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Tenda Nova MW6 3-Pack + Bonus 1-Pack $149.96 ($146.70 Member) + Delivery, & $50 off on $150 Spend with LatitudePay @ Wireless 1


Looking for a mesh network for my house, came across this Tenda. Looks like a decent deal and reviews suggest the product itself is quite solid, any inputs or alternatives?

Looks like the code works for a few items as well.

Free account required for 10% off.

8% Off for Guest with code: Networking8 | 10% Off for Member with code: Networking10

$50 off $150 spend with LatitudePay

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    I have the MW3's and they work great for me.

  • Is that the same as a 4 pack???

    • Yes.

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    Thanks OP, bought 1 pack

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    @pkjames Tenda Nova MW6 is fine for most use cases. Don't purchase it if you are with TPG, Dodo, Internode and iinet and want to plug it into the nbn NTD. In that specific scenario the MW6 won't connect. The MW6 alternative is the TP-Link Deco M5.

    Tenda Nova MW6
    1000Mbps WAN & LAN.
    Single core processor @ 1GHz and 128MB of RAM.
    Dual band AC1200.
    No VLAN ID support.
    Ethernet - around 700Mbps.
    Wi-Fi - up to around 400Mbps.

    TP-Link Deco M5
    1000Mbps WAN & LAN.
    Quad-core processor @ 638MHz & 256MB of RAM.
    Dual band AC1300 with 4 antennas on each node.
    VLAN ID support if your ISP requires it.
    Ethernet - around 850Mbps.
    Wi-Fi - up to around 460Mbps.
    Amazon Alexa.
    Wi-Fi 6 upgrade path: purchase a Wi-Fi 6 Deco and use it with your Deco M5.

    • To clarify: I am with iinet NBN50 FTTN - Will either or the above options work for me?
      I'm hoping to improve wifi in the rooms further away from the standard modem / router.

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        MW6 or M5 won't replace the VDSL2 modem you have now for FTTN.

        1. VDSL2 modem bridged + the Deco as a router and Wi-Fi.
        2. VDSL2 modem/router + the Deco in Wi-Fi access point mode.
        3. VDSL2 modem/router + the MW6 in Wi-Fi access point mode.

        After setup has finished go and switch off Wi-Fi from the VDSL2 modem.

        • I do apologies in advance, i have very limited knowledge in this space.

          I have NBN with Optus and I believe its FTTN (single modem connected to the wall via a phone line).

          My house is two floors, hoping to put 2 on the top and 2 in the bottom. I generally stream netflix, play games online (mainly ps4/ps5, rarely pc) and study/work from home.

          Would this fit with what I need to do? Otherwise could anyone recommend another option (which also has ethernet ports on individual routers)? Been waiting for a mesh deal, but not sure which one to get, as there are so many in the market.


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            @tchuy1: MW6 or Deco M5 will work. I don't think the new Optus modem allows bridging. Use access point mode on the MW6 or Deco M5.

            • @Twix: Hi Twix,

              Thank you for your response, could you please elaborate further what you mean by 'bridging' and 'access point'? Do you mean connect the deco m5/mw6 straight to the existing optus modem? connect the new system directly to the phone line?

              Really appreciate the help, cheers.

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                @tchuy1: Bridging from a VDSL2 modem allows you to use it as only a modem and have the MW6 or Deco M5 be a router and Wi-Fi.

                Access point on the MW6 or Deco M5 only does the Wi-Fi and the Optus box will be a modem and router.

                Plug in the MW6 or Deco M5 to the Optus modem for FTTN.

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      No good for HFC NBN unfortunately. No idea why but upload speeds are broken and Max out at 1 or 2 Mbps. Some buggy software

      • Yep I have seen that upload problem with some Nova's.

      • I'm using 3 x MW6 on HFC. I just did a speed test and got 52 down and 17 up. My PC is plugged into one of the satellite nodes' LAN ports (via a switch) and that node is talking to the gateway node via the mesh wifi. The gateway node runs in bridge mode and plugs into my Telstra smart router, which has NBN and 4G connectivity.


        Maybe something else is going on with your NBN or router or something.

        • Tenda bridge mode doesn't help when you want to plug in the MW6 to the nbn NTD. You can have the Telstra and MW6 connected as you have done or swap the MW6 with a different router setup to fix the upload bug.

          • @Twix: What's the nature of the upload bug? Is there a reference you can point me at?

            I had weird upload performance with the MW3s that would fluctuate up and down every few seconds. But didn't lose packets or anything. This was regardless of the mode (bridge or router), or whether I was connected on wifi or ethernet. So even bridging between its LAN and WAN ports!

            I ended up returning them for a refund. I've never had the same problem with the MW6s.

            Really these MW6 devices are an access point solution. If you have your phone via NBN, you need a router capable of handling the VoIP side of things. Which these are not. But most people get a router from their ISP, and these can just be joined to the LAN side for a decent and inexpensive mesh AP.

            • @jez: It has been posted many times on OzBargain forums and deals. The posts say the upload gets stuck at very slow speeds with some Nova's. It doesn't affect all Nova's. Tenda bridge mode fixed the problem in some cases or replacing it with a new router.

              That is right re: VoIP.

        • Yes unfortunately only way for Tenda to work properly is via bridge mode meaning it's a dumb mesh switch without DHCP or anything else router related

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      Bought mine for aud$175. It will work if you set it to "bridge mode" and connect to the normal broadband modem/router. Let the modem do dhcp. No issue with Google smart home speakers.

      • Tenda bridge mode is one way to get it working. That setup is not ideal for every use case.

  • Almost about to pull the trigger, then realised it’s AC1200…not much if an upgrade to my Kogan ones (also on AC1200)…

  • Any idea of this support VPN configuration?

    Couldn't find it anywhere in the Tenda App to setup, and it doesn't have a web portal that can be accessed via browser..

    • +1

      No VPN support.

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    Great price for MW6. bought MW3 4 pack from a similar deal beforeb but i paid $99 for MW3. so this is a great price.

  • Anyone not need 4 and what to go halves?

    • sure

  • Hi, just wondering that do I have to add the additional one pack in the check out for the bonus one, or the 3 packs come with 4 units?

    • With wireless1, you need to claim it separately as far as I know.

  • Is there a link to claim the bonus unit? Thank you!

  • where does it mention the bonus unit?

    Package Content(3-pack) 3 identical mesh points
    3 power adapters
    Quick install guide
    1 gigabit ethernet cable

    • Look at the image

  • I got the MW3 pack works great.
    I have ftth with tpg. It seems I can't just plug this into the NBN box. I still need a router.
    I need a new cheap router any suggestions?

    • same with optus. when ur with aussie broadband, u can connect directly to tenda.

      best ISP so far, aussie and its reviews speak for themselves.

  • If interested in the Deco M5 and you don't have LatitudePay or want something not delivered, Good Guys commercial has the same M5 3-pack for 182$ https://www.thegoodguyscommercial.com.au/tp-link-ac1300-whol...

    • Hmm but nearly twice the price

      • Not if you redeem the free KC115 and resell it on gumtree

  • Will these work for my parents internet, they have nbn with Origin.

    • Not sure about parents, sorry.

  • I have the mw3 with 4 nodes, solves my big house problem.

    today i had an issue with the modem dropping internet out, 2 year warranty, thought id give it a go.

    they solved my claim so hassle-free, friendly chinese guy. awesome support 5-stars!

    just wish there was somewhere i could drop a review.

    I even was offered to pay the difference if i wanted to upgrade. chose to upgrade halfway to mw6 as mw3 nodes are compatible with them.

    apparently wifi 6 mesh wifi releasing next month so if you want the best wait for next month

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