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Variable P&I Home Loans - 1.99% Owner Occupied & 2.14% Investment (80% LVR, 1.99% & 2.14% CR) @ Homeloans.com.au


Was in the market for refinancing and have seen that homeloans.com.au (Resimac) have dropped their rates. They come with a free 100% offset and allow for loan splitting too.

The rates are 0.1% lower if your LVR is below 60% as well.

Interest Only loans are 0.3% higher as well.

One thing to note, they don't offer any fixed rates so there could be a chance that they hike the rates for no reason.

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    I've been with them for a while now and have had no issues. They dropped my rate from 2.14% to 1.89% without my intervention stating a new "Fair Go Guarantee" further stating "we will always reward customer loyalty and treat new and existing customers fairly. This means you will never pay a higher interest rate than what we’re offering to new customers on like-for-like loans.". Gotta be happy with that.

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      It's good to hear that they've implemented that now. I ended up leaving them previously because they refused to match their advertised rate as an existing customer and over time the difference drifted to about 0.5% overall with out of band rate hikes and not passing on the cuts in full.

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      I got the same Fair Go for my investment loan, 2.34% down to 2.14% without intervention.

      My only gripe if their platform is old, outdated and you can't BSB pay anyone.

      • How do you get money out if you can't BSB pay anyone (like transfering money out of an offset account)?

        I'm looking to move on from my current loan and having a slick online platform doesn't really matter considering how little you interact with a mortgage, but transfering money out is kind of important.

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          You can set a designated BSB for yourself to withdraw to. But not pay anyone else.

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    Hi, Jen from homeloans.com.au here. Appreciate the comments on our recent rate drop and new Fair Go Guarantee! Re the online platform, I'm pleased to report that we are working on a new online loan management system that will offer a significantly improved customer experience. As well as a superior UX, it will introduce several new features, including Pay Anyone functionality for transferring money to external accounts. This new platform is expected go live by mid-next year.

    • Glad to hear, will this include a mobile app or at least a mobile friendly website?

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