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[NSW] $1 Green Asparagus @ Coles


Green asparagus is on sale at Coles!
$1/bunch for Green asparagus and mini asparagus @coles and for the stores that stock entertainer bunches it is $2. (Entertainer is about double the size)

Cheaper than canned/jarred asparagus and competitors are priced at $1.50/bunch @harrisfarm and $1.80/bunch @woolworths.

Being thorough: last time it was posted at this price on ozbargain was 3 years ago in 2018 by u/askhole.

If you buy 200 bunches online you can use the online code: 'ONLINE15' for $15 Off Orders Over $200 (min. Spend $50)

Thus equating to $185 for 200 bunches of asparagus or $.0925/bunch.

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    Don't forget $15 off over $200. So $200 worth of asparagus can be had for $185. Or maybe it is $201 worth for $186.

    • Lol

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      8500 points on $200 spend on 1 & 2 week
      ($400 spend and get $42.5 worth points) You can have 45 more Asparagus.)
      442.5 Asparagus for $400

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    high purine veg

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    combine with pineapple - just trust me

    ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Can't trust you if I don't know what I'm in for.

    • No it doesn't work. Just don't eat asparagus!

  • The comments are better than the post LOL I love it!

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    The asparagusic acid in asparagus produces many sulfurous byproducts that give your pee a rotten-like smell. The smell can be detected as early as 15 minutes after eating asparagus and may last up to 14 hours.

    Why your 🚽 may smell strange after your no.1s.

    • Lovely little party trick. "Look Ma I can piss out rotten eggs!"

  • $2 in Melbourne.

    • $1.50 at the Coles store my wife went to yesterday.

    • Dang! Regular size or entertainer?

  • Don't they have an online limit like 36 ?

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