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10%-15% off Selected Items (Exclusions Apply) - Nintendo Switch OLED $485.10 ($435.10 with LatitudePay- Expired) @ The Good Guys


Offer ends 11:59pm AEDT 15/10/2021. Discounts apply to most recent previous ticketed/advertised price. As we negotiate, products will likely to have been sold below ticketed price in some stores prior to the discount offer. Cannot be used in conjunction with another discount offer. Discount issued at point of sale in store. For discount online use promo code at check out. See product for discount and code.

Combine with

$50 off $150 Spend @ LatitudePay

Nintendo Switch Console OLED Model (Neon) - $485.10 ($435.10 with LatitudePay) - Credit to doweyy Expired

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  • +11

    "Excludes some advertised lines… Smeg, Asko, Ffalcon, AEG, Smeg"
    Wonder if Smeg's included?

    • "Excludes anything you want to actually buy"

    • +3

      Excludes excluding Smeg. So, includes?

    • +1

      Double negative is a positive right?

  • The new sonos beam gen 2 comes down to $594.15 with the code. Thinking about picking one up. My lg c8 only has arc and not the newer earc but this should still work well with my tv.

    • My eyes on this as well, not a bad damn deal.

      • I got the gen 1 for 400 last year. Surely this new gen is not worth another $200? Isn't it only 'pseudo' atmos?

        • If it works like Atmos then isn't that good enough?

          Gen 2 has a metal only grill as opposed to being covered with fabric.

        • I’d take the gen 1 at that price. Was at jb other day and they at the gen one displayed as if it was the new gen 2 and being $649. I guess the new gen is more future proofed

          • @dylanando: Yeah I just read they're discontinued, so probably not gonna happen again at that price :(

            It does have a few decent upgrades but you would have hoped they'd keep the same price point. Seems they've increased prices across the entire range instead. Damn! Guess this is the new mid-end haha.

        • Isn't Atmos only a pseudo channel? :p

          I don't consider something bouncing off my roof as good as a speaker pointed in the right direction.

          • @justtoreply: Well, psuedo psuedo then :p

            From what I've read it isn't quite the same as an arc, they make it 'sound' like it's above you but don't actually have the specialised speakers for it.

            • @fLaMePrO: Sonos have just continued a bunch of their gen 1 ecosystem in the app. Its so stupid… You've got to set old stuff up with S1 app and new stuff separately. The phone hotline couldn't understand why this is problematic (I was helping a client with 26 Sonos devices across his house - he'd bought some new ones to add).

              I would not touch Sonos… They make a good product but legacy support is shocking (given the price).

  • +1

    Nice at least u smashed the OLED price .

  • Hmm no pick-up option for White OLED switch 🥲

    Is there a free shipping code?

  • Lattitude Starting tonight. Hope it doesn't go out of stock

  • Nice by my calculations original switch would be $372

  • +1

    Some stuff cheaper with TGG commercial, even with the discount code.

  • +1

    Anyone having issues with applying gift cards? Got some bogus code 0 error in cart. Been on hold to their customer service for 40 mins… Found an old thread that doesn't bode well. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/444109
    EDIT: Got through and told to call their Concierge team tomorrow (9am-6pm). :(

    • I'm having the same problem :( except mine says

      "We are unable to process this gift card. Please check you have entered the number correctly and try again"

      • +1

        Strangely I typed it in exactly and it said that but when I copy + pasted it didn't. Maybe there's a space at the end?

        • Thanks but still didn't work for me 😭

    • I had that problem. I emailed them and they responded pretty quickly and provided generated new gift card numbers.

      • Grr really? I was on the phone with them and the gift card company and they both said nothing can be done after hours (this was around 6.30-7pm) and I would have to call back 9am tomorrow. What time did you contact them?

        • +1

          I didn’t explain very well. I mean a couple weeks so when I received mine and it said it had $0 balance I contacted concierge via docket maker on their website. They emailed back asking for more info so I gave it and they generated a new one. This was all done in about an hour on a weekday during the day.

          Make an enquire here https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/contact-concierge-team#contac...

      • I had the same problem but was unluckier. I emailed them and they responded back in 7 days and told me to call concierge before the gc expires, but it already expired

        • In my experience concierge made me a new one even after it had expired and had the $0 balance error.

    • Lol after calling concierge, it turns out I need to call customer care which is a whole other number 1300 466 348 Ext 1.

  • Thanks OP, will pick up an OLED switch tomorrow with the latitude pay offer.

    • +2

      It seems like an error that the code is applying on Nintendo. Since the code is not displayed on the product page. Now it depends if you are ready to take the risk and wait till tomorrow. If anything, buy it at 12am tonight :)

      • +1

        Oh thanks for the heads up! I've got my regular switch anyway, was only gonna upgrade if the price for the OLED was low enough.

        $430 seems good, but if it doesn't work then no biggie :)

      • Don't worry, the OLED switch will only get cheaper as I believe there will be better deals by Christmas… $399 maybe?

        • Definitely possible, but I feel it'll be harder to get it around then, people will be more eager to get it for Christmas presents.

          Would rather just spend an extra $30 or so and more easily secure one now (if the stacking works, that is)

      • I'm all in baby!

  • Thanks OP. Got the a7g 55 for $820 after price beating appliance central. Could've waited for latitude $50 discount tomorrow but my local has stock now for click and collect

    • Did they match after the discount price? I thought they don't agree to do that.
      A7G looks good on paper. Only I could view the picture quality in a store (locked down in Melb).

      • I was actually happy to just price match but they beat appliance central even with their discount. Not sure with this TV tbh but yeah reviews are decent so I went for it.

  • I back ordered the Samsung Q900 soundbar for $807 using gift cards. Thanks OP.

  • Ordered a neon OLED switch and the item status is listed as 'backordered' in my order details.
    The product page lists 'Usually despatched in 3-7 business days.' after setting my postcode. Fingers crossed it does still ship quickly.

    • Still backordered. Called the store listed in my confirmation email and they advised an ETA of mid Novembe despite the website saying it is still in stock in their warehouse.
      Not great

  • Press Start put out an article for this https://press-start.com.au/bargains/2021/10/13/the-nintendo-...

    Shared on their social media too (Twitter and FB) so even more people aware of this now.

    • +5

      They always ‘borrow’ posts from here and rarely give credit.

    • He is a fiend for stealing deals off here to bump up his follower base. At least credit the person you're ripping it off, even if they have an odd ozbargain name

  • About time.

    I was getting bored just sitting in my hallway looking at the ceilings.

  • Nice, got a switch OLED for $443 delivered. Thanks OP!!

  • Done. Ordered Via Lattitude.

  • got switch oled $443

  • Haven't seen any deals on the Nintendo Switch standard for awhile, not sure if there's ample stock left for Black Friday sales, so $372.10 for that may also be considered a deal.

  • +3

    using giftcards now doesn't show latitudepay option for any remaining balance… sad..

    • can confirm - I had store credit to use, but as soon as I added it only had option to check out using Paypal or Credit Card :(

    • aww man, I literally just bought the 5% off Gift cards and then this RIP

    • You can only choose one or the other

  • +1

    Good on Latitude pay for allowing people to go over their limit (mine was $150), as long as the first payment covers the amount gone over.

    Paid for the entire thing within a minute anyways.

    Then there's Zip/Zop pay which has a limit of $2000.

    Only Klarna was silly enough to completely block me off last time I tried to make a purchase under $550. Uninstalling Klarna.

  • thanks OP!

  • Hm tempted to get the sonos move or roam in this. Will black friday be a better deal at TGG or similar?

  • Just got a call from my local Good Guys, they said the Switch is on backorder and they don't have an ETA as of yet.

    I don't mind waiting, but just a heads up for others. They said all other stores near by are in the same boat.

    • Still, the order status is Active. Have not received any call for Backorder. Bought it yesterday early morning.

      • Interesting, might just be my area then.

        Though another person below had a similar call, but were given a November ETA.

  • +1

    the code not working anymore for switch!

    • Yah just tried to use it, no discount. Update the deal - expired for switch.

      • Update the deal - expired for switch.

        Already says so in the title and description

  • got a call from switch not available till November. put it on back order

  • Sorry - 2 (silly) questions if anyone is willing/able to help (I'm new OZBargain). How do I get giftcards for 5% off as referred to in the posts above (I've tried to search here and on google, but all I can find is 3.5% off on cashrewards. Also, if I get some giftcards, are they physical gift cards or electronic - I'm keen to get a LG G1 tv and need to save every $ I can…. thanks in advance and again apologies if this is a silly question.

    • +2

      Hi Gordo7,

      Certain companies offer there customers discounted Gift Cards to numerous Retailers.


      This site links these companies. I have both AGL Rewards and AAMI Lucky Club.

      I hope this helps explain things.

      • WOW! Thanks for this - it's awesome! Do you know if there's any limit on the total number of GCs that I can use… the table seemed to suggest 2 for online purchases, but that seems pretty low…

        • +1

          AAMI Lucky Club allows $1000 per month capped at $5000 per year for The Good Guys.

          Up to $500 eGift Card Values.

          I purchased a Washing Machine via Phone and was told you can only use 2 eGift Cards Online, but if you call The Good Guys Phone Number they will except more.

  • Xbox Series S for $399 with this promo and the Latitudepay offer is not too bad a deal

  • Any nice 55" tv? Or wait for black friday?

  • +1

    thanks for sharing, got myself an switch oled last night.

  • I assume that the cashrewards (3%) applies to these purchases, but can anyone confirm?

    • +1

      Code is listed on cashrewards so should be good to go.

  • Did anyone get a order confirmation ?

    I got nothing except a invoice number on latitude pay - been out of the country don’t think I got a call or have voicemail setup so no idea about that
    Married to call a store and had no luck getting info

    • Nothing from Store. Checked the order Online. Showing backorder now.

  • Has anyone received any update on the order. Mine is still showing Backorder. Not sure when it will be arriving (this month or this year)

    • No nothing, pretty poor tbh. Didn't expect it right away, but did expect an estimated lead time.

      • The store I called said mid November which sucks

  • Anyone know of a phone number to call about this switch that hasn't even been posted yet?
    there's only mention of calling the store which makes zero sense as i did not order from a store nor is a store mentioned in my order confirmation.

    • You have to call the store, it's delivered door-to-door from your closest store.

      I actually called mine yesterday and they said Mid November they'll have it in.

      EDIT: Sorry, just noticed you said no store is on your order. Look at your emails for the "Your order is being processed" one, it should have the store/phone number underneath the Switch line:

      NINTENDO Switch Console OLED Model (Neon) 99232 $485.10
      For order enquiries please contact: The Good Guys [Store Name] [Phone Number]

  • Has anyone received any updates ? Kids keep asking when are we getting it. It's been 1 month we ordered it. My order status is still BackOrder. TGG doesn't have any ETA for my order.

    • +1

      called store today - still on back order - they said they are unable to provide an ETA. I checked out as guest and got no emails - pretty piss poor seeing as lots of other stores have them in stock

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