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Brother HL-L2350DW WiFi Laser Printer $139 + Delivery or Pickup @ Umart


Brother HL-L2350DW Wireless Mono Laser Printer

Back in stock.. 25 Oct 21

When all you need is a reliable and effective printer to bring your digital documents to life, Brother's HL-L2350DW is the easy choice. This desktop friendly printer simply makes for a great device in your home or small office. Featuring
- 30ppm print speeds,
- up to 3,000 yield optional high-yield toner,
- wireless connectivity,
- automatic 2-sided (duplex) printing and
- a 250-sheet paper input,
- this printer is quiet, practical and easy to use.
It's the ideal partner for an individual or small team that needs consistent and high quality printing.

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  • +15

    I have one of these. Can confirm having a laser printer (even black and white) is a game changer.

    It's not as fast as I was expecting but not having to worry about buying goddamn ink all the time is well worth it.

    Good setup too, print easily across my phone and PC

    • -7

      I have one of these.

      Is it heavy ?

      • +51

        He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

    • +5

      I completely agree. These printers work even if you turn them On after a year. Ink doesn't dry. I have one for years and it works great

      • This!! I remember as a kid my dad brought home his old office laser printer made in the 90s. The thing was a beast and I must have printed hundreds and hundreds of sheets without changing the ink!!

        I reckon I could still get it out of the shed dust it off and run off a few guitar tabs ;)

        • Haha sure thing. I bet it would still be working

      • +1

        They have no ink.

    • What did you mean about not worrying about ink? Is it very efficient with the cartridge?

      • +1

        It's a 2 fold answer. Laser uses toner which means it can't dry out because it's not ink. They also print soo much more than inkjet with high yield able to do a few thousand pages

      • +10

        Sorry to be the Terminology Police but the correct word to use for laser printers is 'toner' (except for some exotic printers that use a wax-based media). Toner is an extremely fine powder largely made up of plastic compounds with some colouring agents added in. Because it has no liquid component it cannot 'dry out' like the ink from an inkjet printer does; similarly, there are no microscopic holes that can become clogged as a result as well. Therefore, you don't need to fire up a laser printer every week or so and run a cleaning cycle (which also consumes ink with no output) or print something just to keep the printhead clean and operational.

        And, yes, toner-based laser printers will be an order of magnitude more efficient in the use of the consumables than even the best inkjets. Your average high-capacity black ink refills will give you several hundred, maybe a thousand or so, pages at the standard 5% coverage of an A4 sheet - that's at maximum usage, by the way, and not taking into consideration wastage from cleaning cycles, unclogging dried printheads, et al. The above laser printer will give you up to 3000 pages from start to finish. Yes, toner cartridges will be more expensive to buy than their ink-based cousins, but once you buy enough ink to match the same yield you're likely spending more than you do on toner (don't forget the cost of replacing your inkjet printer several times when the heads get so woefully clogged you just can't clean them again, and you toss the whole thing in frustration). With careful shopping around and buying quality off-brand cartridges then the price difference widens considerably.

        • +1

          Sorry to be the Terminology Police

          Be honest - you love your job ;)

        • Also, we want to hear that these are LED printers these days, not LASER

    • +2

      it's super fast unless you do double sided.

    • +1

      also have one, good

    • How has your game changed?

      • Print and play games!

  • +6

    CNC? Computer numerical control?

    • Click n collect

  • HL-L2350DW for $139 from Umart

    $138 here…

    • That's preorder I believe

  • This is I am using right now. Happy with it.

  • +1

    This is what I am using right now. Happy with it.

  • +4

    I've had the 2340 for a few years now, I'd upgrade but it hasn't missed a beat. I regularly print from my surface, tablets, phones, desktop… all via wifi and using cheap, dodgy, ebay ink. I couldn't recommend it any higher.

    • Same. I've got mine plugged into the modem. Can print from any device. It goes into deep sleep once in a while and I need to turn it on and off. But I've replaced the toner cartridge once in 3 yrs. So good.

  • Be ready for it to be refunded.
    I purchased from TGG early September, they just cancelled my order saying Brother cancelled the backorder order due to unavailability of stock in the country.

    • Hope not. Umart claim to have it in stock, when I was ordering. Wonder if they are known for faking their stock levels…?

  • +1

    This is what I am using right now. Happy with it.

  • OOS

  • +1

    Thanks. Nabbed one.

  • +1

    This is what am I using right now. With it happy.

  • OOS

  • +2

    I've had one of these for a few years now and it's rock solid. I buy the knock-off toners on eBay and they work well. Very cheap to run.

  • OOS

    • Hmm, I just slipped through. I hope they don't cancel my order.

  • +1

    Had one for about year & half still on the original cartridge work just fine even on Linux.

  • I don't understand why new models keep being released when nothing fundamental have changed.

    • Yeah but it’s what people are using right now and they’re happy with it.

  • +3

    If you print significantly at home or small office, consider an ink tank printer, but for most people this one is the best value for money. I had one at home, reliable and efficient

    • Ink tanks still have all the problems of inkjets though don’t they?

      I’ve sent so many inkjet printers to landfill when they become clogged and the quote for repairing is more than the cost of the printer.

  • +11
    • Thanks. Ordered one! It's free shipping in case going through another lockdown.

    • Thanks mate, used this one!

    • Thanks bro!

    • Thanks for link!

    • It's now showing Error 404 - Page Not Found. They might already have got enough orders.

    • +1

      They (centre com) just cancelled my order, no stock from supplier. Thanks anyway

      • Same

      • Same here

      • Have you received your refund from Center com yet? I have not received mine.

        • No! I have chased twice, last time was this morning. I paid by PayPal so thinking of setting off a refund through them.

          • @patthecat: Refund now received 4:53 pm. Vincent B answered my email.

        • I got my refund back after 3 business days. Paid by bank transfer too.

          • @emilyzx: Centrecom disabled their Google reviews and they moderated all the current reviews. A dodgy practise.

  • +1

    What do you guys usually print? I have a Samsung color laser I bought years ago and I hardly have anything to print

    • +2

      Ebay postage labels.Selling all the crap I buy on ozbargain that I don't need.
      The circle of life continues…

    • Mostly Print and play games that I don't end up playing

  • What's the difference between this and office work one? 2305 I believe?

    • 2375?
      Slightly faster and has wired as well as wireless networking.

  • Can confirm that brother is top brand for home-office printer

    • How can you confirm this?

      • +4

        By confirming.

        • +1

          Thank you for your confirmation so I dont need to confirm again!

  • Will this also print color ?

    • +6

      Yes, black.

      • Black is the absence of colour

        • Actually, white is

        • One could argue black is all colours combined while white is the absence of colour.

          • +1

            @ialam99: Isn't white light all the colours combined? Which is why when you refract it, it gets a rainbow?

            • @Herbse: I guess the context was around printing and a colour printer with an empty black toner can still print the black colour by combining all 3 colours. A lack of toner on a page creates white.

          • @ialam99: One could also argue the opposite.

          • @ialam99: It's the exact opposite - black is the absence of all colours, whereas if you refract white light it shows all colours of the rainbow.

    • It won't print cyan, yellow, or magenta colours, if that's what you're asking. Only black.

  • +1

    Had a older version of this printer (hl-2170w) for 11 years now, easily one of the best printers I've ever owned. I don't use it all that much since I rarely print anymore, plus my inkjet printer will get clogged up if I don't use it for a while

  • +2

    I have been using Brother MFC 2740DW for years now and it is still going strong
    Highly recommending Brother for home office use printings

  • +1

    Bought one mid last year and haven't missed a beat. Using cheap toner cartridges from ebay, easy enough for my primary school aged kids to operate.

  • -1

    This is what is happy now I’m using it. Right?

  • Is this the type of printer I should get if I occasionally need to print stuff but majority of the time do not? Can I buy one for use once in a blue moon then otherwise keep it in a corner chilling for the rainy day of printing without having to worry about ink/toner/etc?

    • It seems you didn't read the posts above yours, which correctly address this question.

  • +3

    Brother are the rockstars of low-cost laser printers aimed at the home market. I had a couple of HL-2130 printers for years (one ran A4 paper, the other ran A5) and they never skipped a beat. I now have the HL-L2395DW which has wireless, duplexing, and manual scanner, and it's just perfect for my usage patterns. This one in this deal is superb value for money as it incorporates the same print engine and still has wireless and duplexing built-in. Buy genuine Brother toners only if you have to, otherwise find some quality 3rd-party brand and save yourself a ton of money on print costs.

    • Knowing which of the aftermarket brands that are reliable would be greatly appreciated.

      • +2

        My approach is hardly scientific but I search eBay for my specific model of printer and filter the results to only show Australian sellers (more due to the lower shipping times than anything else - there's no monopoly by foreign sellers on being dodgy) then sort them by price. Lastly, I look at seller ratings and find one that's as close to 100% as possible and check the comments to see if they seem trustworthy or not, then base my decision on that. It won't necessarily be the cheapest price around, but I've found in all the years I've been doing it I've been pretty lucky to get cartridges of acceptable quality. Once you've found a seller you like, just keep buying from the same one. Something I highly suggest is checking out Tonerstop (their eBay store is here) and consider refilling instead - the price is good, and the fact you're not throwing away a big chunk of plastic each time you need to change toner is a great reason.

      • +1


  • What's the cost of replacing the toner? Last time I tried to replace a toner, it cost almost the same as buying a new printer >_<

    • +2

      look on ebay. can be found for $15-$20

  • +1
  • +1

    1kg bags of toner powder can be bought from ali express for $30

    • +1

      Link? AU$32.90 + shipping from a domestic seller for something similar.

      Note that this printer will also need a chip reset as well. Would be curious to see if it’s much cheaper at Ali.

  • This printer is a beast - it's the home printer to buy if you don't need colour or a scanner.

    It's reliable, simple I've heard the toner carts are cheap (I got mine 18 months ago and still don't need one)

  • I have this one, its been a beast, printed ~5k sheets so far with no issues. Don't expect super fast duplexing, but always rock solid with no jamming. Also, I buy high yield toner from inkstation, and you can get discounts for buying 2 or more. Just be aware the inkstation refills do run out before the printer recognises it as empty, but as it's so cheap it doesn't hurt that much.

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