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$110 off in Total - $70 off 1st Box, $20 off 2nd and 3rd Box + $9.99 Delivery (New Customers Only) @ HelloFresh


Seems like a limited time offer for new account to sign up with an updated referral code

$70 off your first box (for $70 you can get 3 meals each for 2 persons, total 6 meals free, just pay $9.99 delivery)
then $20 off your second box
then $20 off your third box

Can cancel your new account at anytime (even after the first box)

Just make sure you check the referral offer before signing up, as some outdated referral codes are not giving you this much saving

Referral Links

Referral: random (759)

Referrer gets $50-$59.99 credit (active subscription req.). Referee gets $50-$70 off their first box

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    They always have these… This is only slightly slightly better than the usual. It's usually 70/20/10. So 10 dollars more for the last box on this deal

    • +1

      I have seen $60/$20/$20, so yeah, an extra $10 this time, still better then before

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    Also note, you can always skip week by week, without cancelling the subscription.

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      Yes, just remember to login to skip a few weeks and repeat until you feel like to order your next box. Forgot to do this once and got a box delivered by surprise.

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        I've been skipping for about 3-4 months now.

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          Yeah but if there is no remaining discount, you may just cancel your account. Later you can reuse your same email to sign up again as if its a new account. Not sure how long you have to wait in between.

  • can you make another acc if you already used a promo?

    • I guess some people have been doing this by using a new email. Not sure about using the same payment method (e.g. same credit card) and same delivery address are allowed or not.

    • I created a new account with new email and different name. They cancelled the order because of the address being the same. Was a shame because I used a Groupon prepaid voucher for $29.99 which I lost but I would try it using this code as if they cancel they would refund the credit card your delivery fee

    • They cancelled my referral to my partner. Same address, different name, different credit card.

  • +7

    I like the convenience of these meal kits but it's just so much damn rubbish

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    Just a rip off these days. Not worth it unless it's heavily discounted.

  • I only got 50 + 20 + 20

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      Yeah, thats just how the referral system on ozbargain works, they ban account for posting direct referral links but they put together all referral links for the same site together, with some outdated referral codes still only offering savings of lesser value. You just have to click on the referral system for a new referral until you got one that offers $110 discount.

  • "*This offer entitles you to a total of $110 off HelloFresh: $70 off your first box, $20 off second and $20 off third. Delivery fees may apply. Discounts do not apply to Gourmet or Dinner to Lunch recipes, or add-ons including the Fruit Box or Snack Box. The offered discount is valid for new customers only."

  • Can I order for the first week with this discount code (pay for delivery only) and then cancel without any commitment?
    Please refer me to the relevant term or condition that apply to it, if possible.

    • +1

      Yes, there is no commitment. They charge you payment only when you are about to order a new box. So definitely can cancel before the 2nd box is charged. They do auto charge though if you do not cancel or skip the week in your account.

  • There is a forum on OzBargain for free boxes, for new users.

    Best to check this first before you opt for discounted boxes.

    • The $70+20+20 code gives you the first box free so it's the same thing isn't it?

      • No it different.

        The first box, is totally free. The balance are charged.

        There may be a small charge if you choose 6 days and 4 people from memory.

  • ive made a order for next saturday and the price says Price: $65.94 / delivery (+$9.99 shipping), even with the first Delivery $70 off, am i missing something when does the money come out? it says i have to tuesday to change meals

    • +1

      Discounts don’t get applied to shipping cost unfortunately

      • yeh i understand that, but how come it still showing 65 in the cart even with discount applied

    • +2

      Probably just displaying the value of your box? Or your didn't apply the discount?

      Here are their prices (excluding $9.99 delivery fee):
      3 meals each for 2 persons, total 6 meals = $65.94, so with $70 off its basically free (just pay the delivery), meaning $0 per meal
      4 meals each for 2 persons, total 8 meals = $85.52, so with $70 off you pay $15.52, meaning $1.94 per meal
      5 meals each for 2 persons, total 10 meals = $99.90, so with $70 off you pay $29.90, meaning $2.99 per meal
      3 meals each for 4 persons, total 12 meals = $119.92, so with $70 off you pay $49.92, meaning $4.16 per meal
      4 meals each for 4 persons, total 16 meals = $143.92, so with $70 off you pay $73.92, meaning $4.62 per meal
      5 meals each for 4 persons, total 20 meals = $159.80, so with $70 off you pay $89.80, meaning $4.49 per meal

      • its applied for the first order but its taking 20 away not 70… for this saturday


        • go to your account settings then plan settings, should show how your discount is applied

      • This is correct. I just test with my ref link.
        First box with 3 meals for 2 people is Free using current ref promotion.
        Delivery fee $9.99 is always applicable even with free box.
        Tuesday night is deadline to confirm purchase of coming week with delivery date from Saturday.
        It's better to skip meal for second week, wait for first box delivered first then cancel or give another try.

    • The offered discount is valid for new customers only. If existing customer, you won't be able to get the discount.

    • Did you pay? You would be charged $9.99 straight away with correct ref discount.
      Price display may be just a reference to normal price of your box.

      • Delivery 1
        $70 off
        Discount applied
        Delivery 2
        $20 off
        Delivery 3
        $10 off

        yeh i paid the 9.99 got a email from paypal its a little confusing i beleive the 20 discount is for the next order, it just wasnt very clear,

  • already used this several times :)

  • -1

    they cancelled my order the last time i tried to use a new account, probably because they have a database and saw that my address had already been used? any way around this?

  • +2

    Great offer. Recommend people get on board and start using those referrals in the ozb referral randomiser

  • I get only $100 via the referral links, what am I missing?

  • Can't seem to put an order through, the website is so slow..

  • Always cancel. Every once in a while I will re-sign up when they send me an offer 40% off for the next two boxes. Then I cancel again and wait for the next offer. Juggle with a cancelled Marleyspoon sub that I only reactivate with a $40 off code that comes slightly more often.

  • What am I doing wrong? I used different email, name & payment method but could not place an order. Delivery address is same though.

    Your order cannot be processed as vouchers are valid only for new customers. Please log in to your original account to place the order or remove the voucher code

  • +1

    Is the service good enough? I mean the meals?
    Is it worth the hype?

    • +1

      Overall the meals are enjoyable and with discounts like this, it is a very good deal (e.g. only costs $9.99 for 2 people x 3 meals - $1.665 per serve).

      Though quality of their veggies is a bit hit and miss, certain stuff goes off quicker than those from supermarket. You can complain to them and they will offer you credits for the next box.

  • I've got a $100 off deal (doesn't seem to have to be split across boxes). Anyone else have this ref offer?

  • My referral is for $110 off of the first three boxes, so I'm guessing they've given different codes/referral amounts to different accounts? Definitely click through referral links until you find a good one.

    • +1

      Interesting yup, my referral page actually show up as 'For a limited time only, invite friends and you get $70 OFF your next box while your friend gets $110 OFF their first three boxes.'

      • Same here. That specific promo ends in 10 days.

  • Can’t get a clear answer from hello fresh chat, does anyone know if have a referral code or free box code if that can be used on the hello fresh Xmas box only?

    • +1

      No you can't use it on a Xmas box. Its only for a regular box.

  • ive tried a few codes but only saying get $95.94 off, not $110

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