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[LatitudePay] $150 Xbox Gift Cards for $100 (Save $50 /w LatitudePay) @ Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne or Domayne


Hey all, good time to get some Microsoft gift cards.

Have confirmed it works at JM, HN and Domayne (thanks gibspmuh) - not able to get from TGG

Excellent way to get a series S on the cheap or use for games / ultimate / non-xbox products on Microsoft store.

Can get $450 worth of credit for $300 which (if not utilised last deal or not ready to wait) would bring a new Series S down to $349 via Microsoft.




Original $50 off $150 Spend: Harvey Norman deal

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    Nice spelling.

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    So many Harvey Norman deals to ignore at the moment

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    Also works at Domayne as well.

    • Nice, didn't realise the $50 off was with them too! Awesome, basically $333 for a series S. Or stock and hold for when a Series X comes back in stock!

      • $333? how haha

        • Thought TGG was working - but still 349 or cheaper if used the last lattitude pay deal which got you $100 card for $70.

    • +6

      Bought one for my 4 year old. He loves it.

      • +2

        My 3 yr old wants to buddy up. Awesome dads ftw!

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    Is it just me, or when you go to buy the cards from thegoodguys it says “can’t deliver to your location”, but when changed to pick up it says “no stores within 500km have stock”?
    Strange for an item with digital delivery…

    • Yeah I had same issue, gave up in the end

      • And they obviously have no phone number for online support. Took me straight to my local store who couldn't help.
        ah well

    • Same with me. Avoid TGG.

      HN and JM checkout's aren't clear on deal either. You have to go through the entire payment process, and nowhere does it state a $50 discount.

      Has anyone confirmed this deal is actually legit?

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        Yep worked for me on those two. When you get to the latitude website it shows the $50 discount.

        • thanks mate

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        Confirmed with HN. The $50 credit is indicated in Lattitudepay's portal when it asks you to confirm payment. After payment you receive an email indicating $50 promo discount.

    • FYI - just tried calling thegoodguys and got a hold of their sales team. They said they couldn't even find the item in their back end so could not sell it to me. Either they don’t have stock or there is a website error. Best to remove TCG from the post…

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    Just be clear, you have to spend $150 for $50 off, so buy $100 and $50 Xbox Gift Card.

  • Can you use these cards to buy Game Pass Ultimate using this method - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/654519

    • +1

      Not using that method.

  • +1

    Can we use this towards Xbox gold or live? Effectively 30% discount on the subscription

    • I used this towards gift card to buy new box. Isn't it cheaper to buy gold through cdkeys Brazil??)

  • +3

    I gave up on dealing with Good Guys idiot checkout. Can't pickup because it's not a physical product. Can't select delivery because it's not a physical product. Can't checkout without selecting one of those two options.

    gg idiots.

    • same, yep.

  • Saving up credit to buy Xbox or Surface device, thanks OP.

  • Nice one!!

  • Can confirm, HN works as you go through Latitude website.

    But it does state single use. OP how do you double up?

    • +3

      Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne, Domayne

      • Anyone get code from Joyce?

        I remember same thing happened last time I bought from them. Had to wait days for code 😡

        HN and D received code instantly

        • +1

          yep. Took a couple minutes. The two codes and the receipt went to three different gmail tabs, so maybe that happened?

      • thanks mate… just did all 3!

  • I wonder if ms will release a Christmas / Halo 6 bundle. Tempted.

  • Is this can be used for minecraft or roblox in app purchase on ipad?

    • Not sure. Unless you pay via your Microsoft account (or can get gift card specific for the game from Microsoft store) I'd say no

      (Eg it works for in game purchases on Xbox games)

  • When choosing payment methods in the Microsoft store for the series S it says only Paypal or credit card?

    • +1

      Got it working once I actually claimed the gift cards

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    I did harvey normans cards and worked a charm. Paid of the balance but the moment I paid in full latitude locked payments and told me to contact them.

    A tad sus but rang them and they unlocked it straight away. For sure they don't want you paying straight away.

    • +1

      Yep same here, dodgy dodgy, but a deal's a deal.

  • Thanks OP. Now waiting for MS to restock Series X…

  • I have successfully purchased via JM and received two vouchers via email. When I wen to Domayne to order the same, and have selected LatitudePay as payment method, the total didn't have the discount, still showing $150. Anyone knows what is the reason? Thanks!

  • Thank you got from all 3 stores, free $150 such a bargin!, now just gonna wait for xbox series x to come into stock

  • Got mine too from all 3 and ready for black Friday sale for XBL. Btw a FYI…like you PAY early in Latpay…your account will get locked. So I had to call them to get it unlocked. And they don't charge any extra anyway…so might as well pay later.

  • Probably not the best thread to ask, but is it worth trying to sell the one s 1tb and get a series s, utilising this deal?

    Don't really play it much, but kind of want to stay up to date. I'm happy to be xboxless for a couple of months too.

  • If you are not losing much, I don't see thething wrong with this approach, at least you will gain slightly faster load times and from what I have heard you would be able to migrate your games without any fuss. In fact I have considered this option myself, though by that time the best deals disappeared.

  • Cheers mate 👍

    • Can only see credit card, PayPal and zip in the payment method on hn and domayne. Is latitudepay hidden? Thanks.

      • I see everything on mine mate, not hidden. Don't know what to tell you

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