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[QLD] Philips Hue White Ambiance A19 Starter Kit $67.10 (Was $79.30) @ Officeworks (Nerang)


Been looking for globes that can be remotely controlled via WiFi. Does anyone know if these are any good?

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    Do it!
    Great place to start!

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    To answer OPs question if they are any good.
    Love mine!
    I got this exact kit about 2 years ago…
    They are so good, quick, glitch/hiccup free.

    I was so impressed I've been slowly fitting out the other rooms in my house too.

  • They are the best. I have them all over the house. There’s even a FB fan group!

  • Bargain, but how many left?

    Compatible with all Zigbee bulbs (not wifi ones).

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    Warning: Buying these can become oddly addictive, especially when you find bargains.

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      Came to say the same thing, after I googled how far if was to officeworks Nerang.

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      They definitely need a WARNING that you won't stop at just a couple of bulbs.

      I started that way, then a few more bulbs, motion sensors, switches, the app, lightstrips behind the tv, lightstrips in the kitchen, waterproof light fitting in the bathroom (strangely this, with the motion sensor, is my most favourite hue purchase), bulbs for outside, outdoor lightstrips, outdoor spotlights, outdoor path lights, outdoor light fittings……
      Never had a problem with any of it, only thing I'm not happy with is I can't find 240V BR30 bulbs, but that's an minor issue.

  • Yep, a great set. I got some on clearance from Target when they were closing stores last year. Like TRex I ended up getting more around the house and now nearly every room has these same bulbs.

    Bunnings is another great place to keep an eye out for Hue sets with yellow clearance tickets.

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    My entry point into these are actually the downlights, but can vouch for the overall quality. Pity about the regular price.

    From the speed of people's replies and positive comments, it's fair to say we know some likely members of the Philips Hue OzBargain Alerts Club!

  • Yes, I have 10 of the Edison White & Colour ambiance lights and 4 switches for my 3 bedrooms and living room.

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    I’d also add that keeping an eye out for these on Black Friday sale. Great product!

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      Frequently on sale on Amazon too, including 30% off when you buy an Echo product (assuming you prefer it to Google Home).

      • I did that and sold the echo to mate for $20 still saved me $100 or so even buying the echo. Shame you can only do it once per Amazon account.

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    I only have Hue downlights rather than bulbs, but I love the system because it just works. That's important especially if you have family members with little patience for wifi hiccups etc. and who will call for a return to old school lights at the first failure.

    I had LifX bulbs (which are Wifi rather than Zigbee/Z wave based ie they depend on your home Wifi strength rather than the brand's own network) and they were very frustrating because of my then-patchy wifi. Hue lights work all the time, every time. Another underrated benefit - Hue have their own physical light switches/dimmers so you a) don't have to use voice activation every time and b) you don't have to get a sparky to install them or do it yourself (esp if you are in an apartment with no neutral wiring).

  • Had someone available in office works loganholme(Qld) as well

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    They are awesome can be expensive but the trick is to keep an eye out for sales especially places like Amazon. The kit you posted is a good starting point for the price but have seen it cheaper.

    I currently have;
    1 x gradient strip, 1 x strip, 2 x play bars, 1 x outdoor pedestal, 1 x Flood light, 21 x bulbs (most colour some ambient, some white), 1 x sync box, 11 x switches, 7 x motion sensors.

    Really adds to the home cinema experience having the lights sync to the tv.

    Have fun!

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      I think you win this round!

      Did you get most of your kit from Amazon, or more a spread of Amazon + Bunnings + JB etc.?

      • Bit of everything, some recently on clearance at OW but mostly prime day sales/black friday etc on amazon over a period of a few years.

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