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Panasonic Air Con Wi-Fi Controller CZ-TACG1 $89 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ The Good Guys


Usually sells for almost twice the price.

The power is in your hands with our new Panasonic Wifi Controller and App. Making sure your home is the perfect temperature for when you arrive has never been easier.This device lets you control your Panasonic air conditioner via voice commands (when paired with Google or Alexa devices), or from anywhere in the world via an app for your smartphone or tablet. Controls via the Panasonic Comfort Cloud app include on/off, mode operation, set temperature, room temperature, weekly timer, as the app allows control of multiple air conditioning units in multiple locations.

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The Good Guys


  • I'm looking for the same but for Fujitsu.

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      Look at Sensibo - it's compatible with most air-conditioners.

      • I had a look at it, but it looks like it only has some commands available - not all the commands that the official Fujitsu wifi controller has

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      I have looked into this myself in the past, the Fujitsu ones are silly expensive…

      I use Broadlink RM4 Mini's for all my Fujitsu splits and they work flawlessly. Their app is pretty good and you can set timers, schedules etc and they are compatible with google home, alexa.

      I just use Siri on my iPhone for voice control.

      • Good idea, it sounds like a good solution. Thanks!

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        This won't matter to everyone, but one thing to keep in mind with the Broadlink and similar devices is that they can't keep track of the aircon state, so if someone turns it on with the remote or changes the temperature or fan speed, the Broadlink app won't know anything has changed.

        The Sensibo works around that by using its IR receiver to listen for commands from the remote so it can actually follow the state of the aircon. The app should match the physical remote.

        • As long as you have everything positioned so that it works. More than once my partner has grabbed the remote and despite my instructions has used in "front" of the Sensibo so that it doesn't capture the commands. That's not the Sensibo's fault, of course, but I reckon a nice feature for A/C units to have would be a reporting response, wherein you send a request to the unit and it responds with all its current settings. Even the unit remote can get out of sync if you don't point it pretty directly at the unit, or if the remote batteries start to get down.

          Nonetheless, I might pick this up for my own Panny a/c unit to replace the Sensibo. There are some things the Sensibo can't do - change the fan speed via google/echo, for instance - and gets out of sync enough times to be annoying.

          • @Astronaut Joe:

            I reckon a nice feature for A/C units to have would be a reporting response, wherein you send a request to the unit and it responds with all its current settings.

            Hmm, so a sync button on the remote to tell the AC to send all its settings? That's doable, although it probably isn't big enough of a problem for them to design a remote control with a receiver and add a transmitter to the AC. A BLE remote control would probably be preferable nowadays, although that would drive the cost up and prevent cheap IR solutions from working.

            WiFi control like this module or having it built in is probably the best way to go now. The only worry is whether or not it'll still work in 15 years time like an IR solution would. But I guess that's a problem for later. :)

        • good point,
          Of course that does not solve the problem of the original remote assuming the state of the air-con, which is bad design.

          Solution could be to hide the original remote, and have any wall-controllers use the smart-home system. But if they rely on a cloud service, like this Panasonic, or a Tuya based aircon, that is not reliable. So there is no elegant fix.

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        +1 for RM4 minis, i went the ultra nerd option and have them controlled via home assistant but same concept. $20 RM Mini + $10 temp sensor and i can control my dumb aircons from phone/voice/remote/etc… we have 6 splits in the house so paying $80 (sensibo) to $300 (fujitsus solution) wasn't an option per unit.

        Overlay with nodered and my a/c reacts to the weather forecast.

        • that seems nice, can you show/tell us how to do that, any prebuild templates ? ( I have 8 Panasonic units to control)

          • @podilamaya: https://www.home-assistant.io/
            I run that on my synology nas in a VM, however i originally had it running on a raspberrypi.

            This is the integration that I use to manage the IR codes, for my AC units there was literally a code file so i didn't have to capture all the individual codes for each function, there are for most major ACs.

            You don't need a temp sensor but it is nice to have as then you get feedback and you can also use the sensors to trigger automation.
            Noting these are zigbee radio so you need a zigbee receiver.

            This manages the 'smarts' so at 6:30am while electricity is still cheap it runs the heating in a couple of rooms IF we are home and IF the temp isn't going to get above 20 degrees that day. Same thing in Summer it checks temp in kids room after 7:00pm and flicks on the cooling of needed.

            Home Assistant is a bit of a journey but i did try a couple of halfway measures and ended up coming back as the stability and absolute single point is worth it. That plus once node red is up being able to drive outcomes from multiple inputs is amazing. Our elec bill is really cheap and we are comfortable.

            • @NopeNopeNope: Correct me if I am wrong. The remotes for these aircon units uses IR. IR requires line of sight to work.

              How do you get Sensibo to operate 6 aircon units (unless they are all installed within line of site, like a massive hall) ?

  • Is there an equiv for daiken?

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      I also used a Broadlink RM4 Mini for the Daikin in our bedroom of the rental we recently left.

      • Thx

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      Yes. Daikin Airbase. I had one installed this week actually and am loving it. You're looking at $300 + installation though

      • Thx

  • Maybe try something like this for universal use.
    BlitzWolf® BW-RC1 WiFi Smart IR Infrared Remote Controller Smart Home Automation Hub Voice Control Works

  • Nice one. Are these easy to install? I have an RF dongle thing but this will be better..

  • New model Panos have built in wireless, so I reckon all the retailers will be flogging these cheap to clear them out

    • About time. If only one of the rentals I stayed at had the option of wireless central heating/cooling it would make home automation so much easier.

  • I’m guessing this won’t work on my 20 year old unit.

    • You never know, knowing Panasonic they probably still havent changed the code, just added to it

  • In case anyone wants it, here is a link to the manual for installation. Yeah, it's Russian, but it's the first link that came up.


  • Out of stock within 500 kms of Melbourne.
    It looks like it is online delivery only now (+$5).

  • Only for split AC systems ?? isnt it ? what can i use for Ducted Panasonic Air cons

  • Is their any way to get this onto a Mitsubishi ducted system? It doesn't have an Ir remote control just the wall controller

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