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[Back Order] Nvidia Shield Pro 4K Android Media Player $288 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Retravision


Decent price. Delivery to Melbourne south-east suburbs was $7.

RAC members save an additional 5%.

Mod: Showing out of stock but available in-store in Retravision Margaret River, Albany, Kalgoorlie, Karratha, and Mitchell & Brown Retravision (Geraldton), although this may be a web site error. Store Rep has commented that there is no available stock.

Update: Back order re-opens.

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  • +23

    Lol shit I thought retravision didn’t exist anymore

    • +2

      Right, all the ones near me turned into Betta electrical

    • Their stores are mostly WA https://www.retravision.com.au/stores
      Good luck with C&C

    • Really? They've got a big store in Cannington WA

      • +3

        I believe Taki is referring to the Eastern States where we unfortunately do not currently have any stores. Our Cannington WA store is currently sold out with stock arriving early/mid next week which at this stage will fulfil backorders already placed for that location. - Malcolm

        • +1

          Just in time for the courier strike….uh-oh.

        • I remember the ads - and family friends had what I suppose was a franchise in nsw haha

  • +25

    Best media player on the market.

    • -14

      I have it and an Apple TV and I gotta say they're decently on par with each other. Apple TV definitely plays all my Plex media a tonne better though.

      • +11

        I've never had an issue streaming from my Plex including 4k HDR and Atmos. Can Apple TV do Dolby Atmos?

        • +2

          Interestingly enough I just updated it maybe two weeks ago and that was one of the new features!

        • +3

          I believe its only the lossy Atmos on Netflix it can do not the full TrueHD core. Obviously not DTS-X or Master Audio.

      • +7

        Apple tv doesn't support Kodi.

        • -3

          what's Kodi?

          • +7

            @Hugh G Rection: Kodi Nikorima

            Plays for the warriors

            • @abc12345: ahhhhhhh,

              *still confused

              • -2

                @Hugh G Rection: Kodi is just like Plex you setup a server to stream your content

                • @Fornax: ahhhhh, now i understand.
                  thank you for the actual helpful comment. not all hero's wear capes.

                  • +1

                    @Hugh G Rection: Its a lot more customisable and can play all kinds of different channels and content from around the world. Also is one of the few media apps that can play full atmos and dtsx along with Dolby vision

          • @Hugh G Rection: Kodi is Aussie TV catchup without ads, free Foxtel with a mate's login, and thousands of addons offering sports, movies, international TV and a whole lot more, all for free. Plus it's a local media manager (though Plex is easier to use) and has a terrific built-in player.

      • +6

        Apple TV is 1 of the worse. No external storage, worst voice assistant, mainly good for 15% vs 80% Android users. AI upscaling makes NVIDIA true leader

        • Yep. It's a comedy device.

        • -9

          AI upscaling is crappy processing that destroys picture quality and in Australia there are more iPhone users than android users.

          It’s also 3x as powerful and cheaper. It will also happily decode Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio contrary to common understanding.

      • +4

        The Shield is better for Plex IMO, as it has a few features that Apple TV does not have, including audio passthrough (with support for both True HD Atmos and DD+ Atmos, not just DD+), AI upscaling, resolution switching, can run Plex server, is not limited to 120Mbps bitrates etc.

        • +2

          Yeah its the only device that supports the high end audio soundtracks. Even though some Chinese boxes say they do its still not the full output you're getting with them.

          • -1

            @Monstalova: Apple TV will decode TrueHD and DTS Master Audio to multichannel LPCM.

            • @tp0: That's what the other Chinese boxes do. You're not getting the full range of sound. I've tried it and you can hear differences from the way they decode it. If you've paid for a full surround system you want the best you can get and only a Shield or Blu-Ray player can get you that. Apple don't want to pay the licensing fees so you only get what they allow you to.

        • While it can run plex server, it can't do it well with a big library hosted on a nas. I bought one specifically to be my plex server plus player because if the "AI" upscaling, and the server would just crash every few minutes when connected to my Synology NAS. Also the upscaling is just a sharpening filter, nothing AI about it.

    • +3

      AI upscaling makes it unique.

    • Well other than a HTPC.. (at 10 times the price)

  • +2

    Amazon Firestick 4k was a great deal at $59 recently.
    Have loaded Kodi with some nice addons and it's a ripper.

  • +2

    I managed to set up my live TV on the nvidia shield. Its so damn good. I love it - never looked back!

  • +7

    Hi All, Stock of these has now been fully depleted, we are working with our supplier for an ETA on when more stock will be available and arriving to us. Once we have an ETA we will communicate with any backorders placed and with this thread for those holding off until they know roughly when stock will be available again. - Malcolm

    • +2

      Our Supplier has advised that they have stock available in their East Coast Warehouse which we will be shipping from directly to fulfil some Eastern States backorders and new orders - Stock is incredibly limited still however orders placed before now and until that stock allocation is exceeded will be fulfilled within 1-2 weeks. - Malcolm

      • +3

        The Above allocation has been exceeded. We are awaiting further information on Monday/Tuesday and have removed both Nvidia Shields from Sale until we can be sure we are not overselling. - Malcolm

        • +9

          Because most people don't actually have the time, nor the skills, to set that crap up . And tbh it doesn't really work as well as a dedicated media device like the Shield anyway (I have a number of machines and media players littered about the house).

  • +5

    The Shield will be taken to a new level in the next few weeks, with GeForce Now cloud game streaming set to officially launch in Australia this month.

    I've been beta testing for the past few weeks, and it's amazing :)


    There is also rumours of the Xbox Games Pass app coming to Android TV, which is great news given Xbox Cloud Gaming has just been released in Australia:


    • +1

      You can just install the android app to run Xbox Cloud games on your shield, worked fine for me.

      But what was amazing about it? I'm a beta tester of both Xbox Cloud and Geforce Now using my Shield, and didn't find either to be particularly good (1080p only, occasional buffering/bitrate issues, lag, etc).

      I don't really recommend Shield anymore:
      - they have big advertising banners on the main screen
      - still doesn't support native refresh rates for most streaming apps
      - that big Netflix button on the remote that always seems to get in the way (for me at least)

      • +1

        You can just install the android app to run Xbox Cloud games on your shield, worked fine for me.

        Yeah I installed it too, but found the navigation and layout weren't great, and a native Android TV app should fix those.

        what was amazing about it?

        • No downloads, no installs, no patches, no drivers, no updates, no storage requirements etc

        • Compatible with Ubisoft+, giving instant access to Ubisoft's game library (including new releases), so you can essentially "rent" Ubisoft games when new games are released or over the Xmas / school holidays etc

        • I have three young kids and five TVs with a Shield attached to each, so now the family can play games on any TV in the house

        • I have an aging gaming PC and an Xbox One - GeForce Now (and Xbox Cloud Gaming) means I may no longer have to update these to the next gen

        • The clincher for me was when Far Cry 6 released a few days ago. Within half an hour of launch, I was signed up to Ubisoft+ for $20 and streaming to the Shield - happy days :)

  • +2

    How exciting

  • I've used this to stream from my pc to my 4k tv (over Ubiquiti wireless, no less). It's… okay, but I suspect it'd be better cabled and I also have to deal with resolution nonsense because I'm running a UW at the source.

    Otherwise, it's a pretty decent unit (albeit expensive). As the other poster has mentioned I will be very interested to see how the game streaming function works when fully launched.

  • +1

    Confirming $7 postage also to Brisbane and surrounds. Cannot wait!

    This will be replacing my old xbox one for streaming. If the cloud gaming works out I may get rid of it altogether!

  • Would someone be able to give me a quick pros/cons of this thing? I have a 2018 Sony TV with Android and the UI is a clunky piece of crap and has been since day dot. Will this alleviate my woes? Will I be able to use Optus Sport/VLC/10 Play etc.?

    • +1

      Will this alleviate my woes?


  • +2

    For those not looking to game or running a Plex server, I'd strongly suggest going for a Chromecast with Google TV, frequently offered for $89 or less. Going very strong playing 4K videos on Kodi and Syncler.

    • +1

      As someone with both (connected to different screens), I very much prefer this (remote/speed/upscaling/way less crashes), but $200 worth of prefer this, now that's a challenge, especially if on a tight budget.

    • How is Kodi's 4k playback on the Chromecast? Any restrictions to be aware of?

      • It's smooth, no issues at all after I used the OpenWizard add-on and set it to the Firestick 4K settings. It's a device with similar processing power.

  • been waiting for a decent price for one of these for a long time.

    i know the box is about 2 years old and nvidia usually cycle new models every 2 years, but heck…. i needed one now!

    i expect covid probably pushed the revised model back another 12 months anyways.

    can now throw those useless chinese boxes away, have some decent to use for PLEX & KODI.

    • I got it for this price a year ago. Its the top end media box that sells well so anything under $300 most people will snap it up. Likely be the best price for a while

  • It needs to be side loaded, but the Shield does a great job running Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cloud games.

  • Such a networking noob, can you use this as a Plex media server and transfer files to it from your computer via wifi?

    • -2

      this is a plex media CLIENT, not server.

      • +1

        It can be a SERVER and CLIENT

    • +2

      Yeah you can use the Shield Pro as a Plex server as well as a client, and it's one of only a few server devices that does not require Plex Pass for Hardware-Accelerated Streaming:


      Access Plex media folders on the Shield:


    • +1

      I’ve found plex media server on shield pro a hit or miss and that because of plex, they have so many updates for android and majority of time the shield doesn’t show plex server available to stream. I’ve seen many group discussions on it so my take is shield is overpriced media streamer.

  • Seems like it's no longer in stock and can't be ordered. Tried to purchase one but couldn't. "Sorry, this product is currently Out Of Stock and can't be purchased. Please remove it from your Cart and select another model."

    Also seems like their online checkout don't accept international cards at all.

    EDIT: Wow, I must've just missed ordering it because of the silly checkout preventing me from placing the order. Now the product page is updated with an Out of Stock notice and it can no longer be added to the cart 😫

    • +2

      Hello JessC, Due to High Demand we have removed these from sale to avoid overselling until we have confirmation of available stock. Please keep an eye out for further information on Monday/Tuesday. if you would like to flick us a message or email [email protected] we can also keep you in the loop. - Malcolm

  • In NAS (eg. Synology DS920) + Shield set up for HTPC, do you put the Kodi/Plex on the NAS or the Shield?
    Pros and cons?

    • The DS920 does hardware transcoding so I don't think you will gain anything by using a Shield as your media server.

    • I had this same setup - tried Plex Server on the Shield, was complete garbage. The server would stop after a few minutes without fail, repeatedly, on multiple factory resets and installs, even when just trying to look at the Plex Server settings in a browser. Complete garbage. Returned mine and just run it on the DS920+ now.

  • Does anyone know if using an older 2017 model that files transferred there using the shield as formatted device, that these drives will be seen on the 2019 model?
    I really don't want to have to move 8TB worth of stuffs.

  • Any word on how far off a new model is?

    Not in a huge rush for this but will grab it if a new model is a while away?

    • There's always a new model coming.

      If you want one now don't keep waiting.

    • No word, and with the chip shortage likely to extend for years it's not looking likely.

  • What kind of HDMI cable is recommended with these to get ATMOS and TrueHD sound?

    • One that certified at the standard for those features to work on the cable

      • What I mean is people who have had this may know if HDMI 1.4 or 2.0 is suitable?

        An 18gbps cable should be fine but there are many reports online of people having issues with audio sync and DV.

        I was looking for some first-hand feedback.

        EDIT: for a cheap price, these look much better than $80 options at JB and $40 options at OW.

        They also stock a $12 cable but I cant find much info about the cable online.

  • +4

    Hi All, a Limited Quantity has been secured and these can now be ordered online again. Stock is arriving mid this week with another small shipment due in 1-2 weeks. Once this stock is sold out we will be removing these from sale as we do not know when further stock will be available. - Malcolm

    • Thanks so much Malcolm! Just ordered one 🙂

    • I thought I missed out the deal yesterday. Luckily I checked the post just now and ordered one. Many thanks Malcolm!

  • +1

    don't forget they have a 5% discount for RAC members!

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