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[Back Order] Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2019) $278, Nvidia Shield TV (2019) $197 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K HDR Android TV Streaming Media Player, Black - $278 Delivered

  • Comes with the new Shield remote
  • The ultimate cinematic TV experience
  • Enjoy the most 4K HDR entertainment
  • The most advanced Android TV streaming media player
  • Feature-rich setup, and convenient design

Cheaper than the current Retravision Deal, and in stock

Update 20th October: Available on Back-Order. In stock on November 4, 2021.

Nvidia Shield TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player with Remote, Black - $197 Delivered

  • he most advanced Android TV streaming media player
  • Feature-rich setup, and convenient design
  • Easily enjoy immersive entertainment when watching your favourite multimedia content
  • Dual-band AC WiFi
  • Comes with the new Shield remote
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  • +7

    So with a few deals lately and the price dropping quite significantly, is a refresh around the corner?

    • I hope so, mine seems to be struggling with 4k lately.

      • Might be worth expanding the OS storage capacity with a cheap USB drive if you haven't already and running out of space.

      • H264 or H265? I found that sometimes I'd have to stop a stream and restart it (if it struggles at start), but otherwise, if streaming over ethernet, works ok (mine is 2017 model).

        • 2017 model is the best. I would buy another of them.

          • @dmbminaret: Bit out of the loop here, but how come 2017 model is better than the newer 2019 model?

            • +1

              @OzFrugie: IMO the 2019 model is much better, the 2017 model had a built in drive for storage, but you can add a USB one to the 2019, then you also get better codecs, AI Upscaling etc.

      • +1

        I have shield tubular and it has been struggling since the major update. I would see a slow down in button response and video playback. I would be constantly terminating applications in the background. I was at mate place where I was using his Google Chromecast TV and it's much more responsive than my Nvidia shield. I would wait for the refresh.

        I think it could be related to low ram, I would get Nvidia shield pro as I found there are some major differences that reviews don't advertise. For example, if you have kayo sports, the shield pro can do 4 split screen streams while the normal shield can not. I think it's due to ram or the CPU being 32bit limited and having a version of the app.

        I would just save the money and get Google Chromecast TV.

        • +2

          Lots of people struggling of late, particularly with 4K / high bitrate stuff. I've had the issue on shield pro just as a player (have a grunty server as the server)

          I fixed by installing kodi on the shield and installing the plex app within kodi (and setting that to auto launch)

          Can play the exact same content that all of sudden started struggling two or three months and wasn't playable on the native shield plex app, it now plays totally fine on the plex app on kodi on the shield.

          Something is up with the plex shield app for SURE.

          Only adds an extra second to the process, is annoying, but will save you upgrading thinking your shield is dying

          (Note the shield tube has other issues with hi bit rate stuff, but before thinking about upgrading anything due to buffering I'd eliminate the app as the problem first of all)

  • +4

    Is the forced upon banner ads still an issue with the Shield? I was put off getting one because of it in previous deals.

    • +3

      Custom launcher easily fixes this and makes for a cleaner experience.

      • +11

        These take way too much effort to install. Every other Android device you just download and install, for the Shield it's a mountain of (profanity) around and it might not even work properly.

        • +1

          I don't know about a mountain, but it's a little bit of effort as requires sideloading. Probably only takes 10 minutes of work though.
          Agree nvidia should make it easier though…

          • @NigelTufnel: Took way more than 10 minutes for me to get it on, then I had to (profanity) around to make it stay the default home screen, and once I got that it was basically a blank screen with no way to add anything to it. I had to factory reset my Shield.

            Like, I'm not a luddite, I know how to sideload and tinker to get things to work. I run GrapheneOS on my phone and have set up whole house home automation on an airgapped network, and this was just… pointlessly obtuse.

            Somebody needs to streamline this process if it's meant to be a serious option for the Shield.

            • +2

              @MagnamoniousRex: Cool.

              Well, I just followed a pretty straight forward guide on reddit and used ATV launcher. It's literally 8 steps (maybe 10 if you split the downloads into individual steps.
              Sure, it could be easier though…

              • @NigelTufnel: Yeah that's the same guide I followed, took way too much (profanity) about and didn't even work properly.

                Look at the comments, they had the same issues as me.

                Not to mention using 3 random files off Mediafire? Like, do you pick shit up off the street and put it in your mouth?

                This is just such a jank method that seems hacked together instead of a real solution. Not sure why there isn't a proper github release or F-Droid package.

                • @MagnamoniousRex: Why are you mad?
                  It worked great for me.

                • +1

                  @MagnamoniousRex: Alright, not sure why it didn't work for you, but worked fine for me, and was easy.

                  do you pick shit up off the street and put it in your mouth?

                  No… but sideloading (which you said you've done before), inherently involves downloading an app from somewhere with a bit of risk. If you're not comfortable with that, then that's fine, clearly, this is not for you.
                  But you said you tried it, so must be somewhat comfortable with the risk as well. You just seem against it and angry since it didn't work for you…

                  • -1

                    @NigelTufnel: Risk is not comparable downloading open source software from GitHub or FDroid compared to a random file off Mediafire. That's not anything resembling a mature process.

                    Why is anyone publishing a launcher that requires these jank steps to install?

                    Like I said, look in your own thread, I'm not the only one who had the exact same issue.

                • @MagnamoniousRex:

                  Like, do you pick shit up off the street and put it in your mouth?

                  Some would, yea.

                  Not sure why there isn't a proper github release or F-Droid package.

                  Cause you haven't made one yet…obviously.

      • Can this be done to vodafone TV? Getting sick of seeing the ad from nine tv, and the contents (image) quite often not kids friendly.

        The current workaround is to remove update on Android home app

    • +5

      I have the shield. Banner ad doesnt bother me.
      Youtube ads 'profanity' tick me off.
      But to add another subscription on top of everything else just to eliminate ads isnt feasbile for me.

      • +4

        Install SmartTubeNext for an ad-free youtube experience.

        • +1

          Totally, it's fantastic.

      • +1

        100% recommend SmartTubeNext

        It automatically skips ads (including in-video ads)

        • +1

          and sponsor messages/long winded intro sequences.

        • Yep this app is amazing.

    • +1

      You can use the new Apps tab, by using a single press of the Menu button (Remotes and Accessories - Customize Menu Button - set Short Press to "Open All Apps view"), or a long press of the Home button:


      …or as above, use a custom launcher like Wolf Launcher to get a similar effect with custom wallpapers etc:


  • +1

    This Shield TV Pro hadn't come down much in price.

    I remember buying the Shield 2017 for $330 back in 2019 and this was the gaming pack version which also came with the Shield controller. How the heck do they get away with charging $278 for the Shield Pro which doesn't even come with a Shield controller. They should be bundling the Shield controller with it. RRP of $349.95 is a ripoff.

  • +1

    Great price for a great product.
    I am personally using the Fire Stick 4K Max and couldn’t be happier for half the price.
    Used to own a Google TV and it’s much better if you’re thinking about which to buy between the two.

    • +2

      I reckon it should be $250 or under. I remember the Shield TV 2017 going for $250 every day.

      • +2

        Oh sorry, I was referring to the standard model.
        But yes, I agree. The Pro is still way too expensive!

        • +2

          Yeah sorry i did mean the Pro version. $278 for that is still a bit much.

  • +1

    I like the idea of 4k upscale but hard to justify it for 4x the cost of a Fire stick.

      • +10

        I disagree. Nvidia is the best for upscaling and it's even customisable

      • +5

        TV definitely does not do a better job. Everybody serious in the AV scene uses the Shield because its AI upscale is the best available

  • +1

    The Pro is great for gaming from your PC to lounge, paired with Moonlight and Ethernet connection.

    Been a great streaming hub for TV and movies, too. Better than my LG CX's in-built apps… except for YouTube, which doesn't have HDR support I believe.

    • -1

      You wouldn't expect too much out of the Shield Pro when it comes to gaming. It would be fine for simple gaming. Gaming that look some some thing from the Xbox 360 and PS3 era i suppose.

      But even the Xbox One S i got years ago for $330 beats the crap out of the Shield TV when it comes to gaming.

      • Dunno what experience you've have with the 2017 model mate. Moonlight (third-party app, recommend it over Steam Link or NVIDIA Gamestream) has been able to stream my games at 1440p/60fps onto the big TV, and I've had a surprisingly smooth experience (everything is wired up). Quality is almost to native, and definitely looks better than an Xbox One S.

        I have not tried GeForce Now yet, heard it's in beta though.

        • Yeah i'm talking about games direct downloaded to and from the Shield. As in games made specifically for the Shield. I'm not talking about Geforce Now.

          Yes there are native Shield games.

          • @hollykryten: Ohhhh the Shield native games! Sorry mate I completely overlooked that part of the experience. Yeah I'd imagine the Shield wouldn't stack up against the dedicated consoles in that area.

          • +2

            @hollykryten: surely no one is buying this for native Shield games lol

            • @gabos: Well i bought a few native Shield games. It's fun enough. Is capable of playing side scrolling games just fine. Those are fun.

              Riptide GP Renegade, Riptide 2 and a few others i paid for on the Shield. Runs from the inbuilt storage.

              With Geforce Now it offloads the graphics processing onto one of Nvidia's own servers which is why it runs smoother. But you're at the mercy of your own internet connection and Nvidia's servers. I tried Geforce Now but it says that my FTTN connection was too slow for it. But i'm down to playing native Shield games.

        • I play moonlight on wireless and very smooth like native/local , no need for an ethernet/wired connection necessarily.
          Agree , it looks better than Xbox One S for sure.

  • We use our Shield (2017) daily.
    I wish that we had a good reason to upgrade, but the only benefit I can think of is Dolby Vision.
    We don't really need the AI upscale.

    • I use my Shield 2017 for movies and Youtube. Some times use it to play a few games. The GPU in the Shield is not up to any where near even the Xbox One S level of performance for gaming but it's like playing Xbox 360 games. It's great as a 4K media player.

    • I've got both models and the improvement is noticeable

    • What about Dolby Atmos?

      • My shield already has Dolby Atmos

        • Can it play from Plex and decode Dolby Atmos from a 4K a stream? Not sure if the old 2017 model can because the current round shield can't, only the Pro.

  • An excellent price for the best streaming device available today.

    • Do you mean the standard Shield TV or the Pro version?. Yeah i thought the Pro was still a bit over priced.

      • The Pro version. I've never owned a standard Shield so cannot comment on it.

  • I tried a few games on the Shield through the GeForce Now thing and it's been pretty good so far, a bit of lag at times but it should only get better as they improve it.

    • +1

      Geforce Now relies on your internet connection to stream the game. So if the internet is a bit slow the game will also run a bit laggy.

      • I'm lucky that I'm right next to the 5G tower, so I generally get between 300-400Mbps (even more sometimes), not sure what the ideal internet speed would have to be. The video quality also wasn't perfect but I didn't expect it to be. Quite excited about Geforce Now being more widely available.

        • +3

          Mobile data transmission is probably your problem with the some times lagging. It was never meant for gaming streaming like a wired connection such as direct fibre optics is.

          • @hollykryten: Yeah I did hear that, thanks. We had issues getting the NBN connected to our house so decided to go with 5G for the time being. I might have to look into it again.

        • +1

          Your issue is probably more related to latency (ping), which the time it takes for the signal to reach the destination. In that regard, there is nothing faster than optical fibre (since nothing is faster than the speed of light).

          Still 5G great option if you have no NBN access.

  • Is it worth getting the Pro over standard version?

    • Pro has more RAM compared to the basic Shield version which can mean better gaming on it. Also double the inbuilt storage capacity. I would say it's well worth it.

      Have a look through this web article will explain about the differences.


      • +1

        I own the tube version and it struggles while playing huge files (x265 encoded - 40 gig+) over local network!

        Reading through few articles on internet points towards getting a pro version if you need to stream large files with hevc x265 encoding

        • The less RAM in the tube Shield would be the issue as it still has the same CPU and GPU as the Pro.

          Yeah the Pro would excel in very high bitrate 4K video file content transcoding with the extra gigabyte of RAM.

          • +1

            @hollykryten: I ordered my pro version via the Retra vision deal earlier this week… hopefully the issue should resolve! Fingers crossed!

        • Are you transcoding or is it direct play? I have no issue my 2017 pro and trying to decide if I get the pro or non pro.

          • @zorrt: I am playing directly off an SMB server! Source files are 4k HDR encoded in HEVC x-265 codecs with Dolby Atmos / DD5.1 audio.

            Most of the file sizes are < 20 Gb and play fine… but I do face issues while playing larger files

            • @snickerz: Try to get the Pro version if you can. I got the tube version and it struggle to play 4K x265/HEVC and it crashes most of the time. The Pro version solved all of that.

            • @snickerz: Thanks. I'll cancel my tube version i guess. There seems to be work arounds but honestly I can't be bothered as they may or may not work.

    • Yes

  • Is someone able to quickly explain to me in layman's terms why this would be better than a 4k fire stick for someone not interested in gaming?

    I'm open to exploring this but just don't understand all the hype and what advantages it has over much smaller cheaper products that seem to do the same thing from what I can tell?


    • +1

      Only difference i can think of is the AI Upscale in the 2019 Shield. But that obviously only works for 1080p content upscaled to 4K. If it's native 4K content playback then i don't think there would be any difference.

      But if you're happy with media playback on the Fire Stick 4K then why change.

      • Cool thank you, I also have a Fire Stick, mostly the kids use it for YouTube other than that the TV is off in our house so no point upgrading for me.

      • Shield Pro also does games and runs as a Plex server really well.

    • I recently switched from an (admittedly older) FireTV box to a 2017 Shield. I do zero gaming on it but I wanted the change primarily for a proper Android TV OS, as opposed to FireOS. I quite like the look of FireOS, but there were apps that I wanted that simply weren't compatible (Kayo and iview were my biggest issues, I think iview was only a problem due to the old OS version I was stuck on though).

      The other big issue was audio codec support within Kodi; my FireTV refused to passthrough any kind of DTS, and the downmix sounded pretty terrible. Much better support with the shield.

      I certainly find that my Harmony remote (bluetooth) is much snappier on the Shield too, there was some noticable lag on the FireTV, probably worse with the direct bluetooth connection than when I was running IR via a Flirc.

      • Which remote do you use? I'm pretty desperate to upgrade my should triangular remote, I despise the thing

        • I've got a Harmony Elite, never wanted a remote this expensive but I had come to love the IR harmony, and wanted a version that would talk straight to the Shield, and let me use the hub to hook into google home and my hue lights.

          I picked it up second hand for $200 from memory, but since they've been discontinued I think they're a bit harder to find. It's not flawless, I really don't like the touchscreen 'cause I bump it too much, but the non-touch companion isn't backlit, which I think is important for my use.

          • @Srey: So it connects to the shield with Bluetooth right? Pretty sure there's no IR on the shield?

            • @spendybeans: Yeah correct, no IR on the version of the Shield I have (some older ones do though I think). I believe the bluetooth connection is actually between the Harmony Hub and the shield, not the remote itself, but not 100% on that.

              If you want a universal remote but don't want to go all the way to the hub based setups you can do what I did with the FireTV and use a Flirc USB IR receiver. With the FireTV it was great, and I pretty sure there's profiles for the Shield too.

              The hub based Harmonys are expensive, but I haven't been able to find anything that will do the same functions at a better price, so I hope mine keeps on kicking for a while yet!

  • +1

    just rang to cancel my order with retravision - they were able to price match and provide free shipping. Thanks retravision. Stock was available for my order which was placed on Monday and getting shipped out today

    • I also just called them to cancel my order, but they agreed to price match Amazon with free shipping. Order ships out today!

    • I didn't know that Retravision was still around.

      • +2

        If Retavision can do this I would suggest people keep their order with them.

        I thought they went under and they will if we all use Amazon over a local company able to provide the same price.

        If possible try to support the local business and buy from Retavision.

        • Retravision’s 60-day Price Promise to you:
          If you purchase any Retravision product, and happen to find a lower advertised price from one of our competitors* within 60 days, we promise to refund 120% of the difference!

          Enjoy 60-day peace of mind with our 60-Day Price Promise!

          Also they have a large number of stores in Western Australia


          • @snickerz: I think if you read their terms they are not obligated to but they have been kind enough to still honour a price match to amazon with free shipping, seems more than fair to me.

            • @yacman: No complains there mate, they have been excellent!

        • +1

          Yeh just called them up they shipped the orders today … didnt ask for price match

        • agree Retravision is great, I bought few stuff from them before and support was excellent, I voted for them for Retailer of the year prize

    • Did they ship out your order? My order status still says processing…

  • -1

    i was quite keen to go for Roku Streaming Stick 4K +
    Great features . I shortlisted this and NVidia Shield 4k. Roku is great.
    But came the Firestick 4k deal and i brought that immediately.

  • Damn. Just bought yesterday from gg commercial for $317. Would have returned and bought from Amazon if I hadn’t opened and started using it.

    • You're not a Good Guys Concierge member at all?. As as a Concierge member it provides a 30 day price difference guarantee.

      • No I am not. I am going to call goodguys and ask them whether they can do anything about it.

        • Yeah then unfortunately i don't think you'll get any where with it. There's no price guarantee after purchase without being a Concierge member.

  • Thanks OP. Been waiting for a while for it to go down to this price level.

  • Thanks OP. Just bought one and return the old one to Amazon cause I bought the old one at full price.

  • +3

    retravision has shipped out there orders today best not screw them over for few dollars….

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