? I don't notice any - and our machine is less than 0.5m from where I use a PC - not a colour printer (which may be where your aroma issue comes from).

  • I'm sure toners will last people longer and longer. For me I can't remember the last time I actually needed to print something.

  • +2

    If you have access to the Good Guys Commercial I'd go for this https://www.thegoodguyscommercial.com.au/brother-mono-laser-...

    $108+ delivery

    • +1

      Not available online. This product is available in store only

      • not available anywhere in the stores near me. it has been OOS for quiet some time…

    • I've got one of those connected to my computer and I'm very happy with it. It just works.

    • This product is not available for both pickup and delivery.

  • +4

    I picked up one of these in some hard rubbish on the side of the road. Just needed to reset the print count and the toner hasn’t even stopped! E-waste is ridiculous for printers, but at least this is economical to run with generic toner. No need to buy a new printer each time here.

    • +1

      What's this about resetting print count and stop toner? Please explain

      • +1

        Just like a printer cheat code.

        Open the front cover, and leave it open while completing the following steps.
        Turn the printer OFF.
        Hold the ‘GO’ button down while turning the printer on.
        After 3 seconds release the ‘GO’ button.
        "USER MODE" will appear.
        Press the "GO" button NINE times.
        The Wi-Fi LED will flash once.
        Press the "GO" button 5 times.
        Close the cover. The toner is now reset

        It reset from ~550 to zero. I’m not able to check what the count is up to now, but over a year ago and it’s still going!

      • These printers are very wasteful in that when the print count gets to a set 'empty' amount, it refuses to print, wants you to buy new toner. The actual amount of the toner remaining is not even taken into account.

  • +2

    I got the 2395DW a few months ago and definitely recommend brother printer. Works very well, airprint is easy and quick. Should have done this years ago instead of going for a cheap ink jet where I have bought over $200 worth of ink in a little over a year's time….

    • I've got the same, but I'm thinking of swapping to an ink-well printer when this dies (just for the cheapness and the colour)

      • +1

        I rarely need to color print and therefore when I do need to print a few pages color, I'll probably just go to Harvey Norman or Officeworks to do those occasionally one time color printing.

        As I mainly print documents, to me laser B&W is the most economical and fastest way to print.

  • This a single function printer. Pay a little more to add scan & copy function like the L2710d. I got it for $189 at a discount price.

    • Is this what you're referring to? https://www.brother.com.au/en/products/all-printers/printers... If so, where can you get it for anywhere near that price you paid?

      • You have wait for the right time, usually during financial year or Christmas time. For other time, occasionally a good deal pops up but it depends on your luck to notice it.

  • +2

    I'd personally go with the version ending in DW. Both duplex and wireless printing are very useful for home learning / home office. People complaining about wifi printing probably have an issue with their own wireless network setup rather that it being an issue with the printer. I initially had this issue when connecting via my second router which was in router mode. When I changed the second router to AP mode, printing has been perfect on all devices (windows, iOS & Android), from all corners of the house.

  • No stock in any Sydney store.

    They are good printers though.

  • +1

    Hey folks , Any low running cost colour printers that can be recommend ?

    • I wouldn't mind some recommendations on this too.

  • +1

    back in stock

  • My old ladies printer is running out of ink, I've been telling her to get rid of the inkjet machine for ages but she needs more of an all rounder, is some thing like this a good machine? https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/brother-wi...

  • I have this - it's so reliable. Wireless printing from a phone or any computer is so easy, it just works very quickly.

    For black and white, no better option as far as I'm concerned, especially for this price.

  • Any cheapish laser colour multifunction printer, recommendations?

    • Yeah I'd be keen to hear of any options too

  • +1

    No duplex no buy from me

    • I believe it can be done manually.. yeah if you are printing multiple pages frequently then will be a hassle

  • This is a higher yield printer.

  • So I managed to find a store with stock and finally installed it but am having trouble using the wireless function. The printer says it's connected to the network after entering the network password yet for some reason, my computer cannot printer wirelessly.

    Are there additional steps I'm missing out on here? Was it a simple setup for anyone?

    • I have not picked up mine yet.. so not sure. Is there alternate way that it works.. like printer puts out ssid and mobile recognises it? Tried that?

      • I'll give it a go. I just used a "default setup"

        • where/how can you guys get stock?

  • Which brother colour laser model has cheap $20 toner too?

  • Does it scan as well ?

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