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Michelin Digital Tyre Gauge with Tyre Pressure & Tread Depth Indicator $19.99 (Was $29.99) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


This is on sale again until the 24th for anyone that missed out, I reported the expired deal to let them know and they said post as a new deal, so here it is, I've copied most of the below from the previous deal.

can use $10 club credit to lower the price to $9.99
Also available from SCA eBay

Cheapest price as per camelcamelcamel.

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    I'm pumped for this

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    picked up 9.99 with credit thanks

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    I feel like for an extra $30 buying the Xiaomi Tire Pump that can actually fill your tires and all kinds of other things is a much better buy

    • You really think a $30 pump will do car tyres without overheating? Maybe bikes and balls.

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        Unless you've got a puncture, the $30 pump only ever needs to add a few PSI, it'll do this no problem.
        If you need to put in more than a few PSI, then you've got a problem to fix - the pump isn't what you need 👍

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        I've got the Xiaomi 12v with copper pump, no problem for pump up my car tyres.

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      LOL ever had to inflate a dead flat car tyre with something like that? It's fine to check levels and top them off but if you're stuck somewhere or even need to chuck a lot of air into a tyre it's a long wait (largely because you are standing there looking at the thing inflate … slowly)

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        If one of your tyres is completely flat, don't you put the spare on, then take the flat to a tyre store to repair ?
        I've never needed to pump a tyre from zero 🤷🏼‍♂️

        • Depends. If I’m stuck far away from home on a Sunday I take the tyre off and depending on what’s wrong with it fix it with a tyre repair kit instead of using the spare (space saver).

          I also travel through the desert a bit (I’m in Sydney but have family in regional south Australia) and being able to inflate a tyre quickly is a life saver. Thankfully this hasn’t happened to me in the Outback because you can have a couple of hours drive to get to the next town

          TLDR: tyres are easy to fix with a repair kit (and you know when a tyre is safe to fix). They’re not fun to inflate with a crappy device. It’s much better than traveling at 80km/h for hours

      • +2

        Because you may not use the pump just for your car tire? It’s great for getting out of emergencies (have used it for that myself) and I also use it weekly for bike tires.

        Amazing purchase for $45

    • might as well get those devices that can jumpstart your car/pump your tyres do it all.

    • Where did you find the xiaomi pump for 50 bucks?

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    Thanks. Got one via the eBay Plus link.

  • I use this before every car service. very useful for keeping tyres with reasonable thread depth and watching for rotation / flat spots.

    You just might save your life if you notice tyre wear. I just had a set replaced after measuring 2.3mm thread.

    Every car owner should have this type of device in their car. There is no excuse.

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      Good advice: do a quick lap of car and look at tyres every time before you drive. Give tyres a quick kick often to. You'll notice any that are down. Free excerse too, save you heaps on gymn fees ;)

    • @MintBerryCrunch Good advice, but every service is nowhere near frequent enough, you should be using it every month or two at least !

      • you use it everytime to you check tyre pressure at the servo. takes 2 seconds per tyre.

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    Trying to gauge if this is good

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    Does it measure how good a restaurant is too?

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      Yes, the little metal thingy goes into the meat and tells you if is cooked properly

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    I hope they put this on special again sometime soon as it took 2 weeks for my $10 credit to come through…urgh

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