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Gaming PC with AMD Ryzen 5 3600, RTX 3060, B550 MB, 16GB RAM, 480GB 2.5" SSD, 650W PSU $1499 + Shipping @ TechFast


Reached out to rep Luke and they can offer a Ryzen 5 3600 RTX 3060 gaming PC for October. They have no build queue so these will ship in 2-3 business days.

Enjoy :)


  • Ryzen 5 3600 processor
  • Gigabyte Eagle OC RTX 3060 12 GB graphics card
  • Biostar B550MH motherboard (upgrades available)
  • 16GB 2666MHz RAM (upgrades available)
    480GB 2.5” SSD
  • Gigabyte P650B bronze PSU
  • MSI MAG Vampiric 010 case (swap/upgrade available)

This PCPartPicker list came to $1642 using an $899 GPU and $329 CPU price, either way price seems good given lack of PC deals recently.

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  • +9

    Ugh today's environment is brutal.

    Built my own 3600 system with a 2070 super for around the same price with better brand and spec components at the end of 2019.

    Need that 12gb Vram for far cry 6 texture packs though

    Also is the psu in this the one that catches fire?

    • Should swap the PSU straight away:


      • +7

        this is a different psu lol

        • +1

          Also Gigabyte's Graphics Card use shxt thermal pads for VRAM.

          Would you risk your other components by using Gigabyte's PSU? Up to you.

          • +1

            @BennyHe2018: Not sure why you are being downvoted, Gigabyte has gone to the dogs.

            • @Andoes: Does this apply to the 20 series / 20 super series Gigabyte?

          • @BennyHe2018: Upvote u to counter the downvote, Gigabyte has been to the dark side. Not just the thermal pads, their power connector pin in 3090 also has been reported to have connection issue.

          • @BennyHe2018: That's not really an issue for GDDR6, as it uses a lot less power than GDDR6X. It's why there's such a huge jump in power usage between the 3070 and 3070 Ti.

    • -6

      is the psu in this the one that catches fire?

      If it’s made in China like this one it will!

  • +2

    Simple question guys..Good deal or not??

    Need one to play BF2042

    • +1

      Under the current market, YES.

    • +3

      good deal seeing the GPU sells for $1000 alone

    • -5

      Gumtree better off

      • +9

        then that would qualify as not a bargain, due to extremely limited availability and highly dependant on location as well.

    • I played the beta release last week on almost these exact specs (but with better motherboard and ram). Played great on a 1440p 165hz display.

      Only thing to note is the included ram is going to cripple performance. Need ideally 3600mhz for Ryzen systems.

      • Is that with DLSS on?

        • +1

          No DLSS in 2042, just Reflex atm.

      • +1

        and? what was your fps? highly doubt you hit 165fps @ 1440p with a 3060

        • +1

          He did not, I have 3060ti and I barely broke 100fps most of the time. All settings low except textures and mesh. Averaged about 80fps with dips to 60.

          5600x | U12A | 4.65GHz

        • Yep I was barely a stable 100fps on 1080p low settings on 2070 super, r7 3700x and 16gb ram.

      • You won't be able to tell the difference between 3200mhz cl16 and anything better. Yeah, 3800mhz cl14 might be ~1% better in benchmarks under a CPU bottleneck, but it's imperceptible to the human eye.

    • It seems like a good deal if you check the parts' price one by one considering that ordering each single part it will take at least a month currently to arrive. Check also if you can run BF2042 with that PC before you buy. And swap the PSU with anything else (possibly 80+Gold components)

    • In current market, it is a decent deal. But if u can snap a GPU-less build from FB or Gumtree and get a GPU itself, it will be better. Black Friday is around the corner. And 6600xt should be a better choice if u don't need ray tracing and DLSS, and can mine crypto better than this 3060 LHR.

    • The GPU is around a grand already, the system price is reasonable considering what's out there.

    • Yes it is man !

    • I would never buy a complete system and never did in my now over 25 years working with PCs. Even with the current GPU price hike in mind, I find these systems not that interesting. They all cut corners like a bronze PSU, often cheap case and so on. Not saying they're all bad per se but you get what you pay for.

      Building your own system is really easy these days and even if slightly more expensive, you typically get better components. My last quality Silverstone PSU lasted me 8 years and I even sold it for $25.

      So is this system here good value? It depends how you see it. To me not but someone who wants plug and play and doesn't care about component quality etc it might be good value.

  • +19

    Ouch - Gigabyte PSU…. Really ?

    As above, Buyers please view before purchase - > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aACtT_rzToI

    Note: Im a proud owner of a techfast i5 3070 PC from very early this year which now houses a Silverstone 850 Gold.

      • +16

        This video is worth watching if you intend to buy a Gigabyte PSU.

    • +17

      Not that I'm defending Gigabyte. but wasn't that issue only affecting certain 750/850 PSU models? I had the affected P750GM model and it was within the serial range of the defected PSUs. Still ran okay but obviously I've swapped it out for another just in case and currently in process of claiming refund from TechFast

      • +3

        Yeah but idiots still gonna idiot like they know what they're on about.

      • +5

        This is essentially what I meant. Not sure it was that controversial

      • Yes….You can easily find also the range of S/N of the units that were build with defective components. PC Byte was take back the PSU once I found out it was one of the bad S/N (while the parcel was still in transit).

      • +2

        Yes, it was only with certain 750/850 PSU models, but there's not a lot of brand confidence with Gigabyte at the moment due to:
        - exploding PSU's
        - bricked GPUs due to New World and Gigabyte rejecting the RMA
        - Gigabyte being hacked which has affected any RMA's prior to the hack.

      • How's the claim process with TF going? Asking because my psu is also in the range but I haven't reached out yet

      • This is true. Been using this Bronze 650 in my TechFast 3070 / 5600x since sometime towards the start of the year with no issues. At the time I researched the issue and realised the 650 was a good specimen with more than adequate wattage for the system. Looks good in my generic LancerRGB case, which I was also surprised by the quality of. Great looking case with a glass side panel.

        I rate these guys for build quality. Everything I received was of an acceptable standard and overall the build has exceeded my expectations.

    • +12

      Only two models are affected. The P750GM and the P850GM.

      The PSU used in this build/deal is NOT one of those two.

      • +1

        Thankyou for this. Ill remove the NEG. But Gigabyte and PSU is a no for me all the same.

      • There's a lot of negativity around the Gigabyte PSU's whether it was the affected models or not, it's always a quick neg and post the Gamers Nexus video.

    • +3

      Although there are few reviews of the Gigabyte P650B PSU. Its just a basic non modular PSU released in January 2018 that retails for as little as $79. It sits in the Tier C • Recommended for cheap mid/low-end systems range on the PSU Tier List 4.0.

    • Gigabyte 850W UPS 80 PLUS Gold AORUS P850W Fully Modular Power Supply

      How about this one ? Same?

      • Aorus models are unaffected, GN tested them specifically

    • +1

      Gigabyte had issues with some specific PSUs, that doesn't mean every PSU they make is bad.

  • +9

    Not sure why people are shitting so much on Gigabyte PSU's. Sure there was a model that blew up, guess what? There's also millions more PSU's of Gigabytes that haven't.

    I had a Seasonic PSU blow up the moment I turned it on for the first time and they're supposedly one of the best. Do I avoid them? No.

    • +1

      Well PSU is the heart of a PC and if it shits itself it can take down other expensive components with it. I don’t recall the details but a significant portion of their PSUs were faulty - not just a few in a specific batch - Gigabyte kept selling them, and their attitude was an issue as well. It’s in the video

    • So I guess seasonic didn't replace ur PC or refund u and blamed u for the long period of extreme stress testing u did on their PSU right?

      • I went through a warranty claim from where I bought it, like what happens with anything that breaks, had a new one sent out straight away as it was a known batch issue.

        • +1

          The issue is, as per the above video, it can blow up other components (they lost a gpu). Getting warranty on downstream parts will be very hard.

          I'd check reviews for this specific model.

          • +3

            @incipient: I'm not really sure what you're arguing. Sorry I should have worded my OP better.

            I meant to say avoiding a company for a problem on one model is kinda pointless/stupid. Similar to when the Samsung phone exploded, people still buy em, and everyone has forgotten all about it now. Shit happens when you deal with electronics. Just like my Seasonic, one of the best PSU Manufacturers around, and it blew up. There was a problem it was sorted, we moved on.

            Obviously Gigabyte could have handled it a lot better.

            • +1

              @SuBw00FeR: Hey so, I hear what you're saying and it seems fairly reasonable, however the issue is both the unknown nature of the product AND the company.

              Gigabyte produced an F tier PSU, PC journalists had reached out to them for about a year and they weren't willing to talk to them to investigate and resolve the issue.

              So while it is "possible", that every other PSU made by Gigabyte is fine, it's both the uncertainty of their product (since Gigabyte haven't been doing PSUs long and are rebranding someone elses PSU and not taking accountability for when they fail), AND the company's response to these issues - the lack thereof - that makes Gigabyte PSUs a hard pass right now.

              Will they come clean and make decent PSUs in the future? It's a possibility, but it just isn't worth risking this much money. I hope that answers your question.

              Check out Gamers Nexus video on it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aACtT_rzToI

        • Well that differentiates seasonic from gigabyte then

  • Isn't the 3060 going to be bottlenecked by the Ryzen 5 ?

    • +2

      I have a 3070 with the equivalent Intel chip and no issues at all.

    • +2


  • +13

    Are you guys aware of the Gigabyte PSU issues? I would ensure that you don't sell a single PC with a Gigabyte PSU until Gigabyte respond and ensure they are RMAing every single PSU and every device those PSUs took out, otherwise you should avoid anything Gigabyte and PSU, this department of their organisation is clearly completely incompetent.

    For those saying "Well this isn't the exact same PSU model that is having issues", so you'll trust the company with another model anyway, despite their track record? Really?

    • +3

      Please dont say that! You'll get down-voted! Too many PC police officers here

    • -3

      In my experience, Gigabyte have a great track record. I've used Gigabyte PSUs, Motherboards, GPUs, and peripherals and they've been great. So yeah, I'll trust a company that I've have great experiences with.

      • +1

        Companies can change. Evergrande have great track record until doesn't. Nothing wrong with being cautious.

    • +2

      Yes got one of those exploding PSU model from previous techfast deal. Immediately swap out the PSU. Now Techfast and Gigabyte are playing ping pong with each other - shifting the responsibilities to the other party. Not to mention poor thermal on Gigabyte's graphics cards.

      Not going to buy another product from either Techfast nor Gigabyte.

    • Yes

    • so you'll trust the company with another model anyway, despite their track record

      I'm just gonna leave this here considering one in four of us has a Samsung mobile phone:
      https://www.bbc.com/news/business-38714461 (Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery exploding)

      • -1

        Thanks, how amazingly irrelevant, good joke.

  • +2

    I remember last year seeing entry-level gaming PC deals come up from time to time at around the $999 mark. Guessing this setup is similar in specs but just 50% dearer due to the GPU shortage? I really don't need anything fancy, only want to play Forza Horizon 4 with a G923 wheel… Is it better to wait until next year for a better deal?

    • +3

      Why not get a Xbox for it…I'm old time pc gamer but console r better value and future proof. For Forza horizon type of game, I suppose Xbox series s is a very good option rn.

      • Totally agree, but unfortunately I bought the PlayStation/Windows version of the racing wheel :'(

      • I agree with you, but it turns out for the sake of scalability, I still want games to be on the pc. I've played quite a few games on my series S, but I know that if I get a steam deck, I would enjoy them even more.

      • I play both Xbox and PC, Xbox doesn't run all types of games, even for shooters, mouse and keyboard is better IMO.

    • I'm wondering the same thing. About time I upgraded from my Phenom 965 and gtx960, lol, but the market sucks. Would cost 3/400 bucks just to go to a second hand 1060.

      • +2

        It is a fairly good time to upgrade all the other parts of the system but just keep using your GTX960.

        • Yeah, have certainly thought about that. Have decent case, PSU, HDD. Just need a good deal on cheapish mb,CPU,ram combo in time for Xmas. :)

  • -1

    deal already over im seeing $1699 now?

  • 3060 non ti version?

  • good deal

    • Is it really though? PSU is absolute shite

  • Which upgrades would people recommend getting on this? I'm pretty good with computers but have not kept up at all with what is/isn't good these days, and have baulked at the $2000+ deals with months long wait times have seen lately.

    • +1

      Upgrade the ram as a minimum to 3200mhz. The rest, you can add in yourself.

      • Thanks Seph. Is it worth the $29 extra for the GPU change? That'd be a pretty big DIY change after purchase so want to make sure..

        • +1

          Don't think so. The MSI is a dual fan opposed to the tri-fan Gigabyte.

  • Buy system sell parts and keep gpu

  • Can we pickup atm? I work very close to you guys

    • Yeah damn am very close to purchasing but after the extras paying $60 for shipping (which will probably take forever) is a sting too much..

  • any 3070 ti or 3080 deals coming up?

  • Even NZXT such a big company and charging you $2199 with just a RTX3060 prebuilt still give you Gigabyte PSU bomb.
    How can they survive in here at such a ripoff price?

    • +1

      Branding baby. Majority of pc peeps don't care to diy.

  • +6

    And this is why we don't get Techfast deals as much anymore

  • Help appreciated here:

    PSU and RAM I will upgrade from selection. Is the case pictured the default setting and what will the MB upgrades offer in real world scenarios? Worth it or not?

    Cheers lads!

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