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Seagate IronWolf 10TB NAS Hard Drive $429, Exos 16TB $699 & More + Delivery (Free VIC C&C) @ Device Deal


Hi all,

Plenty of NAS hard drives in stock at a great price. We offer free C&C for customers in Victoria (we're located in Vermont).

  • Seagate ST16000NM001G Exos X16 16TB 3.5" SATA 512e/4Kn Enterprise Hard Drive for $699 (save $851).
  • Seagate ST16000NE000 IronWolf Pro 16TB 3.5" SATA3 NAS Hard Drive for $739 (save $260)
  • Seagate ST12000NM001G 12TB 3.5" EXOS 512E SATA DRIVE, 6GB/S, 7200RPM for $499 (save $364)
  • Seagate ST10000VN0008 10TB IronWolf 3.5" SATA3 NAS Hard Drive for $429 (save $70)

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    The ST16000NM001G can be had for $462 shipped from Newegg (granted it might not be covered by the manufacturer warranty).

    • +1

      That’s where I bought my Exos 16TB from. Hasn’t had any issues at all. Great drive. Will be getting some 18TB drives soon

    • Thanks for your comment. Almost pulled the trigger.

    • Any chance of getting hit with extra duty or import charges on those?

      Obviously their warranty support is minimal (30 days I believe) so that is the price you pay for saving up front. That will be worth it for some and not worth it for others.

    • Our price includes $45 GST, and you get it shipped from Melbourne not US.
      And you get full manufacturer AU warranty

      • Will Seagate cover warranty for EXOS drives? Thought I’d read previously that EXOS drives had to be warranted by the reseller?

        • 100% covered by Seagate when you buy from Device Deal. 5 years local manufacturer warranty.

      • If your price has $45 GST, then why is it $699.

        • if you read the 1st comment, it's about the ST12000NM001G which is for $499 :)

    • How long did they take to get here though? That's obviously a great deal, but I think US>Australia shipping kinda sucks atm doesn't it?

      • Even Australia to Australia (and even Melbourne to Melbourne) shipping sucks right now. My most recent order was shipped by UPS and arrived in 10 days (a few weeks ago).

      • You can pick it up on Monday from the warehouse in Vermont anytime between 9 and 4:30.

  • I have a readynas 212 and want to ad a second drive. Anyone know if that will increase capacity by default or just duplicate the drive in the other bay? Thx

  • OP, whats your price ont he 4TB irongate?

  • Device deals seems to have prices going up and down like waves.

  • I'm in Melbourne and need some drives pretty soon. How quick could I get these

  • Just a heads up, your giveaway tab on the left side is extremely intrusive on some devices. Worst when trying to navigate the menu or use category filters. Best to snap it to the right or add a dismiss button. Better yet: both. https://imgur.com/a/rNh6fe1

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