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THE ICONIC 10th Birthday Sale: 30-40% off on Selected Products


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    You had me at "more words".

  • Still waiting for two orders I made two and three weeks ago.

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    • I placed an order Saturday morning and received it this morning.

    • I find this somewhat hard to believe. Tracking number proof?

      • It's weird, usually they are pretty fast. But auspost keep sending me emails telling me it is delayed.

      • are you serious?

      • Iconic are usually really good with their delivery times. The delay is really on AusPost's end. Everything has been delayed by them lately.

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      Yeah same, Auspost is the culprit

      • Not theiconic order, but an ebay order from Melb > Syd and almost 4 weeks. Was Aramex who ive always found to be very slow

    • I had the same issue and it was on their end not Auspost so YMMV. 3 weeks and no updates about packing the order. Ended up getting a refund.

    • Auspost has been horrendous lately.

    • ordered some ultraboosts on the 8th, received today on the other side of the country. it's really a roll of the dice these days..

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    Definitely don't buy anything until there's at least 20% cashback otherwise you're throwing away money. They do it at least once a week so you won't have long to wait.

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      This. Standing by for decent cashback

    • Totally agree

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      25% cashback ($25 cap) later today (12/10) at Shopback

      • As per the script lol. Shame some others didn't read the script and purchased already.

        • Just buy the same products with the cashback and return the ones you bought first. The Iconic has a great and free returns policy. Its wasteful, but if it saves you 25%, then do it.

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    Got a nice Ralph Lauren jumper RRP $179 for $69. Prob right at that price.. nice jumpers. Thanks OP.

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      Probably $65 elsewhere.

      I swear 75% of their sale prices are not cheapest. Unless it's poorly distributed / effectively their own brand

  • Thanks. Got some nice gym clothes and $20 cash back. Totally 40% discount across the board. Can't complain.

  • Excludes north face and Patagonia?

    • Patagonia is never included in any iconic sales. The stock dosent even ship from iconic, just advertised in their site

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    25% cashback ($25 cap) later today (12/10) at Shopback

    Could be a better offer on one of the other upcoming days though if you're willing to take the chance.

    • Do you know at what time the offer will be on?

      • 10am-10pm AEDT

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          Do you know if the cap applies for each transaction or an account?

          • @aldoboy: I was wondering the same thing. I know previously it was transaction based but I am not sure with this deal. I can't find anything about it.

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          Dont think it has started. 10:02am now

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    Wake up Shopback

    • See nocures comment above. Cashrewards has a better cashback offer with a max cap of $30

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        I want to secure the extra $10 cashback through the Shopback App challenge

        • Game on

      • Looks like Shopback has also increased their max cap to $30

        • Not sure why you were negged. It looks like shopback have increased it to a $30 cap.

          Here have a + to counter the neg.

    • They have 25%?

  • Have ordered but it did not track at 25% CB even though it showed in the app. Have contacted them to sort out.

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      "Cashback may be tracked at a lower rate. Cashback will be updated to 25% within 24h of tracking"

      I think just keep an eye on the tracking for now. I have kept screenshots for evidence.

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      Message from shopback support for anyone having the wrong amount tracked:

      Hi there

      Thanks for reaching out to us!

      There was a slight error this morning with The Iconic rates from our end.

      This is now fixed and will reflect the correct cashback in your account once our system refreshes, you can expect the correct rates to reflect within the next 48 hours.

      We apologize for the hassle and do let us know if you need anything else.

      Thanks again for reaching out to us, take care and stay safe!

  • for Shopback and Cashrewards, which of the two tend to track your order more? ive ordered stuff online and used both before and have never little to no success in tracking (seems to be hit or miss)

    • Do you have ad block on? It usually doesn't work if you have a blocker on.

      • yep i always turn them off…but was wondering if people have a preference for either Shopback or CR?

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      I always use the apps and never have a problem with tracking for either.

  • The cashback amount is different to the order amount on iconic. Is this normal? I'm new to using CR

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      I think they normally exclude GST

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      Excludes GST and delivery fee (if you didn’t make the min spend $$)

  • I shopped at the Iconic last week, cashrewards tracked almost instantly. Bought again yesterday, this time still haven't gotten a cashback confirmed email :/

  • I think The Iconic may have to increase their 30-day return window to at least 45 days, given the increasing Auspost delays…

    Has anyone had any luck returning an item after 30 days during the past 18 months?

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