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Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce 740ml $5.99 + Delivery ($5.39 with Club Catch Expired) (Free Pickup at Target/Kmart) @ Catch


Huy Fong Sriracha is the best I have tried, it has its own unique taste, rather just feeling spicy.

This is 793g compared to other deals of 482g, usually at Amazon. Stocked some and thought to share the spice.

Free pick up from Kmart or Target

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    It's pretty amazing when combined with kewpie mayo over hot chips.

    • Will try that. I have used with Hummus and it tastes great.

    • Confirmed :) . I learnt the trick from an Asian restaurant. Works with all kinds of fried stuff especially calamari.

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    Support a local business, get it from your local Asian grocer. It’ll be the same price or cheaper.

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      Totally agree with you.

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      Yep, got it from my local Asian grocer for $5.49 without the need for Club Catch.

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        or slightly higher. regardless my small asian grocerys are small businesses and they work super hard

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      My local Asian grocer sells it for 10 a bottle, even more expensive than Woolies

    • I agree totally , I get it for 5.40$ from Footscray KM market!

    • Is everyone aware it's the bigger bottle in this deal?

  • Nice spice

  • Californian hot sauce

  • Way too salty. Is unhealthy just due to that.

  • Special Club Catch price has gone.

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