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Macro Organic Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules 10 Pack $1 @ Woolworths


A great price for organic coffee and with a compostable capsule! Good for the environment and organic at only 10 cents a capsule. Available online and in-store

Fairtrade Certified Roasted and Ground Organic Coffee. Free industrial compost through Woolies via free reply paid post.

Also available Strong (10) > https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/70749/macr....

Great for making cold/iced coffees as the summer comes along.

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    Macro Organic Intense Industrially Compostable Coffee Capsules 10 Pack

    Regional Vic. Temporarily unavailable. Out of stock.

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    These little plastic capsules never pop properly in my machine, often go soggy and need to be thrown out. Don't think it's good for the environment to be binning 3 pods per cup of average coffee, so this deal is a pass for me.

    • -3

      These ones are industrially compostable, and other coffee pods are recyclable

      Maybe you are bad for the environment?

      • +3

        Industrially Compostable

        What does that even mean?

        Edit: It doesn’t sound too environmentally friendly. link

        • Best thing to do is to reduce consumption, but I do wonder whether recycling the L'OR aluminium pods or sending these in to be composted is better overall. Either way, something is better than nothing!

          • @victinini: I don't think any pods can really be that environmentally friendly. Not compared to real beans.

          • @victinini: Fairly certain the recycling centres accept other pods, mine do, might just be different depending on where you are.

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        You have to post a box of pods to be composted. The carbon from the packaging and travel isn't helping the environment.

        Anyway, that's not my problem with these pods. The problem is they don't bloody work properly!

        • Work fine for my machine, you're right about the environment issue though

    • They work fine for me, I have a Essenza mini. I have to make sure the pod lines up the hole though other wise as you say they don't quite fall inside properly.

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    great deal if you don't have taste buds, lol. i bought these before and the coffee was stale. also the pods didn't always work and got crushed trying to use it. i guess its from the compostable material not being able to be rigid enough.

    • which brands do you prefer?

      • +1

        none, lol.
        unless you get the refillable pod and fill it with fresh local roasted whole beans that you grind immediately before you brew it.

        i graduated to an espresso machine and a burr grinder. initial cost is expensive, but when you factor in roughly $5 cup of barista made coffee everyday, twice a day, it adds up fast. $10 a day for 365 days = $3,650 in a year.

        an espresso machine $500ish + grinder $150ish, so it pays itself off in 2 months. you also get actual steamed milk instead of using a heated frother if you make lattes & cappuccinos.

        It was the best move i made, and its hard for me to drink the inferior stuff now. lol

    • Agree. I think I've tried almost all the supermarket brands, these are next to tasteless. The regular Woolworths strong pods aren't bad, these are just horrid though.

    • This is the only thing I'm worried about, I'm not sure how well the paper looking top will keep them "fresh"…. I've had pods 1 year or more past expiry and taste exactly like fresh ones, but those were encapsulated in aluminium and are likely hermetically sealed.

  • Bought them for $2ea a few weeks ago.

    • And are they any good?

      • +8

        FYI, these are terrible. I returned after the first cup.

        • +2

          Same. I find the Nespresso Farmers Origins Africa the best so far.

        • Likewise. Bought for $2, tried it once, didn't fit properly and tasted rubbish. Returned it and got my $2 back lol. Don't bother buying it.

  • Each to their own I guess. I like the taste of the Strong version, not quite the L'OR quality but great value for money.

    Also my Delonghi machine does not hate these pods either so while it doesn't have a crush on the pods, it doesn't crush the pods (pun intended)

    • Yeah I find these fine for the price, and machine has no issues with them.

  • +1

    Love the first two reviews:

    Appears to be a bit weak in terms of strength

    Not for the light hearted coffee drinkers. I am a frequent coffee drinker and even I found this a little strong.

  • +2

    These are rank. Save your precious buck/s.

  • I really like these. Taste is good (actually prefer it over the harshness of most of the nespresso ones), and it works absolutely fine on my coffee machine. But each to their own I guess.

  • Won't recommend the taste.

  • They must be phasing these out. I usually buy these but when they dropped to $2 a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't find them at any of the Woolies around me

  • Price went from $6 to $1 and Woolies put on the 1/2 price logo.

    • It's also used for "better than 1/2 price" haha

  • +1

    taste is subpar, but price is right :)

  • None in my suburb so turned to Coles,find out they have LQR 10 pack for 50C(close to expire but I can't tell the difference bewteen expire ones to very fresh ones so dont really care)

    • How many did they have, I would've bought them all at that price

      • About 18 packs of 10 pack 2 flavors(8/10)

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    If you use the whole box of 10 to create a long black, it might taste like something you'd expect from a single stronger Nespresso pod.

    Tasteless junk.

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    Might have to cancel my order, the comments in this thread are discouraging

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    These taste worse than instant coffee, seriously… Don't do it

  • +1

    Bought one pack. They taste better than L'Or coffee, but worse than pretty much everything else.

  • These definitely taste different and have more of an instant coffee taste, I bought the strong variety (15 boxes to be exact), and although not my favourite, at the price they are easily worth it to me.

    Got a ripper deal stacking 10% off with insurance, 4% off with giftcards and bought other stuff to activate 2 concurrent Woolworths offers for spends over $100 (something like $35 back in points).

    And to top it all off, they're giving me a $35 coupon because $5 worth of items were out of stock, crazy!

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