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Microwavable Pilau Rice 6x 250g Packs, Vegetable Savoury Rice 11x 120g Packs - $3 Each @ Reject Shop


There are a lot, they are long grain.

Original price is 6 bucks, down to 3.

A lot of stock in shop.

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  • Is this all stores or a particular store?

    • I got it from Burwood one VIC

    • I found 3 boxes of Basmati in Castle Towers last week, $3

  • Isn't there some recent concern about these small rice pouches (not this brand specifically, but generally) containing high levels of Micro plastics?

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    Uncle Roger so upset !!


    • If you used packet rice, you f*ed up

        • you use that with packet rice? double f up!! Hiya ya ya !

  • I find the picture a bit grainy.

    • That’s a long story for the OP.

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    Microwave rice haiyaaaaaa

  • These are great for my elderly parents who don't cook a lot anymore.

    On a side note, I assume Tesco's launch of Jack's supermarket was a failure if the stock ends up discounted at the reject shop in Australia

  • Not quite a haiku but very close. うまい

  • Can I just say as a quick accompaniment to a meal after a late shift these are great but this particular brand isn't even as good as the Tesco microwave rice, let alone any others

    Very confused about the one on the right. It's a tiny pack (no way is 120g going to serve 2) that takes just as long to cook as normal rice but will taste terrible?

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      11 packs one is not microwavable, it is dry/dehydrated rice with flavour and season. 120g is dry weight of the grain. But it can be pour into pot with water to cook on the stove.

      6 packs one is can be heated up by microwave, it is not necessy cook it just need heat it up. Due to it is cooked one. It contains mositure with rice, it is not dry/dehydated rice.

      Hope is clarity the variant between these two.

      • More confused as to why someone would only cook 120g of rice. It's not even close to a cup. I guess to those who want to make a risotto or something?

        I'm aware of the microwavable rice cooking instructions. I have it.

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          while I have a camping/hiking trip, the dry rice one is nice and light weight to carryon. Also, use less time and fuel to cook it.

      • Microwavable (250g) contains moisture - ready to heat.
        Quickcook (125g) is dry - ready to cook (in 23min).

        Thanks - didn't realise that.
        That explains pennypincher98's issue with "serving size" difference between the 2 pack types.

    • My Asian friends freeze lots of portions of (chicken) rice for a quick meals. Just as easy to make a large batch in the rice cooker. Makes a lot of sense. And is cheap & tasty.
      Will follow their example.

    • Removed our lengthy discussion of serving sizes…

      Unfortunately you confused serving sizes of 2 different products - a precooked Microwaveable moist rice & a Quickcook raw rice - which will double with cooking.
      Hence the same suggested serving size. Clarified by OP

      And the difference between serve size suggested on product & the standard serve of 1cup of cooked rice (under Australian dietary guidelines - used by nutritionists to plan & evaluate diets).

      The difference between standard serves, serve sizes and portions
      The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend the number of standard serves we should consume from the five food groups each day. - not the serve size eaten at a time.

      Obviously the Standard Serve should not be used as serving size, as other food from that food group will likely be consumed in that day.

      Hope that clarifies the matter.

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    I purchased the pilav one recently to test out with tacos as half of us have bowls instead, I used two packets but I poured it into a bowl with chicken stock and some water. With 2 packs we had quarter left over so it does give a fair amount in each pack and convenient when rushing multiple things on stove oven etc

  • Local Brisbane store only has the Microwavable packs:

    6 pack for $3:
    Basmati (Water, Rice, sunflower oil)

    Palau (Water, Rice, sunflower oil, onion (7%), salt, turmeric extract, cumin seed, flavouring, black pepper, cinnamon) - bought

    Also the Microwavable long grain 1 pack for $1.

    All Made in UK.

    • Enjoyed the Palau. Will buy more.
      Fast, fluffy & far better than I expected @50c for 250g.
      Just give the rice a good massage before cooking & tear a corner.

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