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Red Island Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml $4.75 @ Coles


500ml evoo half priced from Wednesday. 1 litre is a bit too much of you don't use regularly.

Found on shopfully

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      $9.50/L for olive oil is too damn high..

      I don't think it is damn high…

      I don't want ozB to be littered with each and every Coles special.

      Doesn't it usually happen on a weekly basis?

      Also, r u associated with shopfully?

      No. Would you question other posters who post deals from shopfully?

  • Red Island was verified true virgin but is it cheap?

  • Thanks, cbf getting the 1L a few weeks ago. This size is much better.

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    Handy size, use faster so stays fresher, made in Australia so will be true to label and won't have been sitting on a ship for months, unlike the deal from Bertolli a couple of days ago.

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      Bertolli is crap compared to Red Island and Cobram Estate (my preferred one).

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        Mine too. After hearing from Michael Mosley on how dodgy many olive oil companies are, ironically the Italian ones are the worst offenders, I'll still to these two brands.

  • Has anyone been able to find the Red Island BBQ drizzle? Been looking everywhere.

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