Phone Scammers - Getting Several Calls a Day Now

Hi everyone, how are you going with all the phone scammers calling all the time these days?

This week it's been:

  • Australian Border Force (parcel waiting for me with illicit contents inside and a warrant issued for my arrest).
  • Victorian Govt solar hot water rebate x 3
  • Telstra technical support.x 2
  • Amazon unauthorised charge x 2

I believe the solar hot water one is a scam because the call is clearly being routed from a dodgy call centre due to the response delay and fake local number. Surely the Victorian Government would not be using them. They are usually female and as soon as you say a few words that isn't music to their ears they just hang up.

The last one a few minutes ago just said to me, "You are a m*****f***** and a f****** f***er," and hung up because I simply asked, "Did you say Australian Border Force?" after his short initial intro.

I'm sure there's been others I've missed in the last few days because I've ignored a few calls with similar number prefixes.

Edit: My phone often also puts a small note to say "suspected spam caller" as they call.


  • Not that many each day but NOW daily - used to be maybe 2-3 a week - one way is I signed up on a suspected dodgy website so switched letters in first & last names - so every time "Hi, am I speaking to ***" - hang up.

    So now their latest thing is silence on the other end even though usually hear the accented call centre around them - waiting for me to say my name I s'pose.

    That fricking energy company kept ringing up and instantly hanging up - rang back & actually got thru their robot to the Do Not Call This Number Again option. Think it worked but probs onsold my number.

    Newest is get a silent SMS one kept saying "Australian Post we have your package" - come on guys learn the word Australia.

    Then a web link to "Voicemail received" so I open with Opera 'cause it has the least permissions active & security Maxed - it's a "High Quality audio download this app & make sure to click allow unknown app to install" yeah right guys (know I should NEVER ring back OR click any links but was sick of it).

    Next option is presumably illegal And possible hearing damaging Only Did This Once - had a metal umpire whistle ready waited for the 7 seconds of silence & blew hard - operator's possibly deaf in one ear now.

    EDIT - ^ did above after 2 weeks of the daily calls so it's not the injured A-hole ringing each day.

    • not a scam I hope, but I got an Aus Post SMS yesterday telling me my delivery was arriving. From a business I've never dealt with. It was delivered to an address in QLD. I live in Vic. I quickly checked to make sure there was no unexplained credit card charges. My guess is the QLD guy accidentally put his mobile number incorrectly. Hope it doesn't come back to bite me somehow.

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    When covid sign in became a thing in Melbourne there wasn't one App, and there were only sign in sheets at some places.
    I got a new number for this and never used this number for anything else.

    The amount of spam calls i got to that number was insane.

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    I always answer, and always just have fun with them, I had one guy in hold an hour while I did food shopping, and he would respond everytime I asked a stupid question, it's the little things in life that keep us going!

    • +1

      which brand of laundry powder did he recommend?

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    I've been getting them more over the last week or so. I also don't answer numbers I don't know. I know it's not legit when they leave no voicemail…..

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    Been getting heaps in the last two weeks.

    I usually after pressing 1 to speak with an operator (if I could be bothered), and if required;

    Put them on speaker and play a scene of something that's NSFW
    or put the phone down and contine with my work while giving them the silent treatment.

  • +5

    I love how scammers get angry when they're not able to scam you 😂

    • +2

      i love it how they tell you , that you live in a raging shit hole, i just ask, why are you scamming me then and not the other way around.

  • Actually there seems to be a sort of number that gets used by different businesses - blocked one due to selling, then same number next time was a legitimate Home Care call then later on same number was a different company - 2 were legimate - 1st was spoofing probably.

    Was an (03) number NOT a mobile.

  • Andriod phone (Pixel) have spam detection and block. Is not perfect but if it reduce one or two spam then better than nothing.

    I once upset a fraud caller resulted in him swearing at me. Oh so satisfying. I usually just hang up but that day I was not in a good mood so let it rip.

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    This is great community sharing. After hearing what others are experiencing I'd say it's better to not block these numbers as it's ineffective anyway and you might be blocking a legitimate business or person. I have actually been called by someone who said they got a missed call from my mobile number. We had a quick chat about the insane amount of spam calls these days. I will now unblock that large number of blocked callers on my list.

    It seems best practice has been mentioned above… create appropriate explanation on message bank and let unknown calls go through without answering.

    I'm not sure why it's legal and so easy to spoof a number. Something has to be done about this at the gov and telco level. It's become untenable.

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    Hi, I receive spam calls daily between 11.30 to 2 pm at least 2 calls, and best is that spammer don't know what they have called for, in voice message they tell me that they are calling from Amazon and when you speak with them they start telling me that they are from NBN.

    It depends how busy I am and i stretch the string to extend that I can stretch, I always intro myself in Hindi and ask him Kya Hua , means what happened and they many time start responding in Hindi,

    They are so desperate to catch you and pass on to their next level that they want to get you engaged and then if I have time and kids are not around then I start swearing them in Hindi and Punjabi and they get so much irritated that they put the phone down.

    The best way I have learned is not to speak in fluent English and they are more interested to catch an innocent aussi who they feel are idiots and believe and get sucked.

    They spoof innocent people mobile and landline number, this is because sometimes when you call back for miss call you to hear an innocent person saying darling you are today 40 person call me and I have not given you a call.

    Also, I feel the government and authorities are helpless that they cannot nab this guy and they scam people so royally. Govt should contact their foreign office of the country where they are initiating calls and make a strong protest to stop this scammer and disable them.

    I am told that this scammer runs a functional call centre of more than 100 people 24 hours a day and many local politicians and law enforcers are partners of this crime and that is why they run scot-free and we innocent people are victims.

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    If it is a survey, I ask them how much they pay me for the information - end of call.
    Most of the time I just don't pick up and let it go to Voicemail. If they leave a Voicemail I check it and decide to call back or not, otherwise it was not important.
    Once on the landline they told me that there is a police warrant for me, so I asked when the police will come and pick me up - why? - so that I can serve them doughnuts and coffee - end of call after some choice words.

  • +1

    I love the B2B cold calling these days; arseholes call your mobile, address you by name and role (Lin details) and go into a quick spiel like you're best buddies… Last f****** thing I need on any day, so that's how the conversation ends.

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    I sometimes notice a spike in these, especially if i recently had to give my details, such as signing up for a service. Coincidence?

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    I had 3-4 voicemail SMS alerts yesterday, it's ridiculous.

    I never answer, so I'm not sure why they keep calling.

  • This wont solve your problem unfortunately - but may provide some entertainment re revenge on scammers

  • They for some reason have identified OP as a Sucker and networked the easy target .

  • I just trying to be naive and stupid and most important - not having what they asked for.
    Got a call for NBN modem broadcasting information over Internet :)

    Just asked - what is this NBN? What is this modem? What is broadcasted? Can I have a logs with information.

    Told them that my internet is not from their company (NBN) but from mobile. And immediately lady asked: is this Vodafone?

    My answer: no, not Vodafone, my brother gave me this mobile.

    And no more NBN calls after that.

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    The Google phone app filters a lot of spam calls and messages which is great but it's becoming a joke. Something needs to be done to ban this type of harrassment and scamming that everyone has to suffer through.

    I've resigned to not answering my phone unless I have the number saved. And have changed my voicemail to say that they have to leave a message if they want me to call back because I don't answer calls from unknown numbers.

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    I get the spam SMS. I've so far had about 10 missed deliveries from DHL, 20 missed calls and 3 Ebay rejected payments of $99. I'm pretty popular with all these missed calls and packages!

  • I just get calls where I answer and and say it's so and so speaking and they instantly hang up, kinda like they're just trying to confirm its a real number.

    Sometimes I pause to wait for them to say something first and after a while they just hangup. But the other day got caught out because they also waited.

    Best strat is to just if ignore it and if they're legit they'll leave a voicemail or send a text.

  • Ive been getting scam sms recently, not as bad at least but still annoying

    • +1

      Yeah I get like 2-3 a day! Its hell annoying

  • any chance of learning their language? I guarantee you that as soon as you use some of their words not only, they'll hung up, but they’ll remove you from their database, ha ha ha

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    1. Install a spam/scam call blocker, or activate the function in your phone settings if it already has it
    2. Add / update you details on the DoNotCall Register
    3. Start a petition on and/or
    4. Email your your local MP to throw their weight behind the issue in parliament
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      Can you also tell that Mug that works for Palmer to stop all his political spamming crap.
      I know you can't block the Prick .

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    The last time I had a spam call was for solar installations. I am on the no call list, but was getting them at least 3 times a day.

    The way I finally resolved this was not by asking them for the millionth time to take me off their list (because they do not…), but to play along, give them a bunch of fake details, including the address of a random McDonalds for a "free" consult.

    I just wish I knew if someone was ever sent out to McDonalds to install solar panels.

    Never heard from them again.

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    The last few times I've had them calling about my NBN or something similar. As soon as I ask "who do you think you're talking to?" without identifying myself prior. They hang up very quickly.

  • My favourite was "Hi this is X from Australia - you have a warrant for your arrest"
    I told him to wait a sec then I ate my chips really loudly in the mic & he hung up

  • Friend used to keep a loud whistle next to the phone (in the days before mobiles were common). Giving the scammers a blast of that in their ear usually stopped the calls.

  • +2

    When they ask, you should say my name is Ben Chod.
    They'll hang up quickly.

    • Only Indians will …

  • Samsung phones block 95% of the scam calls, doesn't even ring.

  • If it relates to any account that you have, then go to your account yourself and independently to see if there is a problem.
    If ATO etc rings, I never would give any confidential information etc.
    I have had, what I think were, legit. calls from banks etc. and they asked for my D.O.B. How stupid are they?
    If it is a number that I don't recognize, then I now let it go through to message bank. Sure I miss important calls.
    Sadly trust no-one!

  • +1

    We have an answering machine. The old ones, nothing fancy.

    Ring sound is permanently off, only a voice message, whilst being recorded, will be heard.

    From our experience real callers leave a message, spammers just hang up and quit.

    Perhaps you can record a SHORT AND CLEAR greeting message asking for callers/customers to leave details.

  • It feels like after the ShopBack security breach I’m getting a lot more scam calls. So I no longer answer unknown numbers, iPhone sends them straight to voicemail.

  • +5

    I used to pass the phone to my then 3 year old and say it's Santa and he wants to know what you want for Christmas.

  • When Microsoft calls I often play along and sometimes after a couple minutes say I have a Mac. They don't seem to have a script for Macs and put me on hold for someone else who struggles through.
    It's interesting to see what "issues" they show people to "prove" the computer is "hacked".

  • I used to get a suspected spam caller written on my android. Just moved to an iphone. Is there something similar for an iphone?

    • The Suspected Spam Caller is the Hiya app integrated. Here is the IOS version.

      • I don't remember installing a separate app on my note 9.

        But thanks for the link. Will get it.

        • +1

          Yeh, Samsung integrated Hiya into the phone at the factory.

  • last week had a guy saying from Afterpay —-Aussie voice ,new my first name , saying someone is trying to buy goods from Kogan for $700 , [a normal 04 number] , but 1st they need some security details , I told him to Foff —checked with Afterpay, they will not call ,their numbers are 1300 100 729 & 0800 461 268 as a reference


  • Youtube is full of phone scam busters

  • -1

    Just buy a telstra call gaurdian phone it stops scammer and nuisance calls one of the best things we bought we no longer get those calls

    • +3

      Would you like a side of punctuation with that order?

  • The last one a few minutes ago just said to me, "You are a m*****f***** and a f****** f***er," and hung up

    Usually with me, it's the other way round.

  • Am I the only one that never actually gets a person calling?
    About once a day I get a call that is just dead silent for 2 seconds before hanging up. Tbh they annoy me more because I can't even have fun with them. Also can't ignore them due to work.

    I also get endless texts about parcel to be collected for dodgy websites. Not even joking, just received one as i typed this. Apparently I need to go check a voicemail via "" haha

    • I wondered this too, what is it with people who call then hang up after a few seconds of dead silence? Are they just trying to work out which numbers are connected?

      • Yeah pretty much, it's an easy way for them to see if its a live number so they can progress to the next phase of scamming without wasting resources.
        I have a theory that they are doing it on mass to then sell the data on to more targeted groups because it seems strange I get endless dead calls but literally never a live person. So frustrating, I genuinely don't think there's a solution other than getting a new number which I really don't want to do haha

  • Not only I get scammer call but also get text messages. The other day got a text message from Aramax saying a parcel was undeliverables it requires name and address details with the usual call back on this number bullshit.

    This year I'm getting a lot of these nuisance calla and text message, so as my friends and relos which I warn them not to reply.

  • I just stopped picking up call from numbers I dont recognise anymore . If someone needs to talk to me , they can leave me a voicemail for me to call them back.

  • How did they get the phone numbers? Just randomly call??

    • Yes they call randomly

  • I get the scam’s from time to time. It’s hilarious that my Apple account has been compromised so many times, ato are after me, boarder forces are after me, my uncle from Africa wants to pass the crown down to me even though I am Australian and the list goes on.

  • +3

    I know this might not be a popular

    I stopped signing up for 'free competitions' - went though a phase of signing up to every Ozbargin competition even if i didnt need or want the prize, i then found myself with an influx of telemarketers, sales people and scams - i linked it to Ozb becuz one of the competition i entered they mentioned i 'had won a prize of $100 gift card' however they then gave me a 15min talk about loans/finance etc and when i asked for my gift card they told me i only get it if i meet and discuss more about there products in which i hung up and decided not to ever enter again.

    I too have to answer my phone for work but i literally was getting 60-70 calls a day, there was on day from auto-cold call bots esp from O/S so much i had to install a block that blocked numbers starting 'xyz' number.

    Since i stopped entering competitions i have found i rarely (3-4 a week) get calls i block the ones i do get

    i also dont have facebook anymore which has had loads of issues with privacy.

    Note: It isnt Ozb fault but it is something to beware of when giving away your information online nothing is actually 'free'.

  • +1

    i get a lot of 03 numbers which hangs up automatically after 3 seconds. any idea what that's about? can't block just a slightly different number each time

  • +1

    They have been doing a good job at spoofing numbers, i had a call last week and another one this week which was someone returning a missed call from my mobile number. I would say getting the return call is more annoying than dealing with the scammers.

    The last 2 scam calls i answered i got them rage at me and start calling me a mother f***er. If i can waste there time while im working i definitely will.

  • +1

    I get so many.

    I installed Truecaller the other week and it actually told me it blocked a call yesterday because a lot of people had reported it as spam.

    Would definitely recommend :)

  • Yeah, so, I have taken great efforts to keep both my personal mobile number and business mobile number off any sort of call lists etc and I have been successful with it for a long time but I find that the issue has been since the implementation of mandatory QR scanning/check-ins (makes me think that databases containing data from that has been compromised). Prior to this, I might get 1 spam call a year, now it's multiple (calls and texts) during the week on both devices.

  • I'm loving the calls. I hurl so much abuse at the Indian "Henry" or "Patrick" on the other side, he curses me and hangs up.

  • Use TrueCaller App so you know who is calling and which one to pick or not.

  • +1

    The scamm calls never seem to go through to me. I get the call and answer it there is a pause for about 2 seconds then a beep and disconnected. Always different numbers and always the same response.

    Does this happen to anyone else?

  • I ask them what underwear they have on, and I'm not a sexist so ask both sexes.

    None have ever told me………..

  • +2

    If I am bored I answer the phone in an indian accent and waste their time

    No this is not (insert your name here) it is sanja

  • Me too, I'm getting nonstop Spam Detected messages from my phone, blocking spam messages. It's come out of nowhere!

  • +1

    I don't answer ANY calls that I do not recognize the number for.

    If its important or legit they will leave me a message and I will return it

    • My sentiments exactly

  • +1

    I've only started receiving the delivery and voice mail text spams after applying for an ANZ card 2 weeks ago. I know it can't be them but can't ignore the correlation

  • +1

    just when they call you on your mobile..just tell them you don't have a mobile

    • and tell them you hear ringing sounds and sometimes voices.

  • -1

    You had to have given your number out to someone who onsold it. Don't do contests etc on social media sites, think twice before you give it out to anyone. I have a VIOP and a mobile and I never get scammers calling.

  • But all the source culprits are from Australia who sells our info through with the compulsory terms and conditions tick (all telco, supermarkets, banks, online food etc)

    • is there proof of supermarkets selling data? That seems like it should be a bigger dealy

  • So if I get a Scam call on my Landline and my Mobile at the same time, should I put
    them both on Speakerphone, offer them some private time together and leave the room?

  • +1

    I have been getting 5-10 calls a day for amazon scam that my iphone 11 order will be charged to my credit card. I just tell them I ordered iphone 13 not iphone 11 and then I hear some abuse and they hang up.

    One time, I played Indian songs on youtube music, the call went on for 1 hour and they guy was laughing all along.

  • Also increasingly getting more scam calls and text messages. I don't pick up the phone if I don't know the number, or if I'm on my PC I'll quickly Google the number before picking it up and quickly make a decision based on Google search results. If somebody genuinely needs to call you, they'll probably hold on for the 20 or whatever seconds it takes before they reach voicemail. Best thing we can do is continue reporting the numbers.

  • +1

    When you answer them your number goes into their database. If you don't answer it they flag it as a dead number and off the database.
    They use different manipulation tactics like Neighbor Spoofing to make you want to answer the call.
    As long as you keep answering their calls, they are already winning.

  • Forget about calls. What about the 5x texts I get from random numbers everyday? How you deal with that

    • +1
      1. Set Messages by Google as default SMS app.
      2. In Messages app, ⋮ > Settings > Spam protection > Enable spam protection (set to enabled)
      3. For any spam messages that aren't detected as spam, report as spam.
      4. If you don't want to be notified when you receive a spam message, Settings > Apps > Notifications > Messages > Other > Spam protection (set to disabled)
  • +1

    I was getting a few missed calls a day until i had time to kill so decided to see how long I could string them along. The scammer told me there was a fraudulent charge on my card but needed to "verify" my identity. Gave them a fake a card number with missing digits, attempted to confuse him with double digits and "correcting" a digit…(they'll realise there are missing digits and then you can say it was the corrected/double digit). After about the 5th time of repeating the card number, he hung up.. A bit disappointed that he didn't call me back as it was getting quite fun. Maybe I wasted too much of his time because i haven't had calls since.

  • When I used to work in a security control room, we used to get a lot of dodgy calls asking for our CEO. We usually put calls through to his PA but one is our bosses said if we suspected it was a telemarketer to put them on hold and then transfer the call to the talking clock service.

    Unfortunately that service doesn’t exist anymore and a lot of phone systems don’t support transferring to an external number. But it was a good way to send the calls elsewhere.

  • It went quiet for most of last week, did anyone else experience that? Then two in the past three days.

    Today was an Amazon scam call that came up as being from Aurora, IL (USA). I asked him if the "unauthorised amount" was in USD or AUD and he said, "ASD". He wanted to know if I used a PC or laptop to buy online and I said I only use my phone for buying and he simply hung up. They need the Windows OS to do their scam.

  • This week has been absolutely ridiculous!

    So many scam / spam calls on my phone. My partner is also getting 5+ scam SMS messages a day about parcels needing delivery and fake purchases.

  • I answer the calls and just pretend to be an idiot. Or maybe I just be me, not too sure. My record is a 2hr long conversation, dude was trying to get phone numbers from me so I was giving tham fake numbers and putting them on hold for times, even went food shopping with him on hold!

    Eventually got put on with the"manager", however that works in a scam centre, he seemed to figure out what i was doing, still wasted 20 mins talking to him tho.

    They give up after awhile.

    • I enjoy messing around with them too by acting straight but wasting their time. The problem is, eventually I have to end the call due to other obligations. If I end the call then they often call back, and they can get aggressive. But it sure shows their unprofessionalism pretty quickly. One woman demanded to be told why I hang up on her and wouldn't let it go, calling back 5 or 6 times. I would have had a lot of fun last week with them but I haven't got the time at the moment.

  • I put on a deep voice and ask them..what are you wearing? I've got a lovely pair of white silk stockings on, with the daintiest high heel shoes, well as dainty as you can get in size 15.
    Most hang up, but have had some fun those that dont.

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