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15% off Range of Power Tool Combo: Dewalt Flexvolt 5 Piece $1444, 18V 5 Piece $832 / Makita Brushed 18V 9 Piece $1027 @ Bunnings


Looks like a 15% off a range of power tool combo kits,
similar deal to last month https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/649170
DeWALT 18V FlexVolt 5 Piece Advantage Combo Kit $1044 (usually $1699) https://www.bunnings.com.au/dewalt-18v-flexvolt-5-piece-adva...
DeWALT 18V 5 Piece Brushless Kit $832 (usually $999) https://www.bunnings.com.au/dewalt-18v-5-piece-brushless-kit...
Makita 18V 9 Piece Combo Kit $1027 (usually $1199) https://www.bunnings.com.au/makita-18v-9-piece-combo-kit_p02...

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  • Excellent, I've been on the lookout for some 18V tools!

    Actually, clicked the link and its still full price?

    Would it be DeWalt > makita

    • They would be on par..

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      Same dilemma I am having

      Chippy mates say makita. Dewalt you just pay a premium for the name. But I like the flexvolt. Extra power when I need it. Small jobs so reduce battery won't matter

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        Bunnings don't have details on their website but i think this should be the flexvolt kit. https://sydneytools.com.au/product/dewalt-dcz586p1t1txe-18v-...

        • That kit does look the same. Same part number and same original price.

          I was hoping for the 54v 5-piece kit but it doesn't seem bunnings offer it.

          • @242gtr: This is a nightmare, for some reason Bosch blue gear is a lot cheaper but I can't find what i want in a kit with Bosch…or even Dewalt, & Makita has way too many variations of the same tool lol.

            I then checked eBay, and its super cheap compared to rrp! E.g. dewalt DCG405N-XJ is $349 vs. $189!

            But the catch is the warranty is only valid if the seller is an authorised reseller…(3yrs sounds pretty crap anyways).

            Decisions decisions

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    Will it include ryobi?

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      Sorry I have only been looking at Makita and Dewalt. I dont know the usual prices for Ryobi

  • Do you know when it will end?

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      Sorry no idea

      • Tomorrow

        • Whoops didn't pull the trigger in time. Hopefully will pick up a good deal next time. What did you go with (if at all)

          I think I'm going to stick with Makita unless there's a real compelling reason to go with DeWalt also what's your experience level I'm a complete novice looking to get a good set of tools to do odd jobs around the house and upskill as a hobby.

  • Actually the best deal is the 2 piece combo: https://www.bunnings.com.au/dewalt-2-piece-18v-flexvolt-adva...

    They throw in older models and weird stuff (like a 12v battery in a 18v kit) in the larger kits. You can build up the same larger kits on top of this 2 piece combo and even save some money or similar price but you get the newer models.

  • Really torn on what to get. Spoke to a few friends and family they recommended Makita. For reference I'm a complete novice looking to start woodworking and building basic DIY. Moving into a new house in December and I wanted to help out with some renos.

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      Unfortunately I noticed prices have gone back up now. But it was only like 5 weeks between prices drops so keep an eye out. Also that is pretty close to Black Friday sales.

      I was on the lookout for my first kit of power tools. Just for basic DIY around the house. So complete novice here too. Not sure I am the best to give advice.

      Ryobi was another brand suggested to me. Cheaper kits than Makita. In the end I went Makita based on recommendations from friends.

      And if you are looking at Renos maybe consider brushless?