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50% off Minimum $50 Spend on Select Products: e.g. Kapooka Bag $50 (Was $100) Delivered @ Cooee Canvas


FREEDOM! (In NSW anyway)

We're allowed back in our factory and to celebrate we're offering the lowest prices ever on some of our bags! I'f you've bought from us before you know we're the real deal and our quality is second to none, no lengthy descriptions here, just good prices.

$50 Kapooka Bags - https://www.cooeecanvas.com.au/products/kapookabag
$40 Triple Pack Explorer - https://www.cooeecanvas.com.au/products/triple-pack-explorer...
$20 Boot Bags - https://www.cooeecanvas.com.au/products/dirty-boot-shoe-bag
$20 Ratchet Rope Kits - https://www.cooeecanvas.com.au/products/ratchet-rope-tie-dow...
$12.50 Mini Clear Bags - https://www.cooeecanvas.com.au/products/mini-clear-top-canva...
$20 LED Light Kit - https://www.cooeecanvas.com.au/products/minmin-led-camp-ligh...
$22.50 Clear Top Canvas Bags - https://www.cooeecanvas.com.au/products/cleartop

Also - We're still waiting on PVC for our clear top bags, we will offer these at 50% off, but if you order these with your products the WHOLE order will ship with the back-ordered product so please be aware that there will be a wait. (Early Dec Most Likely)

Minimum Order of $50

Note - We're barely making scratch with this deal but brand awareness is invaluable and COVID has wreaked havoc on us. We've also had to jiggle some of our prices to allow the blanket 50% off code to work.

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  • Hi Rep,

    Can you do a deal on the large Explorer Bag like from a few days ago? I'm thinking of getting the triple pack with couple of large bags.

    • +1

      Send us a DM

    • It's almost easier to just get multiple triple packs. The previous deal was a large bag for $25. This is $40 for three. Easy Christmas gifts lol

      • I find the large ones better for clothes and the small one is good for socks and jocks.

  • -3

    Your triple pack explorer is $80 not $40 btw.

    • +5

      you need to apply discount code during checkout.

      • +2

        ugh. braincells clearly not working that early in the morning…

    • +1

      Did you put in discount code, works out $40 for me.

    • +4

      It's almost like the price without a 50% discount being applied to it! If only OP had shared a discount code to cut the price is half 🤔

      • TBF the OP could have mentioned "off already discounted prices". Some products already show a discounted price so I can understand the initial confusion.

      • +5

        Yea, we had to tweak (increase the base price) of some of the products so that a blanket coupon code would work and still offer the better price. In any case, the discounted prices are the lowest we've ever offered them.

        • +1

          Thanks for clearly stating this, as opposed to pretending it's all usual RRP

  • Kapooka bag is obviously a copy of the old army echelon bag (hence the naming of it after the Army's recruit training school at Kapooka).

    • +2

      1RTC still sends shivers down my spine.

      • Welcome to the trauma club

      • Haha glad I'm not the only one!

      • I was an officer so never had the pleasure but my ech bag, issued in a Q store in the late 80's made it through to last year. Mrs finally got her way after 20 years of trying to get it thrown out.

        • Replace it with a Kapooka then!

        • Noooo! Wow, they don't make them like they used to! That would have been sought after.

    • Hallway 34!!! Polishing brass and hospital corners.

      Lol I did return as a BDR to train up a reserve platoon.

      Still have my original ech and dive bag.

      • 35PL (1994) checking in.

  • So if I place two seperate orders with the plastic topped bags on their own, that should see two seperate shipments?

    • Thats correct.

  • -1
    • +1

      It doesn't look fake to me.

    • +1

      Ahh the early days, actually was meaning to pull that photo down after we had professional product photos done.

  • Thanks! Bought a Kapooka duffle

  • Fantastic deal, thanks!
    Are the mini clear top bags subject to the same delays as the larger ones? Just noticed they aren't showing as backorder on the website :)

    • +1

      We have the mini in stock.

      • Wicked, have placed an order. Cheers!

  • How long are you running this?

    I'd love to see a backpack, like the medium explorer bag with two shoulder straps.

    • +1

      We can only afford to run this one for the next couple of days, now we're out of lockdown, hoping that sales will pick back up. We do have an overnight bag coming soon

      • Cheers grabbed a duffle for now, will keep an eye out for the over night bag.

      • Is the overnight bag going to be a similar style to the Kapooka? or more like a backpack? Cheers for the deal!

        • +1

          The overnight bag is pretty much a smaller version of the kapooka. I've made it a little wider rather than taller and narrower so it can fit folded clothes more easily. I've also added a shoulder strap, I quite like them to be honest I think they will be popular.

  • Any cabin bag size recommendations??

    • +1

      As in carry-on luggage? Our overnight bag which is to be released shortly would be ideal.

      • Will this promo be still available when that happens?

      • Thanks. Hope so it will have similar sale.

  • Thanks OP, picked up the lights and clear top bags.

  • awesome. always like canvas bag for it's utilitarian value

  • +1

    dope bags. not in the market atm (been bag shopping way too much during covid)

  • +3

    Hi OP, I'd like to kindly suggest implementing a 360 view of the Explorer Bags or additional photos to help inform potential buyers. The current photos and video really only show the front.

  • Bought 2 of the Mini Clear Bags last week as I thought $15 each was a good price. I should have waited :-)

  • +1

    What are people using these bags for?

    • Christmas gifts. Maybe a Ratchet rope for Dad, LED strip for a mate who camps/boats etc.

    • Mate just about anything and everything - Popular for 4WD and camping enthusiasts but equally popular with tradies who use them for tool storage. Have had a lot of people ask for dimensions to use them in their caravans also. I have them in my boat to store fishing tackle, boot of my car to have my straps and gloves etc.

  • +1

    Is the normal canvas tote going to be available on back order? Or clear top only? Are the canvas bags made in Aus? Cheers

    • +1

      Normal tote not on the agenda for a while, the clears out sell them and use less canvas and are cheaper for us to make. Bags are made locally, some items are imported to compliment our items.

  • Good deal, any chance the fire pit bags will be discounted in the near future?

  • Thanks guys, bought some stuff.
    Going to make great Christmas presents for the family.
    Thanks for the sale!

  • Hey guys, thanks again for the great deals. Placed my 2nd order from your store the other day, where one of the items I purchased was the boot bag for $30. Somewhat disappointed to see it's now on further sale down to $20. Is there any way I could potentially be issued a credit for the difference or something similar?

  • +2

    G'day all, sorry we've been pretty busy today. If you have any special requests please direct them to our email [email protected] and we will get back to you tonight.

  • Grabbed 3 x Explorer packs - thanks OP

  • Grabbed 2 x Triple packs - Thank you

  • Is the mess kit included in the deal?

    • Ordered duffle for now. Thanks!

  • OP (or anyone else) - any idea of the weight the different triple pack sizes can carry? Thinking the mid sized one would be good way to carry the kids iPads and Switches when travelling.

    • +1

      The photos have drills/axes etc. in them so I'd assume they'd easily hold tech.

  • will canvas bags be good for using as a gym bag? like are they easy to wash?

  • Thank you very much for this new deal! I accidently missed on the last kapooka deal you did but got my friends to buy some! Just ordered mine in this deal!

  • -1

    "FREEDOM discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart"…. $40 Triple Pack Explorer

    • Did you miss the big, highlighted in bold "Minimum Order of $50"

      • -1

        Oh yeah! Skimmed that bold bit. Thanks

        • +2

          Typical, people like you are quick to point out the negatives but can't even do the basics right lmao.

  • I have the 3 bag pack, bought maybe 6 months ago. Good quality IMO and handy in the camper. Little one is pretty small but use it to keep pegs in it.

  • +1

    Hi OP just saw this deal, is Kapooka bag gonna back in stock anytime soon? Really wanted to get one.

  • Happy to go on backorder for the Kapooka if you put them back up. Was going to get 3 of them, otherwise will check out other options.

  • Ordered at 11am on Tuesday, delivered at 11am on Wednesday.
    The Kapooka is bigger than I imagined it will be. It will definitely hold heaps of stuff (which is a good thing).
    I'm a happy customer.

  • Probably the quickest and best packaged delivery I've had all year.

    The canvas bags are the real deal!

  • Ordered ($40 Triple Pack Explorer) five days ago and not even posted yet. What's the delay, OP?

    • Update: This company has ignored all my emails regarding my order. Now escalating to a Paypal dispute. Never again with these people.

      • did you received shipment notification?

        If you are in Vic, there has been major delay with any shipment in and out of victoria.

        ps: i have not received mine as well, but I have a tracking number.

        • Nope, nothing but an automated order confirmation email on the day I ordered (11/10/21). I'm in NSW.

          • @WrightRightWriteRite: Did you order the clear top canvas bags?

            If so, entire order will be delayed until December (says so above).

            I'm still waiting for my order to be sent as well, but I did order the clear bags so I guess I must wait.

            I've received tracking info from Australia Post, but it hasn't been sent by them yet. It has "ready for processing" status, which means they've basically printed a label and that's it.

            Hopefully some updated communications soon.

            • @UFO: Just the Triple Pack Explorer. They haven't responded to Paypal contacting them yesterday either.

              • @WrightRightWriteRite: Hi mate,

                Sorry for the disappointment here, your emails made their way into our junk folder, the senders name is only initials and we have pretty strict settings on there. I apologise that we missed you. Will reply to your email shortly.

                We've shipped all orders, they're crazy busy at the distribution centre, the first scan isn't done until they have been sorted.


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