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ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum: Bonus 70,000 Qantas Points ($2,500 Spend in 3 Months), $0 Annual Fee First Year (Save $295)


First post so please go easy on me

I was scrolling through to look for ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum, came across this deal on ANZ's website.
The requirements are similar as previously -

  • Be 18 years of age or over, and
    • Be a permanent Australian resident or a non-permanent resident with more than 9 months remaining on your Visa
    • Have a good credit rating. Find out more about Credit Reporting
    • Ensure if applying for an offer, you don’t currently hold and haven’t opened or closed an ANZ Frequent Flyer Black, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum, ANZ Frequent Flyer Gold or an ANZ Frequent Flyer credit card in the last 12 months and meet all other offer eligibility criteria.

Annual Fee $0 for the first year and 295 thereafter. More info on rates is available on the link provided.

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    • I remember those days…it has been so long now since my last instant approval

  • Good deal, just about to close the FF Black.. now to wait another 12 months.
    Wish I was able to get this one instead.

  • Closed my anz ff cc on 17th Oct last year, do I need to wait till the 18th this month or till Nov to pass the 12 mths wait period?

    • whenever you think it's12 months ..
      if you think 12 months is from Oct 2020 to Nov 2021, then that's when it is ;)

      (not sure why you would think that!)

    • +1

      I just applied for a card that I closed a year ago. I have the account closed confirmation email that was exactly the same day last year. I waited to the next day to be sure so a full 12 months. It was opened without problem and got the bonus again.

  • +1

    Any review on this - Qantas American Express Ultimate - The ultimate Card for Qantas Points, rewards and benefits

    Receive 110,000 bonus Qantas Points plus $200 back

    Annual fee - $ 450 - comes with a $450 Qantas Travel Credit each year plus a range of premium travel benefits.

  • -1

    There is no Cool down for QFF points for deals from different companies right?
    Amex card for 100k QFF and this card a month later, I’m still eligible to receive these QFF points right?

  • Perfect timing! Cancelling the current card and need a new one for the travel insurance (and QFF points!).

  • great timing! just applied

  • Anyone who has a ANZ mortgage with the breakfree package $395, free annual fee waved on one CC. So you could sign up for the ANZ frequent flyer rewards black card gives 100k points Qantas points, 33k points extra if need it after a year.

    • so we just call the customer service to apply? or we apply online and get that $395 waived afterward?

      sign up the rewards black is better than this frequent flyer black?

      • +1

        Yeah best to call up customer service and sign up on the call for the credit card as they need to link it to your break free package.

        They will state the Annual fee of CC will be waived which was $425 for the black card.

        Details here https://www.anz.com.au/personal/home-loans/your-loan/breakfr...
         ANZ credit cards (optional)

        Annual account fee waived on one eligible ANZ credit card
        Additional Cardholder Fee waived

        • isn't the rewards black free in the first year already?

    • I tried this once and didn't work.

      • Why didn't it work? Did you sign up to the credit card by calling?

        • +1

          Currently in the approval process, asked for payslips.

          I am referring to the https://www.anz.com.au/personal/credit-cards/frequent-flyer/... which the annual fee is $425.
          Offer Earn up to 130,000 bonus Qantas Points and $255 back

          Don't see why it wouldn't work it's stated on the website, probably if did it online it wasn't linked and need to call up there support to sort it out.

          • +1

            @Reckin: wow - they've made that deal worse.. I just collected 120k on that deal. Now it's 100k + 30k following year.. ;/

            • @bohn: Damn! missed out, all good still free 100k points.

          • +2

            @Reckin: i was told by ANZ credit card team you can’t have both either you receive points, pay the annual fees or free credit card without points. JUST BE AEARE OF THIS!

            • @Ag88: My card been approved and received, the Rep told me would receive the points. Won't find out until I hit the spent limit.

              • @Reckin: Interesting. Have you linked the ANN homeloan breakfree package yet? Or you just paid the annual fee? Rep in credit card team?

  • +3

    Be warned, their support and service is pretty bad. I applied for this recently but got stuffed around with their offshore service team for so many weeks (5 different evenings, calling past 7pm, barely an intro and asking for personal info that I've already provided in the application) that I withdrew the whole thing.

    • then that is a credit inquiry on your file gone to waste.

      • +2

        Would not worry too much about the inquiry unless you were just about to get a large mortgage. Been cycling credit cards for years, at least 6 a year. Worse hit to your credit score is forgetting to make a payment.

    • +1

      Last time i applied, i had them call me to enquire what PAYG meant on my payslip. I had to explain that this is how tax is shown on my payslip and went on to explain how tax was calculated in Australia… This was a weird conversation explaining to an Australian bank how tax works.

      • had the same conversation

    • +1


      Applied for and took them three to four weeks before they finally approved mine. Called them up three times got three callbacks (two of which I missed).

      Eventually I got fed up and started messaging them on Messenger, then leaving public reviews on their Facebook page on a Saturday.

      They mustn't have liked the Facebook review, because on Monday morning at 7am I get SMS saying I'm approved.

      Persistence pays off.

    • +1

      I had to go into a branch and show my identification documents just to get the card activated. Felt a bit off since I haven't had to do so for any other card I've applied for. Turns out someone on their end manually keyed in the wrong details in 2 (not only 1, but 2) fields! Very sloppy.

  • I applied for the ANZ Rewards Platinum credit card last month and it had to get escalated to the credit coach before finally getting approved. Should I risk applying for this one as well? Thanks

  • +3

    I applied in the arvo and already got approved! Super quick :)

  • Unfortunately, we can’t offer you this card :(

  • they are reviewing my app. let's see if they approve it or not.

  • Wasn't it 75k before?
    Though as an aside, I applied for this card over 2 months ago and only just approved today.

    • 75k with only $150 of $295 annual fee waived off. This seems better ($145 more for 5k less)

      • +1

        Ah. Called them today and it looks like they applied the offer from when I applied (75k pts + $150 stmt credit). Good enough since my redemptions generally give a higher point value anyway.

  • Applied last night at 6pm and haven't even received the confirmation email that it's in the system.

    • Same here

      • Got the email at around 11am, submitted my payslips 10 mins later and received a phone call at 3pm to confirm some details and approved. I've always had good ANZ experience and this is no different. (I churn every year).

        • hmm i still have nothing, maybe theyre just going through a bunch of applications.
          just to confirm you received no emails from ANZ until much later? would've thought there would be an automatic application email

          • +1

            @tobi3421: Yeah no confirmation email. Only received the request for payslips as the first email.

  • Appled yesterday afternoon, summited the payslips an hour after, got the message now thats it is approved, sweet as

    • Same. Approved within the day

  • +1

    would this be a good first credit card to apply for? just worried might get rejected, is there a min income required?

    • +1

      Platinum cards are usually a 35k minimum income (and have a $6k minimum credit limit, I always just apply for the minimum limit only).

      Most people open these cards, do the minimum spend, collect the points and then close the account. If you get rejected, nothing really happens, just don't apply for more cards within the next few months.

      • thanks for the reply i'll give it a shot!

  • I currently have rewards black (not FF black), and the free first year is coming to an end so planning to close it now. If i close it and apply for this, what are the chances of getting it approved? it doesn't say having a rewards black in the last 12 months is a point for ineligibility, rather only talks about FF cards.

    • Nvm found the answer reading through the comments! Guess they are treated as different products and can co-exist or cool down periods are not applicable to each other

  • I doubt paying ATO would contribute to the spend, but does anyone know?

    • Use Sniip.

      There's a 1.5% fee. But unless your ATO bill is massive, it can be worth it.

    • Yep looks like it's not included
      23. Exceptions.
      (a) Points will not accrue in relation to interest charges,
      premiums paid for ANZ Credit Card Insurance (ANZ
      Credit Card Insurance not available for new customers
      from March 17th, 2018), government charges, bank
      fees, payments made to the Australian Taxation Office

    • +3

      I managed to pay ATO via the BPAY function in BeemIt for NAB and it counted towards minimum spend. It showed up on the statement as a payment to BeemIt (not ATO) so that might work for ANZ as well.

  • Does paying zip pay balance with this card is considered as eligible transaction for bonus points?

    • Like to know as well.

    • Yes, I have made Zip Pay payments to meet minimum spend amounts for a few different banks/credit cards, and they have all been considered eligible transactions.

  • I have held ANZ rewards platinum in last 12 months, Will I be eligible for the offer?

    • Yep

  • Pro tip, wait for the rush of the ozbargain credit cards to end, then apply. I have never gotten backlogged with them by waiting a bit first, Always a quick process.

    • and then the promotion finished, and missed out the points. dang!

      • don't wait that long. heh. usually promos launch for at least a few months, wait the first few weeks, then apply

        • understand sir! will need to close my zip and latitude payment first as a safety net. thanks for your advise—

  • Has anyone else not received anything at all from ANZ? Applied on Friday and not even a confirmation email

    • +1

      Friday morning and still nothing yet, probably a backlog. Every credit card I've applied for has been instant approval

    • Applied on Saturday evening, approved this afternoon

    • just received a call from their verification team asking why i haven't submitted payslips despite not receiving any emails at all, LOL

      • just got a call too about submitting payslips hahah

  • I know they say $35k minimum income, but I'm thinking of applying for this as my wife but she earns just under this so would this be knocked back immediately? Has anyone got this card earning between $30-35k? I can't apply myself as it hasn't 12 months since i cancelled my last anz qantas card…

  • Applied for this on Tuesday and got a call on Wednesday afternoon to confirm details and was approved on the call.
    Since then I've received an email to submit my ID which I've attempted to do via their online portal but it errors out on each occasion saying "we couldn't complete the ID check" or something to that effect..

    Anyone else been able to submit their ID online successfully?

    • unfortunately same problem too. Need to head into a branch

    • Yep, I got through the online ID check successfully - used Drivers licence and Medicare card.

  • I applied Thursday morning, got email Thursday afternoon to upload payslips and got approved that evening

  • I got approved. Has anyone able to get their card activated without going to a branch? Its such a hassle

    • I was made to go into a branch for the very first card. Was pretty annoying.

      • Tell me bout it….

      • Yes problem here too! There is a problem at ANZ end with the online ID check. Called ANZ and they confirmed this.

        Only the solution to go a branch to do it.

        Clearly a far from streamlined and efficient applications process. Just be aware if you value your time.

    • I assume you do not hold any existing account with anz, may be that's why.

      Or due to slow Australia Post, there is a new process where they send out bulk cards to the nearby branches via private means and get customer to collect it.

      In my case never had to

    • Yes, you will need to activate your first ANZ card at a branch but after that no need to do it again.

    • I had to do ID check in branch and had to make an appointment. Very annoying. But I'm all thinking about is 70K points. After that I will dump this so fast like a leaving from a one night stand. Back to CBA or Westpac Group. ANZ has no payment notifications feature from the APP either.

    • +1

      I was able to call up and do it over the phone no issues. I even verified my ID over the phone since the online form failed for me for some reason.
      I was connected to a customer agent in Australia using the following number: 1800008177.
      Hope this helps!

      • Thanks heaps, yep was able to verify online :)

  • I have signed up to this offer and set up on ANZ app.
    However I cannot find the setting to allow notifications for payments going out and in. Westpac and CBA have this feature.
    Does ANZ have this feature?

  • Despite having approved ANZ black card with $15K twice for the last 4 years, I got rejected for this mere $6k platinum card. Have perfect credit score and all absolutely no reason for me to get rejected - ANZ has really gone to shit.

    Edit: playing back the conversation with 'overseas' credit assessor who really had no idea how things work here in Aus, i said yes when he asked whether I usually pay off the card balance each month - probably this is where I went wrong as it's no use for them if I keep paying off on time! LOL

    • don't think it's just that, as I always do that and have been churning for years

    • Try appealing the application over the phone, its worked for me twice. ANZ allows it.

      • thanks but i really got sick after 3 phone calls over 3 days asking for statements of all mortgages, all bank accounts and even a salary confirmation letter from office which I provided all explaining each document. They shouldn't be asking for more information proving my application- if their intention was to reject anyway when proof provided.

  • About to cancel my ANZ rewards black card for churning, and apply for this one.
    Would it be better to apply first and then cancel, so that I'm an existing ANZ customer and don't have to go to a branch to prove my ID all over again, or to cancel first then apply, so that my credit limit/debt is lower?

    • and don't have to go to a branch to prove my ID all over again

      you won't have to do that again

      • would that still be true if i cancel my black rewards before applying for this?

        • yes

    • -1

      ANZ already identified you so no need re-ID again.

      • Is that if he/she doesnt cancel first?

        Would that mean if he/she did cancel, would need to do the whole ID process again?

        ps - im in the same boat

    • Yeah same question, but i want to keep my rewards black for few more months. I know they both are different products but still it is safe to apply for this card with already having a Anz rewards card?

  • When do you have to apply by?

  • Anybody know if this card can be added to two separate iphones's apple pay (i.e. Same card on two phones)? Additional card fee is $69 and I don't want to pay that.

    • You should be able to. I added the card onto my iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously, no drama.

      • Thanks but that's normal because they share the same apple id. I was wondering if it works under two different apple ids.

        • Same card on 2 Anroid phones without problem for me. Assume that would be same on IOS.

  • Has anyone received their offer letter with the inclusion of $295 in fee? Don’t wanna get stung with fee after activating the card.

    • they don't normally show waiver of the fees in the offer letter. Best to ring and seek clarification when in doubt.

      For the future reference, make a screenshot of the promo and details you had when applied, for the rainy days.

    • +1

      Look on the Letter of Offer page (back of the third page), should say that the fee is not payable in the first year.

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