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Logitech G915 Lightspeed Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard $255.20, G915 TKL $239.20 + Del ($0 to Select Areas) @ JB Hi-Fi


Found this on sale at JB HI FI. I'd to buy this, but I got one coming overseas :S Edit: I bought one, now I have two coming lol.
Full Tactile ($255.20)
Full Clicky ($255.20)
Full Linear ($255.20)

TKL Tactile ($239.20)
TKL Clicky ($239.20)
TKL Linear ($239.20)

TKL Tactile (white) ($239.20)

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  • Not as good as the previous one but still great price for this keyboard.
    Been using the clicky one for 2 months and absolutely love it.

    • Previous one?

      • I got it from the klarna kogan deal so only paid $225 for the full size one.

  • +8

    Not certain but you could combine it with:


    to get $50 off?

  • Been on the lookout for a KB for wireless gaming only, for some time and this variety looks good…I think.
    Reservation being Logi always seems like an enthusiast brand, rather than a serious one - coming from a sim racing background I mean - no offence intended.
    I can decipher the difference in key types, but what does someone want to look for if they're keen to spend $200+ on a KB for gaming specifically and only have to do it once?
    A link or opinion is greatly appreciated.

    FYI - I play Division 2 & have a steam controller for the analogue stuff.

    • The reasons I bought this are as follows.

      1. Wireless
      2. Mechanical
      3. Backlit
      4. RGB

      There are other combinations but this is the only one that combines all four. I got the tactile and am very happy with it but part of me wants to know what the clicky would have been like.

      • I appreciate your reply, but there are a many wireless, mechanical, backlit RGB KB's on the market atm.
        I'm after info that makes this KB worth paying $250 for vs another brand's offering.

        I have a clicky wired atm, there's lots of info on the different key types out there e.g.


        Clicky is just too loud for my midnight gaming sessions, it's like an 80's movie in my living room! The keys move a full 2 or 3mm before anything happens. Tactile seems like the go as you want that haptic response on keypress to let you know the keystroke has actioned, but the noise seems redundant.

        I see people with $500 custom tenkeyless rigs & I wonder what they have (aside from customisable aesthetics) over this rig.

        • +1

          If you are into wireless gaming, wouldn't you be worried about latency and whatnot? Razer has their Hyperspeed, Logitech has their Lightspeed, that kind of thing.

          I don't know bluetooth connections hold up well for gaming.

          • @iridiumstem: Yeah exactly the info I'm looking for the answer to.
            I mean these have a 1ms latency (2.4Ghz dongle included), but being new to wireless, I don't even know what else to look out for. And like I intially posted, I don't want to buy several KB's just to learn.
            I've been impressed by a Razer Bas I just got, so I'm confident in going wireless with the KB too.

      • I've got a Cooler Master SK622 which is Wireless, Mechanical, RGB, backlit. It does wireless over bluetooth rather than RF though, and doesn't have a row of dedicated media controls. They have a range of similar boards with larger layouts, the SK622 is a compact 60% layout.


        • These look good, cheers. Reviews seem mixed though, most say use it as a portable, not full-time wireless as they drop keystrokes due to thier low polling rate over BT.
          I'm a fan of CM, always been an underrated brand in IMO. Have you had any issues with yours, specifically missed keystrokes over BT?

          • @Unsafe: I can't comment on the wireless too much - I've only used it one day in the office with wireless but it worked fine for typing and I wasn't bothered by it. At home I leave it plugged in all the time.

            Build quality is nice, RGB is pretty functional and customisable. Recently they added a new firmware revision which turns off the charging light once the battery is full, so that fixes the main gripe I had with the board.

            The macro/key customisation feels pretty bare bones, but it's workable. The bigger issue for the software is there are multiple software packages you can use with it but only one is kept up to date and isn't even linked to from the https://www.coolermaster.com/downloads/ page. What you need is the new Masterplus+ software, from https://masterplus.coolermaster.com/

            If you're a power user you will probably get frustrated with it. I find it pretty nice as-is though.

            • @Alzori: More & more reviews did slate it when in wireless mode, sonruled it out.
              Went with a Corsair K63 & Lapboard attachment shipped for just under $250 from mwave.
              Ticks all the boxes & is 4 years old, which is a positive as it still reviews at around 90% today.
              Thanks for your help.

  • Tactile or linear? I like quiet and prefer laptop low travel type keys

    • Same boat

    • +1

      The answer you are looking for from Rocket Jump Ninja - https://youtu.be/KH4CCz0E5jI?t=175

    • if you prefer having a laptop keyboard, something like MX Keys sound like a better option?
      At least I'd try to try them out before getting them, since rubber dome keyboards and the "mechanical keyboards" are different.

      Low profile mechanical keyboard switches released by Gateron, Cherry, and more, would be taller than what you expect from a laptop keyboard.
      They'd be noisier than your average scissor switches, because you are basically hitting plastic onto plastic.

      This doesn't mean you'd not enjoy them, but I think it's best if you try them out first.

    • i had all of them. clicky, tactile, and linear. linear would be more quiet out of them all. the tactile feels like there is sand in your switches. you feel a subtle bump, almost none existent. if you want a nice bump in the switch, you would need clicky. if you get clicky i hope you are by yourself, or you will drive everyone crazy. lol

      • Yeah not a fan of the clicky, I think linear would be the go, wish there was somewhere nearby to try them out

  • This keyboard is really good battery lasts forever

    • +4

      Can confirm. It would have been nice if it charged via USB-C.

      • Yep I don't mind as my headset mouse and kB all use the same connector

  • Unless u absolutely need Logitech lightspeed for MOBA or FPS…micro USB charging is just too tedious

    • I use this kb at work and charge it maybe once a month. Just plug it in and keep working…

    • +2

      If you want to make it easier, you could always use those magnetic adapters to transform your micro usb into a nice magnetic connection :)

  • It's a great keyboard I have the lightspeed wireless

  • micro usb for anyone wondering which kills the deal imo

    • agreed, but again that is why its on sale. no one is buying it.

      • +1

        So by that logic, when there's a sale on toilet paper at the Coles/Woolworths it's because no one is buying it?

        • that's incorrect. do you buy keyboards every week? lol, good try though.

        • Hmmm I wonder if Logitech will do a re-design of the model eventually.

          It looked like things were spicing up in the realms of mouse for Logitech, (G502 X Plus and G303 Shroud Edition). Hmmm.

    • well written!!!

  • Really like mine, I have the tactile and my brother uses the clicky, clicky to me feels a lot better (although it's loud) but tactile is pretty good. I used to have the Keychron K6 and this is so much more comfortable to use for me although the price level is drastically higher.

  • Quite happy with my Royal Kludge G87 which is about ~$60 AUD. How much better is this logi one?

  • +1

    Mods or OP, should update post to include $50 latitude pay deal for tommorow

  • Will JB refund the price difference if I bought 2 weeks ago? :c

  • +1

    Does anyone have any suggestions on this vs Corsair K95? Would mostly use it for typing/coding/office work, no gaming. Been looking at both for a while and this sale might be enough to clinch it for me.

    • Want to know too
      What mechanisms keyboard suitable for work, typing and occasional gaming.

  • +1

    tactile or Linear?

    I would mainly use it for programming and light gaming.

  • Just tried to purchase with Lattitude Pay, signed up and after all that trouble, it only have $10 off. Unless the $50 off deal isn't live yet?

    • Ignore my stupidity, misread the Latitude Pay deal. It's only $50 off $150 for Harvey Norman cand The Good Guys.

      • How about jb?

      • actually, it looks like they may have changed it and it was $50 off $150 before the deal went live.

  • This is so worth. Get the tactile😊

  • JBHIFI puts up the prices for these items to make it look like a better deal.

    $319 normal
    $299 TKL

    Outside of JBHIFI prices are lower:

    $289 Normal size

    $279 TKL

    JB is still cheaper with their current sale price though.

    The wired G815 version is even worse

    JB prices:

    $299 normal price
    $239 sale price


    Outside of JBHIFI you can get the G815 for much lower

    $209 normal price

  • +1

    Amazon has price-matched for the Full Size Logitech G915

  • -2

    I am kind of sitting on the fence right now:

    The December is coming, but the shipping is in disaster right now, not to mention the inflation is on its way…

    And I am not very keen on wireless KB for gaming, $255 seems still a bit overpriced for this KB

    I will probably wait for the December sale to see, or wait till it drop below $200ish, but just IMHO though

    Buy what you need, not what you want! (to myself)

    • Too reasonable to be an Ozbargainer

    • I get you. I was the same. I did jump the gun on wireless keyboard on this one. I don't really mind or need the fancy led lights but the keyboard typing experience is superior to what I used before. And the wireless dongle performs better than any wired. My desk looks a lot less cluttered.

      Give it a thought. 😉

  • When I zoom in on the picture, the symbol keys are all in the wrong spot (tilda, plus, minus, brackets, colon, semicolon, etc). Is this just JB being lazy and using the wrong image or are you actually buying a different keyboard?

    • I think it'd be OK, if you circle through the pictures, there are ones that show different layout as well (the one with rectangular Enter key).

      I don't think we had ISO layout (so with that L shaped enter key) released in Australia, at least to my understanding (because when I went onto Logitech UK and Australia, UK had bunch of different model numbers for different layouts).

  • +2

    If you don't mind the brown switch, you can get it priced matched at Harvey Norman, and use Latitude pay to get it for $205.

    • Good old Harvey - I so sorry we could not match the keyboard too as per the price match policy with Products with pricing set significantly lower than the recommended retail price or market value.

    • Thanks mate, just got the tactile at HN price matched $255.20 and the LatPay with total of $205.20. Would've preferred Clicky but can live with it with extra $50 off. :D

      • Can you price match online or have to call up or go in store?

        • I went to a local store and asked for the price match. The guy looked up the keyboard on JB website and said OK. One of the keys were malfunctioning so I had to go back the next day and swap for another keyboard… it's all good now.. phew

          • @arclytesoul: DAMNIT, I did it via live chat and they price matched, only for me to realise the $50 off Lattitude Pay deal has expired!!! Arghhh!!

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